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I'm so glad that I happened upon your log! All yesterday I was feeling equally discouraged. I am on day 7 and am actually feeling better (coming off of a cold and my IBS symptoms have really subsided). But it is hard feeling like I'm restricting myself you know?

I think it's important for us to remember why we're doing this even if it's to list the ways and also just remember that it's only 30 days and that after that we can be a little more relaxed but still focused on what's best for our bodies.

Just know you're definitely not the only one struggling but you're doing great! :D

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Too true Jenny! However I am still feeling a bit rough this morning. I feel like my spirit is gone - though I realize its probably just a response to a change in diet. I will continue on!!

My tummy is also having a mind of its own. I wish it would just realize that I'm giving it good, nutritious food and not act like a spoiled child!! :-) Its as if my stomach is chucking a big tantrum in the grocery isle and I'm the mother pulling its arm to get up! Perhaps I might just do the 'ignore tactic' and eventually it'll calm down :-/

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DAY 9 Log (Oct 9)

B - Sweet potato/ red onion/ bacon/ 3 egg scramble (Delish!)

S - Banana (is it ok to have banana?)/ fruit strap (100% fruit only)/ long black

L - Spinach salad with mushrooms, carrot, beetroot, capsicum, cucumber, egg

S - aiming for no snacks - but I have a small small tiny container of ABC paste (just incase!)


Am feeling like I have a slight spring in my step today - after a tough morning of feeling like I didn't want to be anywhere but curled up in bed. I think the Whole30 will be good for me in the long run (but I suffer from anxiety, and there have been moments over the past 9 days that made me just wanna curl up in bed instead of going to work - I think that feeling occurs in everyone though!!)

But a spring-y step in a nice change... maybe things are clicking into place.

I am finding dinners a bit hard at the moment. I think because I have been sticking around at the Crossfit box a little longer of a night (working on my pull ups... so close, dammit!) - and so I get home from there late and then I have to motivate myself to ake something compliant. Luckily it hasn't been too hard yet - and I haven't succumbed to any 'bad choices'.

Hopefully the rest of the day will see my skipping along with a grin :-)

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S - Pear/ black coffee

D - Scotch fillet steak with mushrooms/ steamed carrots, broccoli, cauliflower/ soda water with lemon wedges

Argh. I feel bad about myself today. At Crossfit tonight I became one of those annoying people who gets all 'gear possessive' - this was not a reflection of my real character, so I feel quite bad about myself now....

Anyway, that is irrelevant to this log - but my point is, perhaps, that I am in 'cranky Whole30 mode' a little later than most people. Either way, not a good look.

Day 10 tomorrow. Double figures, yeah.

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Btw, I found a Crossfit class in Zurich and I'm starting a "foundations" course next week. It's 6 classes total over 2 weeks, so I'll be finishing the course a few days before finishing my first W30. I'm kinda scared because I have no clue what to expect. I just know it's intense.

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Hi Holly,

Hope your mood is improving bit by bit. As I said before I'm dealing with the same issues with mood and feeling fluish. Don't get too down on yourself, it's a learning process and it takes your body time to catch up.

Keep up the awesome work! :D

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Jenn and Jenny! That's a bit confusing!

Jenn - first off to you, awesome job on signing up for Crossfit. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. I am unashamedly addicted, and although I sometimes take it all a bit too seriously - it has done wonders for my body and my soul. Best of luck! Start off slow and drink lots of water to recover! You will be sore - but you just have to stick at it, and it will all start to feel great!

Jenny - Thanks so much for your posts here. You are very encouraging and it's nice to know you are on a similar wave length. We can do this - especially with such positive influences from across the globe!

DAY 10 Log (Oct 10)

B - 3 hard boiled eggs/ black coffee/ banana (still not sure if bananas are ok!)

S - black coffee/ pear

L - Spinach salad with egg, capsicum, red onioin, cucumber (the fridge is getting bare = the salads are getting smaller!!)

S - ABC paste (spoonful)


Nothing much to report at this stage. Off to Crossfit at 6pm. I suspect I won't have enough fuel in the tank - but it is mostly strength work tonight - so fingers crossed I have enough strength!!

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D - 2 pieces grilled (in coconut oil) Atlantic Salmon/ sweet potato

S - 2 small carrots/ cup of tea/ handful of cashews

PB power clean tonight at Crossfit 57.5kg. Tried for 60kg but not quite there. Happy Chappy!

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DAY 11 Log (Oct 11) So far...

Today is a public holiday so am home from work. Feeling great after a sleep in and lazy long breakfast. Bit of housework and now the rest of the day to do whatever. Heading to Crossfit box at 4.30pm with my coach/s to do a bit of extra skill work.

B - 3 poached eggs/ grated sweet potato/ spinach/ mushrooms/ 2x black coffee

S - 2x carrots

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DAY 11 continued...

L - Roast vegetable frittata/ log black

S - handful of cashews and almonds/ 2 boiled eggs with paprika/ cup of tea

D - Roast carrots, broccoli, sweet potato, onion/ 1 piece of grilled Atlantic Salmon (left over from last night)

Few too many black coffees today but not really feeling too bad. Went to Crossfit tonight and did some awesome, strong strength work on Back Squats and a fun WOD of double under skipping (300 of the mothers) and Burpees (5 everytime you broke in the skipping) - time of 8.38mins. Pretty pleased.

Now hopefully a restful night.

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DAY 12 Log (Oct 12)

How ironic it is that yesterday I wrote 'Now hopefully a restful night' and I happened to have THE WORST sleep EVER!!!

I went to be early but slept fitfully and restlessly. I woke up about 5 times and then when my alarm went off I got up feeling like I had an epic hangover! To make matters worse, my partner slept equally as badly, and things were not very pleasant this morning at all!

In addition to the bad sleep - I feel like I have been a raging bitch all week. With epic mood swings, lack of tact, angry outburts and really selfish behaviour (ok, the last couple there could be other things, apart from food i.e. my anxiety disorder)... I feel like I have to sit down all weekend and call to apologise to every person I've treated badly this week. It's been a distructive war zone.

Anyway, I will work on that....


B - 2 poached eggs/ grated sweet potato/ mushrooms/ black coffe

S - Pear/ latte (perhaps banned? I couldn't do another long black!)/ handful of cashews and almonds

L - Spinach salad with mushrooms, capsicum, cucumber, carrot, beetroot, chicken, egg/ black coffee

S - Pre-training - egg, chicken, carrots


Feeling a bit tired for Crossfit tonight... perhaps just some light weights and I'll be ok.

I'm exhausted and glum :-(

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Feeling a bit better today, thanks Derval. I had set my alarm to rise early for Saturday morning CrossFit, but decided to listen to my body and sleep a little longer. Feel better for it already!

DAY 13 Log (Oct 13)

B - 2 poached eggs/ bacon/ sweet potato/ black coffee

S - Latte/ pear/ handful of cashews, almonds, pistashios, paw paw, coconut flakes/ cup of tea

L - 2x Boiled eggs (not feeling overly hungry today...)

D - Scotch fillet steak/ Roasted carrots, brocoli, cauliflower, sweet potato

PLUS... lots of water - feeling a bit dehydrated today.

Limiting snacks today to see how I go....

(I haven't eaten lunch or dinner yet - as it's only early - but I find that if I write this down beforehand, it's like a meal plan for me and I'm more likely to stick to it! It's been working well so far.)

Now... time to go sit in the sun and read a book while my partner heads to work for a few hours. Need a bit of 'me time' - so it's worked out well. Need to start remembering to focus a bit more on me and my emotions - as this past week has been a tough onee in terms of managing my stress. My anxiety condition flared up a bit in response - so I am hoping to restore myself a little this weekend in preparation for a little more 'low key' week ahead.

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DAY 14 Log (Oct 14) - Yesterday's

B - Grated sweet potato/ red onion/ bacon/ egg scramble/ 2x black coffees

S - Cup of tea/ dried pawpaw, cashews, almonds, coconut flakes

L - Warm chicken salad with roasted vegies/ 2x lattes

S - Banana/ carrots/ more nuts and fruit....

D - 2 Lamb loin chops/ roasted carrot, sweet potato, onion, brocoli, cauliflower

Just by looking at the intake of food (above), you could be forgiven for thinking that I ate ok today... But, I snacked too much today, and i filled boredom up with coffee and cups of tea!! This can't be good.

My mood is rock bottom. I am as low as I've been in ages, and I woke up feeling the same today (Oct 15)... I just can't shake it or work out what it is... I know that anxiety will always play a big part in my life - but it still frightens me when I start getting low like this. It took all my energy to drag myself into work today - not because I hate my job (I like it!) - but because I just feel like crap!

Can it really be the food? What is going on!!! I'm very close to just pulling out of this whole thing... But, when I look at the number of days I've done - I can't do that to myself! I'm half way there.

So... I'll plod along and hope for the best. Everything is making me cranky. I'm having the 'kill everything' day today when that should have happened back in week one, surely!?


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DAY 15 Log (Oct 15) - (I've already packed my food for the day!)

B - 2 poached eggs/ bacon/ mushrooms/ black coffee

S - black coffee/ banana/ almonds/ cashews

L - Spinach salad with mushrooms, red onion, carrot, cheery tomato, capsicum, beetroot, egg

S - Carrot sticks/ celery sticks/ dipped in ABC paste (almond, brazil, cashew)


Crossfit tonight will hopefully save me from this shockingly low feeling I have. I feel like curling into a ball, away from all people...

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hey holly! do you get the Whole30 Daily? i think today's whole30 daily is speaking to you (and me, too!). especially the part where it talks about it just taking a little bit longer for some people to feel the "magic." i'm still not there yet, but holding on to hope. stay strong!!! hope crossfit was good to you tonight. i have my first class tomorrow. yikes!!!!

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hey!!! i had my first crossfit class tonight! it was more of an introduction than it was a class, but i think i got the idea of what's going to happen. INTENSE! we didn't really do a work out tonight per se. just went over some of the basic functions. at the end of the class we did a circuit of 5 different exercises. lots of heavy breathing coming from my side of the gym :) i go back for my next class on thursday.

i felt pretty good today. best i've felt so far, i think. can't really call it "magical" yet, but maybe getting closer.

what about you??? what's going on???

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Hey Jenn

So glad to hear you survived Day 1 of your Crossfit journey! It's the beginning of great things for you!! Actually, only just this morning one of my work colleagues commented on how much my body has changed since I started Crossfit (I've been going since June this year - so almost 5 months) He is an ex Olympic weightlifter, so knows lots about weights and body composition - I was chuffed! So, stick with Crossfit. It's not a quick fix solution - but it's a slow, long term journey that will have you achieving things you'd never dreamed possible (I can deadlift 100kg!! Which I'd never expect to be able to do!!)

I have missed a few days of my log - I've been busy at work, and so haven't had time. However, I have been reading the forums still - and I'm glad you are kicking along nicely. I had 2 small chocolates on the weekend. I was so angry at myself and I even cried about it to my Crossfit trainer (who just finished the Whole30 in September) - I think I just take myself way too seriously and just want to do things perfectly!! But, I know that I am just human, and I will just have to pull the reigns in a little for the last half. I might even just continue on for November I think. Just to give my body a really good chance. I am still reading the 'It Starts with Food' book - which is teaching me more about the whole process.

I think I am starting to feel a bit better too - but I am still cranky! Surely that's not due to the couple of bits of chocolate??! But I feel a bit more energetic than I did at the start...

We are over half way though, so that is good. Though, I think I will definitely continue through November. Actually - I think I might re-start on November 1 for the month, and be a lot more strict with it all. I'm sure it'd be easier the second time around. I won't give up on this month though!

Keep letting me know how things are going. It's great to have a buddy on here!

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DAY 16 Log (Oct 16)

B - 2 poached eggs/ mushrooms/ cherry tomatoes/ black coffee

S - Dried pawpaw, coconut flakes, cashews, almonds/ apple/ banana/ black coffee

L - Spinach salad (same one as normal!)

S - Boiled egg/ carrot sticks/ black coffee

D - Steak, bacon, egg, sausage, tomato, onion, steamed vegetables (What?! I was hungry!)

S - 2 cups of tea

Crossfit tonight was great - Back squats for strength and 1/2 of 'Cindy' (5 pull ups/10 push ups/15 squats - AMRAP10). Will start decreasing training intensity tonight and for the rest of the week in preparation for my first ever Crossfit Competition! Also the first ever held in Tasmania, Australia! Excited and nervous!

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DAY 17 Log (Oct 17) - So far...

B - 2 boiled eggs/ banana/ black coffee

S - banana/ the usual nut mix/ black coffee

L - Spinach salad as per normal (minus the mushrooms and chicken - got to get some groceries tonight!)

S - Boiled egg/ carrot sticks/ Apple


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