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DAY 26 Log (Nov 15)

S - Raw cashews

D - Chicken and vegetables / sweet and sour pork

Hmmmm, I had this at a Chinese takeaway and my instincts tell me that it wasn't totally compliant... However, this is totally my choosing, and I can't be mad about that. It's not like I went and had a loaf of bread and a milkshake!

However, I think this process has made me HIGHLY conscious of how much shit food there is around me! It is a challenge to eat clean, by my goodness, it is a challenge I gladly accept! Some people are just eating pure junk!!

Oh, and I had last night of coffee making course tonight - and may have had to sample a few capicinos and lattes.

Blergh to milk!!!!!!!!!! Long black drinkers unite!

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DAY 27 Log (Nov 16)

B - 2 boiled eggs / black coffee

S - long black / raw cashews, almonds

L - ? Not sure yet, didn't have time to pack a lunch! So busy!!


Having a rest from Crossfit tonight. I have been doing double workouts this week, and I am feeling the pinch. Rest tonight in a nice bath with a book and then a solid session in the morning. Resting again on Sunday, ready for a fresh week. Recovery is when the best progressions occur...

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L - fresh juice of apple, pineapple, orange, ginger / 4 pieces of sushi

D - steak / salad of spinach, olives, carrot, capsicum, egg

S - very snacky tonight. A little bored while my partner was at work all night. Not bad snacks but still.

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DAY 28 Log (Nov 17) So far...

B - 2 boiled eggs / black coffee (snack before morning training)

Real B - 2 fried eggs / bacon / sausage / tomato / mushrooms / long black

S - banana / cashews, pawpaw, almonds, pistachios / black coffee

L - Early dinner, which was...

D - Paleo chilli with ground beef, garlic, onion, loads of heat and spices! / steamed carrot and sweet potato / black tea

Cooked up an amazing chilli this afternoon. Got inspired by some Paleo sites. It was quick, easy and yummy (well, I haven't eaten it all yet, but when I was making it, it tasted yummy!)

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DAY 29 Log (Nov 18)

B - 3 boiled eggs / chopped up apple and banana mixed with ABC paste / black coffee

S - cashews, pawpaw, almonds, coconut flakes / black coffee / banana / carrot

L - Roast vegetable quiche / green leafy salad / long black

D - Left over chilli / steamed sweet potato and carrot / black tea x2

Felt a lot hungry today... Argh. Going ok though - the end is near! My partner is interested in doing the Whole30, seeing as I have almost finished and have leaned up and lost an obvious amount of weight. So I will probably have a week off, and re-start another Whole30... Though, I think perhaps I may just 'go paleo' - because as good as this program has been for me - it is not sustainable to be ultra strick with it... I will have a think and see how I go. I think I'll definitely have another go in the new year - January.

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DAY 30 Log (Nov 19) - 30? Oooh the last day!

B - 3 boiled eggs / black coffee

S - banana / black tea

L - Spinach, carrot, capsicum, mushrooms, sweet potato, chicken, egg - all tumbled together and eaten - yum yum!

S - Cashews, almonds, banana

D - Left over chilli - lol, I made A LOT of that stuff!! Lucky I like it!

Will do a longer 'summary' tonight or tomorrow. 30 days. I did it! Hmmm, wonder why I don't feel like I've achieved something big? I think I have too high expectations of myself.... Nevertheless - I made it, and I have begun to develop a better understanding of what my body likes and needs!

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Yay! Happy to read your progress!

I'm planning to give W30 another go next year -- maybe we can "tema up" again? :)

I'm sticking to the 80/20 rule for now. Trying to stay compliant during the week and loosening up on the weekends. It will be tough over the looming holidays though...

Good for you, Holly!

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Jenn - Thanks! Yep happy to team up again.

To all other people who read this -

I am starting another whole30 tomorrow with my partner. Moral support!! It'll finish on Christmas Eve! Good timing huh!

Will start up a fresh new log titled "Christmas Countdown" if anyone's interested ... Haha, probably not, but just saying!

Leaving this space for now.

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