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Not wanting to lose weight

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I am getting ready to start a Whole30 with my husband & maybe kids in about a week or so.  I've read both books, and am excited and nervous... But one thing I am concerned about is the weight loss.  I have always been small (only 5'), and have lost weight over the past half year or so (due to a combination, I think, of trying to figure out how to eat - a stint of no dairy, then no grains but dairy, etc., and also major (chronic) stress, and then grief after losing my mom to cancer in December).  Before a stomach bug knocked me down a few extra pounds, I was holding steady around 101/102 (which is about where I was in college, but about 10-15 lbs. lighter than my average in the years since). 


I just had my physical, and all my bloodwork was essentially normal (slightly elevated bilirubin, but apparently that's not the first time, and my doc. wasn't worried).  But I am concerned about the weight loss that I've read is very common - I can't afford to lose any more!  Has anyone else been in this boat, or does anyone have any thoughts/advice/tips?



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