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brain fog after lunch

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Can you all help me decipher my body's message of headachy brain fog after this Whole30 lunch? I feel like I just ate a foot-long white bread sandwich.

1 cup butternut squash soup (squash, coconut milk)
1.5-2 cups spinach
~ 1 T walnuts
~ 3 T red pepper
3 "Oven Fried Salmon Cakes" (salmon, sweet potato, almond meal, egg, spices)
1 T Tessemae's Lemon Chesapeake dressing

Is it just too many carbs? (I usually don't try to have 2 starchy veg in one meal.)

Due to the fat in the soup and the dressing it was actually too much food and I should have stopped... but those salmon cakes were SO good. Is there an over-full brain fog?

A sensitivity to something else? I have no accompanying digestive issues.


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No, but I did have about 60 oz yesterday along with an iced coffee and a La Croix. I'm really trying to bump it up now that I'm exercising.


Hmm.. do you think more water could have abated whatever glucose response I had?

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If you're not getting enough water it can interfere with a number of systems, adding coffee can sometimes make it worse if you're already a little dehydrated.


Your body needs water to be able to process food and for various liver functions (this is why sometimes you can feel really crappy with a bad hangover as your liver is working overtime without enough water).


If there's too much sugar in your blood, the first thing the body tries to do is dump it via going to the bathroom, but it can't do this if it's short on water.

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