Smoking and Whole30


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I want to start Whole30 but I'm a smoker. Can I quit smoking the same day I start whole30? I know I'll feel crappy when I stop smoking and am hoping the healthy foods will help with that. My hope is that, if I'm only eating healthy foods on Whole30, that will keep me from binging on bad food.


Any advice?

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The recommendation for if you are a smoker is to quit smoking first.  When you have done that and feel stable and ready to take on the whole 30 then do that.  It is not recommended that you do both at the same time.


What you can do while you are going through the process of quitting smoking is eat as close to template as possible.  It is recognized that quitting smoking will probably take a lot of energy from you and take quite a bit of effort.  So does a whole 30 - so we don't encourage you to completely stress your body out by doing both at the same time.


However ultimately the choice is yours.


Best of luck and good for you on wanting to get your health back!!!!

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Thank you for the advice - from both sides of the fence. I think I have a plan that will work for me:


Start Whole30 on May 1st


2 days ago, I cut my cigarettes down from 20/day to 10/day. I'm doing ok so far with that so will maintain it for 2 weeks before cutting down to 5/day. I'll maintain that for 2 weeks so that, when I start Whole30, I'll only be quitting a 5/day habit instead of the 20/day.


I can do this!!

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