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My Whole30, Part Deux


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Day 15 - Half way there! :) I would have liked a little more sleep last night, but I didn't really have any trouble shaking that off this morning. It's pretty cool that spot on nutrition, decent exercise and lower stress can help you work through a short term lack of sleep without crashing and burning. I know that persistent sleep debt wins in the end, but I don't plan to let that happen!

8 AM - coffee

11:30 AM - can of salmon, leftover pulled pork, green beans, baby carrots, some celery stalks, half an avocado, water

1:30 PM - snack: red pepper, orange

2:30 PM - leftover pulled pork, celery stalks, half avocado, broccoli salad, water

I seemed hungry a little earlier than usual, and a little more often than usual. My meals and snacks have been compressed so far today. Interesting...

4 PM - snack: can of salmon, water

7 PM - pulled pork stir fry w/ broccoli, carrots, kale, onion, 1.5 frozen bananas and 4 TBSP almond butter, water

Really hungry today... so I ate a lot throughout the day. I snacked more than usual too. At least I didn't go off the rails, lol.

9:30 PM - 3-4 TBSP almond butter, couple handfuls of raw almonds, a champagne mango

Well, I'm not sure if it was the less than perfect sleep last night, real hunger, cravings or whatever, but I certainly packed away the food today. My late evening snack is pretty unusual for my Whole30... I've generally stopped eating by 8 PM most days. :unsure: Oh well, what's done is done. I'm going to try for a full night sleep and see what tomorrow brings.

Not much activity today... I went on a two mile walk / jog and that's about it. I guess I needed an active recovery day.

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Day 16

8 AM - coffee

12:30 PM - leftover taco meat (beef), a sweet potato, a cucumber, baby carrots, a red pepper, water

3:30 PM - leftover pork stir fry, an avocado, can of salmon, banana, water

7 PM - pulled pork, salad, water


- qiuck four round bodyweight circuit (mtn climbers, rows, tuck jumps, push ups, knee raises)

- 1x5 deadlifts (235 lb)

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Day 17

I woke up wanting food, so I bagged my usual intermittent fasting routine.

8 AM - coffee, scrambled egg skillet w/ beef, pork, onion, garlic, broccoli, tomatoes, baby bella mushrooms

12:30 PM - water, leftover breakfast skillet, apple

6 PM - can of salmon

8:15 PM - salad, leftover taco meat, 1 1/2 frozen bananas and too much almond butter (I finished off the jar... probably 7-8 TBSP or so...)

Today wasn't the greatest for food... had way too much almond butter with my banana. At least there isn't any more around the house to worry about, lol...

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Day 18

8 AM - pulled pork and sauteed veggies, water

9 AM - 12 PM - paddling on the Columbia River with my buddies at the Mountain Home Outrigger Canoe Club. My friend dropped me into the fast six man boat with him and the rest of his crew... they worked me over pretty good. :D They know two speeds... stop and go!!! My lats will be sore tomorrow...

1 PM - leftover pork and sauteed veggies from breakfast, 1/2 banana, 1 sweet potato, coffee

7 PM - pulled pork, salad, turnip and cauliflower mash, a few grapes, some blueberries and marionberries with coconut butter

10 PM - still hungry I guess... frozen banana and 3 TBSP almond butter

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Day 19 ... getting tired of pulled pork, but I'm not gonna let the leftovers go to waste! :)

8 AM - eggs, spinach, mushrooms and pulled pork, coffee

1 PM - salad, small handful of almonds, some more pork, a mango, water

7 PM - yak stir fry, grilled skirt steak wrapped asparagus, sweet potato, salad, water


pushups, pullups, some natural leg curls, played around on my rings, worked on the playground... its getting closer to being done! :)

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Day 20

8 AM - four eggs scrambled with sweet potato rounds and cherry tomatoes, coffee

12 PM - pulled pork, 1/2 sweet potato, red pepper, an avocado, celery sticks, water

6 PM - 2.5 hamburger patties, roasted onions, cauliflower and brussels sprouts, pineapple, watermelon, water


Various quick sets of calisthenics wherever and whenever I could

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Day 21 - Three weeks in... so far so good!! It's really amazing what only eating real food will do for you.

8 AM - four eggs, kale, sweet potato rounds, garlic, onion, pulled pork scrambled in bacon fat, coffee with creamed coconut

11:45 AM - roasted cauliflower and carrots, baby carrots, leftover yak stir fry, water

8 PM - 1.5 chicken breasts, 1.5 hamburger patties, salad, 1/2 Larabar, water

9:30 PM - 1.5 frozen bananas, 3 TBSP almond butter, handful of almonds and cashews


Lots of pushups, pullups, an ab circuit, stretching

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Day 22 - Hump day... the day I reset my last Whole30 attempt. I feel a lot better about this time around. I have cleaned up a few loose ends, but still plenty to work on. I've done a pretty good job staying on track with the food. I've been snacking a little more the past few days but I'm not too concerned about it. I'm not gorging myself by any means... and I'm not really craving any non-W30 foods. I guess I've just been a little hungrier. I dumped my intermittent fasting almost a week ago on a whim, and I feel a bit better overall. I feel like digestion is a touch better with food intake spread out a bit more. I don't think I'm suffering in any way by switching to the preferred Whole30 meal interval.

Where I really need to focus some energy is sleep, electronics management and stress management. I need to consistently strive for 8+ hours of sleep per night. I've been getting about 7 per, which is decent, but I notice that I feel much better with an additional hour or so. I don't watch TV, but I spend all day working on a computer... then some additional time on my iPhone or the computer at night (like now...). I need to unplug more often and just live. I've had a rough time managing work stress the past several years, but I've improved dramatically in that regard the past year or so. I still have room for improvement though... continued work on time management will help. :)


8 AM - sweet potato rounds, four eggs, the last of our pulled pork (yay!), garlic, onion fried in bacon fat, coffee

11:30 AM - leftover yak stir fry, salad, water

7 PM - taco salad (no chips), more salad, water

9:30 PM - pineapple, apple, 2 TBSP almond butter

Activity - pretty much the same as yesterday... more ad hoc calisthenics whenever I felt like it. I did some overhead squats with just the bar today. My mobility is just about there to start working that movement with some additional weight... but I need a little more time. I also worked some pistol squats.

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Day 23

8 AM - coffee blended with coconut butter, eggs, ground beef, onions, garlic, tomatoes scrambled together on a bed of baby kale

12 PM - grilled leg of goat steak, salad, water

6:30 PM - pork ribs and cooked carrots, water

9 PM - frozen banana, 3 TBSP almond butter, 1 cup marionberries and 1 TBSP coconut butter

Activity - some plyometrics, pushups, pullups, dips. 5 rounds @ 25 lb weighted of 30 air squats, 20 forward lunges, 20 backward lunges, 30 calf raises, 20 step ups. A one hour fitness class... a little bit of everything. :)

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Day 24

8 AM - coffee blended with coconut butter, five eggs scrambled with chopped brussels sprouts and cayenne

12 PM - a can of salmon, some raw broccoli, a huge tomato, a banana, an avocado and water

I didn't get to finish lunch before running off to a place at work where I couldn't bring food... so I finished it later, and added two Larabars. I probably could have done without the bars, but oh well...

6:30 PM - a can of salmon, more raw broccoli, two Larabars, water

7:30 PM - steak, two chicken wings, roasted veggies (brussels sprouts, zucchini, peppers, onions, broccoli), an apple with 3 TBSP almond butter

9 PM - a mango


a quick bodyweight circuit... four rounds of 10 rows, 10 pushups, 20 v-ups, 5 pullups, and 5 dips with minimal rest. I'll probably do some sprints this afternoon... it's been way too long. Instead of sprints I just relaxed at home and spent some time stretching and foam rolling. Recovery is a good thing. :)

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Day 25 and 26 - Not my greatest days for food. I didn't stray off plan, but snacked a lot more than I have the past 40+ days. I'm not sure what the deal is or was, but I seem to have been slipping back into my previous mode of seeking out paleo treats. I haven't been using the strategies that work to discern cravings from real hunger. It's interesting, because I know the triggers, know the tools to counter them, but left my toolbox behind when I started the day. I don't remember everything I ate, but I ate more than I needed.

While I wasn't on point with food, the days weren't a total loss... I completed the main parts of the playground for my kids yesterday. I still need to fill the sandbox with sand and build a cover for the box to keep the kitties out. I also need to install my pullup bar and parallel bars. Those will be done in the next couple weeks... looking forward to a summer of playing outside with the kids! :)

Here's a short photo album of the backyard build process. It took way too long, but I'm glad it's done.


We're off to the beach for a few days... letting the kids play hooky for a little while. :) I complete my Whole30 in a couple days, looking to finish strong! I've got my tools ready in my head to deal with any snacking issues that come up!

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Day 27 - Started the day right with a good breakfast and some coffee. Now it's time to pack the van for the beach. Good times ahead! :)

8:30 AM - four duck eggs scrambled with pork, sweet potato and red pepper, coffee

12 PM - strawberry, grape, and almond smoothie, an avocado, two red peppers, celery, water. Yeah, I know, no protein. I should have had some, but I was satiated from this and breakfast until dinner.

6:30 PM - taco meat and salad, water

Activity - a bunch of pushups, lunges, squats and some inchworms on the beach, ring dips, and some pullups

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Day 28... Getting closer! :).

9 AM - five eggs scrambled with sauteed leeks, a banana, coffee

12:00 PM - some grapes and a few strawberries, a banana, handful of mixed nuts, can of salmon, water

4:30 PM - handful of mixed nuts, two mangos, because I hate wasting food... they were starting to go. :(

6:00 PM - handful of mixed nuts

7:30 PM - steamed mussels, sweet potato fries, salad, a hamburger pattie, water


A nice walk on the beach with my wife and youngest son, some l-sit practice and ring rollouts, bulgarian split squats

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Day 29 - Today is my birthday, 38 years young... Enjoying life with my family at the beach for the week. :)

10:30 am - kitchen sink stir fry. Garlic, onion, red pepper , brussels sprouts, leeks, bok choy, red chard, ground beef, coffee

2:30 pm - more stir fry, can of sardines, water

7:00 pm - a big ribeye steak, cauliflower and turnip mash, roasted zucchini, onions, and red pepper, water

10:30 pm - small handful of mixed nuts

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Happy Birthday to you, Jim! Have fun at the beach, and it sure sounds like you did some smart food preparation for the trip....

Thanks Summer... yeah, we brought our own food and are eating right! :) It's cheaper and tastes better too.

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Jim - pretty interesting I thought - - http://www.paleoplan...ltured-caveman/ Maybe you have heard about it?

Hey Summer, yeah, I've heard about Cultured Caveman! :) I contributed to their Kickstarter when I first saw it. They open tomorrow I guess... can't wait to go check out their food and enjoy some good paleo eats! The food scene in Portland is really interesting and eclectic. There's another place in town called Dick's Kitchen that is pretty paleo friendly, serving grass fed burgers, sweet potato fries and other cool stuff. Cultured Caveman will only add to the flavor! I really hope they can succeed.

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Happy Birthday Jim! The fact that you didn't even use your birthday as an excuse to cheat says a LOT about how far you've come in your w30 journey. Congrats on your progress:) ALMOST THERE!!!

Thanks Keren! I appreciate the kind words. Nope, no cheating... I want to finish strong!

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