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Start date March 20th


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My boyfriend and I started Sunday March 20th. 1 week in and we love creating our meals together! No real problems to speak of - made it thru Easter Sunday goodies without a hitch... Not easy as a chocolate lover!!!

Missing an occasional glass of wine but sure that this will pass.

Anyone else on week 2?

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Hi There,


I started on the same date!  I am really only writing because I feel so great and it's only a week in.  I didn't start with much of a sugar demon.  I get most of my sugar from milk or from the starchy carbs - breads, pasta, sauces, etc. - so I am not feeling the affects of a strong sugar withdraw - yet. I can tell I have already lost weight, too. 


I am really missing the wine, but I can handle this for 30 days! 


Have you found any one thing to be most helpful to you and your boyfriend yet to avoid temptations?

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thanks for your note. We felt we had a really good 1st week but have realized that several items we ate were non compliant after a closer examination of the labels - so are on a new start this week hoping for better results.

Because we had both been practicing many of the food guidelines of a clean eating system - we really haven't experienced too many issues.  

Funny - wine is what we miss the most too! 

The most beneficial thing for us is to have our meals pre-planned and many items pre-cooked.

A nice crisp apple in the evening has been our go to when the urge to piece comes upon us.

We have tried everything we can think of to substitute with Cauliflower and Spaghetti squash and really like it all. 

Good luck to you and let me know how you are doing.

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Yes, I too am digging the spaghetti squash!  I didn't have much time over the weekend to plan ahead for this week so I am struggling a bit, but still able to stay on track. Just getting a little more creative with things at home. 


Mostly I am doing great.  I don't mean to "brag" but like I said earlier, sugar was never really my downfall. I had to give up coffee due to a stomach issue at the beginning of the month so I don't even really miss that.  My clothes are already fitting better (or worse, depending on how you look at it) and my energy levels are much more consistent. I have a nagging joint injury that feels better.  I don't have the tiger blood feeling - may be too early - but I do feel so much better than I had been in general. 


what sorts of things were non compliant for you after closer reading of the labels?  I have been trying to avoid food that comes with a label, but I live in an area where organic everything is available any day of the week.  It's easy to avoid packaged food of all kinds if you prepare and have enough to cook them where I live. 


Hopefully this week 1 re-do goes well for you!

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I admit we feel much better too - even tho we had a few slips that we didn't realize - we still went thru all the phases that the book explains we would experience and feel good about what we did accomplish!

The bacon we were eating had been cured with sugar :-(

and the Almond Butter had sugar :-(

Dave also though 0 sugar jerky was ok...until I showed him every label I could find and every one of them had sugar in it in some form!

Live and learn.  It is all good!

Do you like cabbage?  We have made roasted garlic cabbage steaks to have on hand and they are really good!  It is just cabbage, olive oil and fresh garlic - but oh so good. Especially if you add some sliced up sweet onions to roast along side:-)

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