Retiring April 30th - Starting W30 May 1st


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Edited: Sorry, starting May 1st not 'started' May 1st.



I've already cut down my smoking to 10 cigarettes a day (from 20). Next week, I'll cut down to 5 a day, then to NONE by D-Day. Also, knowing that this would be a hard one for me, I've been gradually decreasing the amount of milk I have in my tea so that it won't be too much of a shock. I'm down to 1 tbsp and should be drinking in black within the week.


I am so looking forward to this huge life change.


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Hi , I am starting April 1st. While I don't smoke, I certainly can understand the challenges associated with trying to quit. It will be life changing for your health and, as you, I plan to make W30 a priority. Looking for any support I can get. The hardest part for me is doing prep work, but I am pushing through this. Plan on shopping tomorrow so I can use fesh ingredients to make some sauces and the mayo so I will be ready on Friday! Wishing you much success!

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