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I'm on day 14 of my first whole30 and I just found this thread. I live in central PA and I wish we had a Costco! But we do have TJs. I bought a lot of groceries at TJs before the whole30 too.

They have great prices on produce, like several people mentioned, especially avocados. I also bought ghee there and it's been one of my favorite cooking fats. I bought (and loved) their plantain chips, which are not the healthiest Whole30 option, but they are roasted and made with just plantains, sunflower oil, and salt. I liked to have a few in guacamole along with my mexican-themed meals. Might be too SWYPO for people who love tortilla/plantain chips, but my biggest weakness is sugary carbs, so the plantain chips were fine for me. I also stocked up on sparkling water and limes there. I'll be on the lookout for their frozen meats! Thanks for all the great suggestions on this post!

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