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Day 1 of Angie's (1st) Whole30...(with a question/concern)


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It's been rougher than I'd imagined it would be.

Is it normal to feel weak-ish and flushed/light-headed at the end of only Day 1?

To boot, today at lunch we ate at a seafood restaurant that I love...but I ordered a plain grilled chicken salad because I couldn't find a thing on the menu that was compliant. It was so difficult, but I stayed the course!

I ate 3 meals and only snacked on a handful of cashews, olives, and a couple of clementines (not at the same time).

So...is this hunger feeling and overall weak/flushed feeling normal?!

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Hi abi2001 & welcome to Whole30


Other than the chicken salad & the snacks you've mentioned can you tell us exactly what else did you ate, indocating portion sizes?

Did you salt your food?

Add fat to each meal?

Drink at least a half an ounce of water per pound of body weight?

The first few days can be tough depending on how radical a change this is from your usual way of eating but I wouldn't expect you to feel so weak or hungry unless you haven't been eating enough......

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Thank you! :)


Yesterday morning I had two HB eggs and black coffee. Lunch was a full-size garden salad (no cheese or croutons) with olive oil and half of a grilled chicken breast. Dinner was another half of chicken breast (paleo recipe with onions and tomatoes) and ghee-sauteed asparagus. I do use pink Himalayan to season my food. I drank about 70oz of water yesterday, which is slightly less than 1/2oz per pound (I weigh roughly 150). Plus I also had a bottle of Kombucha mid-afternoon. Eating healthily has been a lifestyle of ours for a few years (no artificial sweeteners or artificial anything, organic/grass-fed/wild-caught/free-range meats and produce, etc.) so this food isn't a shock or anything different for my system, although completely cutting out sugars (honey, maple syrup) and eliminating wine is quite different.


My husband thinks it may have been a combination of possibly too few calories (we were traveling home from visiting family) and my "cycle" had just ended on Saturday, so my nutrients may have been somewhat depleted.


Today has been much better though. We are home so I was able to make larger, protein-heavy meals so far. :)


I appreciate any thoughts and feedback!

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Well your cycle may well have had something to do with it as we most definitely require more nutrients around that time & the week leading up to it.

But your breakfast is WAY too small. When eggs are your only source of protein in a meal you should be eating as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand - which is 3-4 for most females. Your breakfast also lacked vegetables of any kind, and fat - and it's the fat that provides that nice slow burning energy... Definitely eat a bigger breakfast going forward, and if adding more eggs seems like a chore try mixing up your protein sources by adding in fish or ground beef, or skipping the eggs altogether and opting for something less 'breakfasty'.

Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better today  :)

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Having ended yesterday hungry and a general malaise, today I feel better than I had imagined I would! I have an annoying but manageable headache, but nothing I can't handle.


I started the day with two eggs over hashed potatoes and onions with baby kale all seasoned with some hot sauce and a clementine on the side, and my lunch was half an avocado, some diced chicken, olives, and lettuce, drizzled with olive oil. I've been guzzling water all day, and I started my day with my daily warm lemon water (something I've done for more than a year...and was so grateful I didn't need to give up for my Whole30!).


I'm surprised by how hungry I'm NOT feeling today! I am used to snacking periodically during the day: nuts, fruit, pita chips, dark chocolate... Since we were traveling yesterday, I did snack on some olives and cashews and a couple pieces of fruit, but now that I'm home I'm trying to restrain. I just knew not snacking would be really difficult for me, and I'm so surprised it's nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be!


Tonight will be steak and sweet potatoes, and I'll likely wind down with my hot kombucha green tea.


I will admit that I had a really strange dream about eating marshmallows last night...and woke up feeling so guilty! The guilt only lasted a few seconds once I realized it was all a dream, but it was not a good feeling...


I understand this is still the honeymoon period, but if the following days are anything like today then this won't be nearly as rough on me (or my husband and our sons!) as I was concerned it would be!  ^_^

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Day 2 was better than Day 1. I didn't go to bed feeling hungry and I didn't feel light-headed at all. I had a *very* mild headache all day but it was manageable. I didn't take anything to relieve the pain, but I also didn't exercise because I was worried the headache would worsen.


I still haven't had a burst of energy and I'm still tired when I wake up in the morning...


But other than that, I feel amazing today! Considering my mild headache yesterday, I thought I would have one again today.


I didn't.


I actually felt peppier than usual (despite still feeling tired, but that's more about my late-night hours than anything else, I believe) and put on a skirt and braided my hair when I woke up!


If you knew me, you'd know that's just not "me." I have 2 boys that I homeschool and am always go-go-go, between lessons, activities, housework, bills... I haven't done the "girlie" thing for years--since I became outnumbered 3 to 1 in my house (2 boys and hubby vs li'l ol' me). It seems like nonsense to "pretty it up" when I'm constantly working and running around the house and don't go anywhere worth dressing up for.


It's Day 3. Am I doing something wrong? Based on the timeline, I shouldn't feel this good...


...should I?


I have been exceptionally careful and haven't had any sugar or any type of sweetener. Yesterday consisted of: eggs over hashed potatoes topped with kale and a side of clementine for breakfast; chicken-and-avocado salad with olives and olive oil for lunch; another clementine and some cranberry juice (not cocktail) as a snack before dinner because my husband was late coming home from work and we always eat dinner together; and grilled sweet potato with ghee and cinnamon, grilled ribeye, and grilled shrimp for dinner. Before bed I had a cup of organic decaf kombucha green tea. I drank water all day (approximately 80 ounces).


I started today off with eggs over hashed potatoes topped with tomatoes and kale and a side of clementine.


I am on task, correct?

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I've merged your log into one topic -- it'll be easier to keep track of over 30 days when it's all in one place, so you can look back on how things have gone, and if you have any trouble, we can look back over the whole thing to see what you've eaten without having to track down a whole bunch of different logs. If you want the title changed, just let me know what you want it changed to.



Your meals look okay. You could maybe have more vegetables -- aim for 1-3 cups at each meal, and be sure you don't get stuck in a rut where you're eating the same few over and over all month. 


Some people's first few days are worse than others. You're just someone who isn't having as bad of a time. Don't worry about it.

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