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Can you officially start if you don't know all the rules yet? (Technically, no, I know.)


I'm just reading through everything now....


I was doing OK counting calories until people started talking about needing this kind of food and that kind of food, and avoid this and that, and not all calories are the same, etc. I got discouraged... which is easy for me to do.


So, I need tips. Meal plans/menus. Buy this and have this for breakfast, then have this for lunch, and this for dinner. Where do I find meal plan examples? Are there any?


I work at a desk job in a place with over 150 stocked candy jars and fresh baked goods that come in every Tuesday and Thursday. For someone addicted to sugar, it's either heaven or hell. Considering how large my "office ass" is getting, I'm going with... it's temptation hell.


Then I sprained my ankle again this month, which means no teaching aerobics classes. And that's when my calorie counting went out the window as well and I gained back the 3-5 lbs I had lost. My parents are overweight. I have always told myself I would end up overweight because so many relatives are overweight. But I don't want to be... and my husband has lost 30 lbs and weighs less than me... and my kids are very aware of mommy's jelly belly...



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Hi, Carin. 


This is not really a program you can start without knowing the rules. On the other hand, the rules are very clearly laid out here on the website, so it won't take you long to figure that part out. Start here, and that should give you everything you need to know to get going.


We don't really have meal plans for you, it's not really a program that tells you exactly what to eat for each meal. The Whole30 book has a one-week meal plan, if you're interested in getting that. If you prefer not to buy it, that's also fine. There's a sort of a meal plan here, although it's not quite like what you might think of as a meal plan. It's more like a way to prep one day so that you have plenty of food on hand for the week, with minimal time spent in the kitchen during the week. 


I'd recommend reading through the information at that first link I posted, spending a few days cleaning out your kitchen of non-Whole30 foods (if you can -- if you live with other people, maybe assign shelves in the pantry and fridge so you won't have to dig through their chips and cookies to get to your meats and veggies), figuring out what you're going to cook, maybe go ahead and start cutting out obvious added sugar (so no candy bars and baked goods), and basically just getting ready to do this. It really does help to be prepared.


If you have other questions, you may be able to find previous discussions by googling Whole30 + whatever your question is, or come back here to the forum and ask. 

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