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Carla's Reintro plan


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I am posting my reintro plan here for personal accountability, and if questions come up. This phase is so important that I want witnesses! Reserve the right to rearrange the re-intro. So far, it looks like this:


Day 31 Locally made plain whole milk yogurt (water buffalo, not cow), and maybe regular butter, not ghee. QUESTION: wise to intro cheese the same day or go slower?


Day 34 Wine


Day 37 White or jasmine rice (brown feels harsh will try that later)


Day 40 Cheese in my eggs


Day 43 Ham and bacon (sugar cured) Even local bacon is sugar cured.


Day 45 I may add a grain free chocolate cake, which can be dairy free too if necessary. This is the dessert/treat food group!


Before I head to Arizona, I need to test out beans and corn, so I will know whether or not to eat or avoid southwestern cuisine


Day 48 Pinto beans, soaked 3 times and slow cooked


Day 51 Tortilla chips with my compliant guacamole

Wow, that takes me right up to my flight out West. 


Rice and maybe limited corn are the only grains I want to test. I know grain is a problem: gluten, oats, even buckwheat, and alternative flours. Soy is OUT. Nightshades are very limited. 

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Congratulations on making it to the reintroduction phase, which is at least as important as the Whole30!

You need at least two days of template eating after each reintroduction and so you are missing a day after day 45. And be prepared, if you have any reactions, to add days as necessary.

While you can decide on your own reintroduction schedule, I'd suggest you reconsider the chocolate cake and put that at the end of your other reintroductions. This is partly because it's likely to have multiple ingredients that aren't Whole30 and also because desserts, celebrations and treats have, sadly, derailed many a reintroduction. A middle ground could be to reintroduce plain chocolate (as part of a meal) and even then, you might consider doing that last.

But again, you will be riding your own bike and can make the choices that make sense to you.

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Thanks,I added 2 rather than counting two days. 


Every body says that about the chocolate cake. Since I will make it myself, I will know exactly what is in it. And since my visions have ceased (really week 4 I was hallucinating a forkful of this cake almost constantly,) I may not need to add it at all!


I have had raw cacao on whole 30, not much and tiny amounts. 


One reason I am keeping it in for now is the travel coming up. I feel the need to test potential triggers in my safe environment. I could just go on my trip saying NOT THAT. It is not an eating vacation, I just know I will not have the safety of my own pantry and kitchen. 

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