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Whole30 Holly


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The facts:

Started with good intentions on Sept 1st.

Fell off the wagon slightly on interstate holiday.

Restarted the following Monday.

Lost resolve and slipped AGAIN!

Starting PROPERLY and with strong resolve this Monday Oct 1st.

The Stats:

Female. 30 years old. 72kg. 167cm. Full time teacher. 6x week Crossfitter. General Anxiety Disorder (controlled with medication)

The Goals:


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Haha. I'm from Tassie! Yep I think it's bloody hard too - that's why I've started and restarted.

I'm all for some online support!

Happy to check in with you and see how it's all going.

Good luck tomorrow. I'm sure it'll be just as hard, but worth it!

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I admire all those who get through.. :/

I've only gotten to day 9 and then failed. Massively. (binge feast and all) and then I go back and try and then binge it's the worst cycle.

I need to break the cycle, get some motivation, and do this.

Good luck for you too!

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Yes I'm the same. I made it to Day 15 the first try and then went away for a few nights (to Melbourne, funnily enough!!) and ate at heaps of yummy restaurants!

I really need to try and do this. I have some bad habits also, and I think that 'just one' (insert bad food here) wont hurt and then it's all the guilty feelings/not good enough/blah blah blah.

October HAS to be the month!

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Right. Sunday afternoon prep all done. Lunch Pre made and packed up. Dinner (steak/veg) to prepare. Feeling clear(ish) headed and ready for Day1 tomorrow.

Goals...? I need to think of 2 or 3 smart, measurable goals that are achievable for this month. I think I will do those tomorrow and post here for accountability.

My motivation needs to shift, I think, from purely a weight loss focus to more of a health focus. Thigh I am not overweight, I could do to lose about 5kg - but I think that if I put that desire a bit lower down my list, I will be better focussed.

My main aim, is to become more able to see food as a fuel to supply my (slight, but growing) obsession for Crossfit and strength gains!

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Tonight I thought to myself, Holly, why don't you just start your Whole30 tonight! So I cooked up some epic vegies and a yummy steak in coconut oil. OMG Coconut Oil - where have you been all my life? Is it just me, or does it make the food taste better? The vegies all tasted like what they SHOULD taste like, instead of oil! Superb!

Maybe I'll keep on having food revelations over the next month. Let's hope it's the beginning of a better relationship with food.

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I'm on DAY 3 - and so I think I'd best begin a regular log for accountability. I have a colleague at work who is a great help with nutrition and interesting recipe ideas, so I will be calling on her over the course of the month... So here is yesterday. Each Day's log will be entered the following morning.

DAY 2 Log (Oct 2)

B - 2 poached eggs/3 rashers bacon/left over roasted sweet potato, cauli, brocoli, carrot (in coconut oil)/black coffee

S - Small bag mixed cashews, almonds, cranberries, coconut flakes, black coffee

L - Spinach, tomato, mushroom, red onion, olives, egg, chicken - as a salad (no dressing)/carrot sticks

S - Apple, Boiled egg (not together!)

D - Atlantic Salmon pan fried in coconut oil/steamed sweet potato, brocoli, cauli, carrots

I think perhaps I need to have less coffee? And less grazing snacks - though I think this is the 'bad habit' I will need to break - even though the snacks are Whole30 approved.. they, perhaps, aren't really necessary - and perhaps my portion sizes of food just need to increase a little bit more.

I do Crossfit 6x week (in training for a local comp in 3 weeks) and so I feel I perhaps need to adjust the fat and starchiness in my meals.

Any recommendations/critiques are welcomed!

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DAY 3 Log (Oct 3)

B - 2 poached eggs/ 3 rashers of bacon/ left over roasted vegies (coconut oil)/ black coffee

S - small bag of mixed cashews, almonds, coconut flakes, cranberries, paw paw/black coffee

L - large salad - spinach, mushrooms, egg, carrots, capsicum, olives, red onion, chicken (no dressing)

S - Apple/ Boiled egg/ carrot sticks/ black coffee/ spoonfull of ABC paste (almond, brazil, cashew)

D - scotch fillet steak/steamed brocoli, cauli, carrots/soda water with lemon wedges/ cup of black tea

Crossfit session tonight was amazing - strong weights, rxd WODS, and cracking times. A lot of energy to burn.... however, about 5-10 minutes after I'd finished, a huge wave of nausea and lethargy.... Looking back on what I ate prior to training at 6pm - I can definitely say now, that I was quite dehydrated from all the black coffee!! What a silly person I am!

So Day 4 will see me a bit more conscious of my coffee use! (Though, awesome feeling at Crossfit - BEFORE the spewy feeling!)

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DAY 4 Log (Oct 4) So far... (Day not quite over!)

B - 3 poached eggs/ 4 rashers of bacon/ black coffee

S - Small bag of mixed almonds, cashews, cranberries, pawpaw, coconut flakes/ water

L - large salad - spinach, mushrooms, carrots, capsicum, advocado, egg, cold (cooked) sweet potato, chicken/ black coffee

S - spoonful of ABC paste/ apple/ boiled egg (before Crossfit)/ carrot sticks

D - TBA!

Feeling better already, not having relied on caffeine for energy today. Being a teacher, I can sometimes be stuck in the habit of just getting a coffee at break times for both the social aspect in the staffroom, and what I think is a NEED for a hit of caffeine to 'get me through' the day!

Re-educating yourself is hard sometimes, especially in terms of eating habits that are as ingrained as learned behaviours! I DON'T need that much coffee (though I do love it's taste!), and I can still socialise with a bottle of water in my hand, or a mug of green tea. It's funny how 'stuck in our ways' we become!

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D - Ginger stirfry with pork, chicken, beef/ 2 fresh spring rolls/ soda water with lime wedges (new obsession)

Crossfit session was hard tonight but felt strong. I think my portion sizes were better for my meals today, and I ate at better times - when I felt hungry, not just based on the time.

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Fruit and nuts were also my go-to survival today. I need to limit that after today. I just needed that sweetness, though I consciously know its not the best option.

Out the door with Day 4 - Stay alive for Day 5!!

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Done and dusted. I was home sick from work today so that was hard in terms of not eating comfort food. I did it though, I made it through and stuck to plan.

I feel like I may have a head cold - which I'm not sure if it's from the food changes or just bad timing. Either way, I feel yuck.

I'll just keep plodding along... Day 6. Breakfast time!

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Day 5 Log (Oct 5)

B - 2 boiled eggs/ black coffee (woke up not feeling well - took day off work, couldn't stomach much for breakfast

S - Cashews, paw paw, almonds, coconut flakes/ black coffee

L - Sweet potato, red onion, bacon, 3 egg scramble/ cup of tea

S - Apple

D - Mixed vegetarian share plate at my favourite restuarant 'Fresh' (bit worried that some of this wasn't compliant, but I think it was ok!)

Felt a bit 'intestinally fragile' for most of the day. Think I am coming down with something.

Still went to Crossfit - to try and clear my head. Didn't go at 100% but it made me feel slightly better, just to get out and about.

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DAY 6 Log (Oct 6) - So far...

As predicted, I woke up feeling a little bit crappy today. Head cold. Fatigued. And some 'tummy issues'. Feeling generally run down and in need of a DVD day on the couch... Lucky for me it's Saturday, and that's just what I'm gonna do!

B - Went to 'Fresh' again - haha, dinner last night, breakfast this morning! Love that place! Had sweet potato hash brown with spinach, mushrooms and 2 poached eggs/ long black coffee

S - Cup of tea/ cashews, almonds, pawpaw, cocnut flakes

L - Decided to 'skip' on lunch and have an early dinner of...

D - Roasted (in coconut oil) carrots, sweet potato, brocoli, cauliflower/ scotch fillet steak

S - Gonna cut out the rest of snacking today - this is the goal for next week... NO SNACKS!


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DAY 7 Log (Oct 7)

B - 2 poached eggs/ bacon/ mushrooms/ black coffee

S - Banana/ Apple (at different times)

L - Salad with chicken/ soda water with lemon wedges

S - ABC Paste and 3 dates/ black coffee

D - Roasted (in coconut oil) carrots, sweet potato, cauliflower, broccoli, brown onion/ cup of tea

Not the best day of eating. Feel a bit blah on rest days from Crossfit - I really miss it!

Tummy feeling slightly better but I am feeling a bit groggy and tired.

Goal for this week is to monitor coffee intake and to up the water consumption.

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SUNDAY Night Blahs.

It could be because its Sunday night and I have Monday-itis kicking in for tomorrow - but tonight I feel very doubtful about my ability to continue with this.

I am a week into this - Day 8 tomorrow - and I feel good-ish but I feel tired too, and a little overwhelmed with the hugeness of what I am doing...

There are a few times when I think 'Whats the point?' - yet I know that is such a pessimistic way of thinking!!

I REALLY want to continue to make good food choices because I know that my Crossfit training will improve, my moods will lift, and perhaps I can get a better handle on my anxiety. But... argh! Why am I doubting this?!

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I just now located this "Your Whole30 Log" section in the forum! I'm anxious to get my stuff from the past week posted.

Just a few words of encouragement from someone who doesn't know you at all...

You appear to be a very strong woman. 6x per week CrossFitter!?!? AND a school teacher!?!? You are rock solid and doing this program is further proof to that.

Don't give up. Don't doubt this or yourself. It is people like you who have inspired people like me.

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Thanks Jenn! Yes, I think I am a bit of a perfectionist and I think I am being a little hard on myself! I don't know if I am 'rock solid' as you say, but it was nice to hear! (This forum rocks!)

DAY 8 Log (Oct 8) - So far... (bring lunch to work, so it's easy to 'pre-write' it here before I even eat it!)

B - 2 poached eggs/ bacon/ mushrooms/ black coffee x2 (It's Monday!)

S - Cashews/ almonds/ dates (little snack bag to nibble while I do some lesson prep)/ lemongrass & ginger tea

L - Spinach salad w/ mushrooms, capsicum, carrots, olives, cucumber, egg

S - Apple/ boiled egg/ carrot sticks/


When I write my food down like this, it really doesn't seem like much! I will go to Crossfit tonight at 6pm - and perhaps this isn't even enough fuel for my body?! I'm not sure. Perhaps I could really be losing some weight here, but maybe I am not eating enough? Might have to read a few more forums about this....

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Did ok at crossfit tonight. Good solid back squat strength session. Bit slower on the WOD than I'd hoped - but 400m runs are never gonna be fun!!

D - chicken/ steamed broccoli, carrots, sweet potato, cauliflower/ soda water with lime wedges/ cuppa tea (later on before bed)

... on a side note- something crazy going on with my tummy. It's not a happy little Vegemite. And I have a head cold. Yucky!

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