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The Beginning of Amazing Things......


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Day 1


This morning I woke up with a migraine with no idea as to where it came from. I drank a cup of hot ginger tea which was gross because of course I couldn't use sugar or any other sweetener. After a few hours I decided to head into work to have a more productive day.


After popping two tylenol's my migraine subsided and I was able to eat my first meal of the day. Cod Fish from the Whole30 Book, Garlic Lemon Asparagus, and 15 grapes. (The grapes were from my previous meal plan I had been following for the past year which is why they were counted out).


I will be having my next meal here shortly, Chocolate Chili from Mel Joulwan's website. Amazing recipe! This chili will be paired with some spaghetti squash  from the Whole30 Book and two Halo oranges. I do need to drink more water so I will go refill my cup as we speak. 


The hardest thing for me today has been my inability to smoke. I purposely avoided leaving the building today because it would have made my craving to smoke that much greater and although I am not someone who smokes daily, I will chop it up to my inability to snack and no sugar as to why I feel the strong desire to smoke today.


Best of luck to all those who started today along side of me!

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Day 2


I forgot to post my day yesterday but it was very different from Day 1. I was not as hungry as I was on the first day and found that I did not finish all of my packed meals.

For breakfast I had leftover Cod with red peppers with garlic lemon asparagus.

I ate a Fuji apple around noon to curb my strong desire for sugar.

Roughly 2 hours later I ate green beans and leftover latin chicken. I ate until I was full and had one cooked piece remaining. 

Around this time my craving to smoke intensified because I could not have sugar. I fought the urge however and did not leave the workplace as I knew my urge would increase.

The next time I was hungry was around 6:30 and I ate my Chocolate Chili.

I topped the night off trying a new tea from Tazo Wild Sweet Orange and although it wasn't sweet was pretty tasty.

I stayed hydrated throughout the day with plenty of ice water. I know I can take in about 3 more cups of water and I will work on that.


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