umpteenth attempt


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thanks jhmomi. this time I'm gonna try to worry less about making it perfect (notice the v8 @breakfast), and more about strictly staying away from the bad stuff...

I feel so physically cruddy when I cheat -- and yet... ugh. ... ok, so for 30 days I'll give it another whirl. thanks again for ur support, much appreciated!

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Just set some goals and work on what you can! You are doing great. And don't discount the fact that you refuse to give up. That is a really good thing.

In the last year, I have had to try hard to let go of my OCD tendency to be ALL or NOTHING about things to get where I am today. I like to say I am a recovering perfectionist. I used to be all in and completely obsessed with diet and exercise, or a couch potato eating cereal and popcorn for snacks. I think this tendency of mine is why I off-roaded so horribly in the Spring. I just couldn't live this way and be perfect enough about it. I still wanted an occasional piece of gum or some cheese or a gram of sugar in something, you know? I find it very overwhelming to tackle ALL of my goals at once. I finally came back for Whole30 #2 in late July and it's been a lot easier. I still snack way too much, but I have no real issues staying compliant any more. Just not that tempted by any of the non-compliant stuff in my house which is good. The worst I do is have the wrong oil when out in a restaurant or something like salami with zero grams of sugar, but dextrose listed as an ingredient. Not horrible choices in my book. Last night I had some feta on a Greek salad. My first cheese in two months. Big deal. I am sure the "gyro" meat had questionable ingredients but it was a nice change of pace and not something I usually see in the restaurants I go to so I had some. Plus we were eating late, had been gone most of the day and I didn't plan well and have enough snacks with me. The meat was pretty good, but not something I would have again if we go again to that restaurant. In due time I will resolve to tackle my compliant snack habit more aggressively and work on sticking to just three meals, but honestly it's not a high priority for me right now since everything else regarding my health and fitness is going well.

Just keep working on the areas that need work. If you tackle one or two specific things a month (like simply staying compliant with ALL your food choices and getting good sleep) and keep going down the list, you will eventually create the healthy lifestyle you want!

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thanks guys for your support. south good stuff here, so very helpful to hear others experiences. esp with the whole perfectionist thing. i used to say, id call myself a perfectionist except im not perfect enough for that label! lol...

made it through day 2...

meal 2

bison & chic chili (yummy!)

apple w almond butter



macademia nuts

camomile tea

meal 3

3 scrambled eggs

handful of macademia nuts

large glass water (32 oz)

natural calm (mag supplement)

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day one...


<insert inspirational quote about falling down 7 times & getting up 8>

with "umpteenth attempt" as a title I've decided to just keep going on this post instead of creating a new one... more and more this is reminding me of quitting smoking. I had to remind myself in the middle of the night last night when I woke up anxious about all this that I was able to FINALLY quit smoking... eventually. (and in fact, it's now been almost 12 years!) and to just keep suitin' up & showin' up. same with getting sober & that's been 9+ yrs. it just takes what it takes and I need to just keep showing up.

the worst part of this (or maybe it's the best part?) is that I can really tell a difference in how I feel depending on how I eat. and now that I've been basically eating crappy for a while now all my shoulder and neck pain is back, headaches, allergies, and of course the tummy issues.... and yet there's this parallel insidious thought that somehow <fill-in-the-blank-thing-that's-bad-for-me> has something to offer me. that some peace of mind or relaxation will occur if I ingest said item... oh yeah, I recognize this. again, it was the same when I quit smoking & when I got sober,,, I really had to understand that my brain was going to continue to tell me (lie to me) about how it's no big deal, you only live once, everyone has vices, oh lighten up francis, etc... and when it tells me this it's my job to override these alluring ideas with a willingness to be uncomfortable, a willingness to endure what feels like torture of withdrawal from the substance and nasty self-berating thoughts like, what makes you think this time is gonna be different? you aren't self-disciplined enough to do this anyway, at least not for very long, plus you're way to lazy to pull all this off... etc...

so I'm here this morning trying to override those thoughts. bring the body and the mind will follow. well, I just hope it hurries up! ok, so now with all that out in the open,,, I'm going to go fix a good breakfast & will report back.


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thanks! made it through day one, at least so far...

not best day of food, but all compliment.

3 eggs

plantain chips


2 C Coffee w coconut milk


ground beef w onions & greens


curry coconut ground beef with spinach & tomatoes <== delicious!!' & I used 2 lbs of ground beef, so lots of leftovers,,, which I put into individual containers yuuuummmmm!

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Keep on!

A (not exactly inspirational) concept I like is that insanity is when one does the same thing but expects different results...

I bring this up just because I'm wondering if there is the same hurdle that you are hitting every time and perhaps a different way to approach it?

Your analogies to smoking and drinking were right on, and well done to you! You can do this too!

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checking back in to say hello! Was off the wagon for a few days and then one day last week woke up realizing that for whatever reason I felt like I was sabotaging my efforts with all the logging of food. I was miserable and feeling like I had to do it perfectly etc. (even though I knew I didn't). I was on a crazy merry-go-round.

I'm hoping that maybe in a few months I'll be ready to do an official whole 30... meanwhile I'm still eating paleo, 99% whole30 worthy, but I'm just not logging my food and counting my days. I'm concentrating on it as a lifestyle choice more than anything. I'm looking forward to the days when I'm ready to dial it in a bit and do an official whole 30 (which I almost signed in today and declared since I'm on day 5,,, though still trying NOT to count my days, oy!)...

I've been listening to some really cool paleo podcasts and still reading lots of blogs & books and recipe site & such for support. and will definitely be in other forums here as well.

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