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New to Whole 30 - Feedback on Meal Plan Requested Please (Day 7)


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Hello!  Quick review of background and goals: I am on Day 7.  I am a 43 year old woman who exercises 5 days per week (SPX Pilates, running, weights), travels extensively for client meetings and is doing Whole30 to control migraines, energy supply and regulate mood.  I am 5'5" and weigh approximately 117 lbs.  I would like to lose some additional body fat and gain lean muscle mass.  Before the program, I had a headache every day.  I have a noticed a reduction in my headaches.  I also have started to pay attention to my sleep, aiming for 8-9 hours a night.  This is a change in my routine.  Prior to Whole30, I would have my "hungry days" and my "un-hungy days".  I would at times go for 2-3 days without eating more than 400 calories per day due to not paying attention to my hunger signals.  My work days can last (with travel) as much as 18-plus hours (though I am attempting to limit this, as lack of sleep does trigger my headaches). Drinking about 64 oz of water per day with 1 packet of Nature's Calm. Stopped all supplements for the Whole30.




9 am - 8 oz black coffee, 3 hard boiled egg whites (yolks ok?), 1 medium banana, water


12:45 pm - 1 RX bar (blueberry), water (needed an emergency "on the go" snack


1:40 pm - SPX Pilates (50 minutes)


3 pm - 1/4 c raw almonds, water


6 pm - (at a restaurant) 2 c lettuces with peppers and 1 T EVOO, 4 oz rare tuna, 1/4 c avocado, club soda with lime, 1/2 c decaf coffee


8:30 pm (because I was starving) - 1/8 c raw almonds, green tea (organic), 1/2 sweet potato, water with Nature's Calm


I am thinking I need to add veggies at breakfast and maybe more fats?  Thank you in advance!


P.S. Made the salmon cakes from the Whole30 book for dinner last night and they were AWESOME. :)




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Yes, you definitely need to add veggies. Here's the meal template, try to make all your meals look like it. There's no need to measure out tablespoons of this, or quarter cups of that, just go by the measurements listed on the template based on your own hand size. Ideally, eat your first meal within an hour of waking up, and then make your meals big enough that you're going 4-5 hours between meals comfortably -- if you have really long days where you have gaps longer than that, have an extra meal or mini-meal. Have pre- and post-workout meals on days you work out. 


For breakfast, eat the whole egg, and when eggs are your only protein source in a meal, have as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand.


Rather than having snacks, have meals. Vegetables, protein, and fat. If you're on the go a lot, get yourself a cooler (there are some lovely soft-sided ones that just look like big purses now, if you don't want to haul around a big plastic thing), and pack your foods to take with you. RX Bars and other bars are really only meant for emergencies, when you have no other options. Most people find they can plan other options instead -- keep a can or pouch of tuna or salmon in your desk or purse or car, or pack extra food when you pack your lunch if you think there's a possibility you may be stuck at work late. 

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 3 hard boiled egg whites (yolks ok?),

1 medium banana

1 RX bar (blueberry)

1/4 c raw almonds

2 c lettuces with peppers and 1 T EVOO

4 oz rare tuna

1/4 c avocado

1/8 c raw almonds

1/2 sweet potato


This is all you ate today. I've removed all the liquids and superfluous text to show how little you've actually eaten.

The only protein that you got today was a tiny piece of tuna and what amounts to about an egg and a half (since you didn't eat the whole egg).

This is not sufficient for an adult human to live on.

The reason that I've shown it like this is because of your comment on your 400 calorie 'un hungry days'. That for starters is an indication that your hormones are way off. If you have been eating like this for 7 days, this will not be sustainable.

Please read the template and then read it again. Yes, it's a suggestion, not a rule and yes, technically you're 'doing' a Whole30 by eating like this but if what you're looking for is the energy, performance, glowing skin, great sleep, even hormones and potentially weight loss, the template is the key,.

Also of concern is that you technically only ate two meals today... one at 9am and one at 6pm with some nuts and an RX bar between.

My suggestion would be for you to take a look at the meal template and then come back here and post two days of meals that you could make and eat with food you like that match the template. Us just saying 'add some veggies' is no where near what type of overhaul your meal planning needs.

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