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On Day 16 - Started on March 7


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I am Gloria and I started my Whole 30 16 days ago. This is my second one - I did my first one 3 years ago and then remained Paleo after. About 10 months ago, I began letting things sneak back into my diet and after a personal crisis, began eating "comfort" foods again. After feeling lethargic, puffy and gaining some weight, I am back on track. 

The first week was the toughest as I had 3 luncheons to attend for work, but managed to eat Whole 30. Last night we went out for Chinese food and I brought my coconut aminos and had them stir fry veggie and chicken plain, no sauce. It was delicious AND I did not feel tired and stuffed like the rest of my family.  :) 

Thank you for reading! 

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