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Naturally dyed eggs


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We're dying eggs with our kids and the kids won't eat them all. I have natural dye: gluten free, non gmo, allergen-free. But it says all colors contain less than 1% ethyl alcohol to preserve freshness.

But the dyes will be in water and basically dye the shell (but a little color normally absorbs in the outer part of the egg white). And then the eggs will dry. So I don't think any alcohol could really be at all in the eggs. I really don't want to waste the eggs and I also want to enjoy the tradition with my kids.

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Ya Ive seen those directions, and they are great. But we just dyed them in like 20 minutes total. I don't have much extra time/energy than my whole30 prep.

The dyes I bought used those same

Ingredients basically (beet juice, turmeric, cabbage).

My kids will eat some. If I have to toss the rest, oh well. But it'd sure be helpful if I could eat some of them.

Also, they're so lightly dyed, it might not have even really gone through the shell much at all.

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