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PopQuizKid's Bike (Post-W30 Log)

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Hi, everyone. I'm not coming right off a Whole30, but I've done several over the past few years (most recent was January 2016), and I'm still at war with the sugar dragon. I'm starting a food journal, based on Melissa Hartwig's recommendations here:


I've been doing this in Evernote for about a week now, but I figured it'd be more fun if I could interact (and in many cases commiserate) with others in this process. I'd love some support as I continue to practice "riding my own bike" and keeping the sugar beast tamed. I don't have anyone in "real life" who's into the W30-inspired life like I am. (If you happen to live in Starkville, MS, and read this: PLEASE, LET'S BE FRIENDS! Also, HAIL STATE.)


I eat mostly paleo/Whole30, but lately I'm including some GF grains and sometimes use honey or maple syrup or coconut sugar to sweeten sauces. Also, since I don't have any food sensitivities, I like to relax when I eat out. Gluten, cheese, the works - it's all game that once a week or less that I eat out!


I'm slowly discovering that I just can't do any sweets. (Fruit is OK.) My parents surprised me with a birthday cake on my birthday a few days ago (the nerve of them! Like they don't even know me! that's another post for another time...).  Yesterday morning I had to throw the remains of that cake out. I just CAN'T NOT eat it. And it sucks. Cake, brownies, cookies, chocolate, etc. are GOOD. I want to be able to eat one small piece of my cake per day until it's gone or gets stale. But I can't without several more pieces following, resulting in a very depressed, lethargic, cranky, sugar-crashed Me. No more!!!


(I'll post my meals for today later on...)

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Didn't mention I also include some dairy. Good quality local butter, and occasionally have good local heavy cream in my coffee. (But usually it's Thai Kitchen coconut milk.)

I never eat cheese or drink milk at home - just have them the rare occasion that I get a latte from a coffeeshop or eat out & order something that includes cheese.

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Tuesday 3/29/16


Met my sleep goal but was still really tired when I woke up this morning.

Breakfast was 3 small eggs, 2 pieces of bacon and about 2 cups of sauteed kale with lemon juice. I sipped my 1.5-ish cups of coffee with coconut milk throughout the morning (as I do every morning).


Lunch break was BUSY so I grabbed a beach club "unwitch" from Jimmy John's. (Turkey, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado spread, mayo in a lettuce wrap)


Usually in the afternoons I will have decaf coffee with coconut milk, or hot tea. (I like Yogi Refreshing Mint Vital Energy the best.) But I had neither this afternoon. Haven't felt tired much since I slept well last night. 


I'm often plagued by thick post-nasal drip, and it's bothering me a lot this afternoon.


Dinner was tacos with coconut flour tortillas, carnitas, pineapple, cilantro, and avocado. With a La Croix. (I typically drink one of those every evening.) After a quick run to the grocery store, I sliced up a banana and sauteed it with butter and sunrise spice (blend recipe from Well Fed 2). Kind of regret that because I ended up eating it kind of late (around 9:15-30) and had trouble making myself get away from the screens and into bed until after 10. But it DIDN'T set off a sugar binge, so that's good. 


I'm going to keep CAUTIOUSLY testing what I can get away with as far as sweet treats go. I know most fresh fruit is OK, and I know sauteed banana is OK. (Or it was this time.)
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OK, so this weekend was a little crazy. My grandmother passed away Thursday afternoon, so I've been with family a lot, and I'm not sure if this a southern thing, or everywhere-else-too thing, but where I live, friends, church members, etc. bring over food for the family. So I ate a lot of that, but did try to eat a lot of vegetables. (Veggies in canned-stuff-casserole-format are better than no veg at all, right?)


I knew I wouldn't be eating many meals this weekend that were even close to W30, but I had a goal of no sweets. Well, after seeing the dessert spread served after Grandma's funeral Friday night I dropped that goal. I had a tiny serving of each item I wanted to try, then ate another bigger serving of what I liked the best (bread pudding!) but THEN, someone brought out a chocolate pie that had been "hiding" in the fridge, so I had a sliver of that too. 


My one victory that night was that after all that dessert, I went into "automatic pilot" and grabbed a cookie. I realized what was happening, and I did taste it, realized it was just premade Pilsbury crap, and dropped the rest of the cookie in the trash. 


Sat night I planned for another treat: a bottle of red wine and a Theo chocolate bar. I enjoyed myself with those items very much throughout the night, but...when the Theo was gone, I went in my kid's Easter candy. :( (I know this was made worse by the alcohol.)


Won't go into Sunday, but it was similar. I'm learning that I love to eat sweets late at night, and it always results in me having zero appetite for breakfast. So I don't eat it (or eat very little) which equals me being CRAZY HUNGRY later, which I imagine probably exacerbates cravings. Vicious cycle.

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It's feeling so good to be back!




Once again, I woke up not hungry at all. I did eat a banana.
Went home for lunch and pan fried some chicken thighs. Chopped one up into my zucchini soup for lunch, also had an apple. Had iced CAFFEINATED coffee (with coconut milk, of course) this afternoon because was out late for a concert Sunday night. I was running on so little sleep that it didn't affect my ability to fall asleep around 10.
Supper was some ground beef on a baked sweet potato with butter, and a salad with homemade ranch. And a La Croix. No fresh fruit left so no dessert! Was pretty busy last night so didn't even think about it.
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Decided to experiment with tracking my macros today. Did the IIFYM calculator and I feel like it wants me to eat an insanely small amount of calories. I ate half of what it thinks I need just for breakfast. Yikes.


Breakfast was 2 fried eggs, plus I took some sliced steak from Scott's leftover sandwich from a restaurant and had that with some sauerkraut, plus a small bowl of zucchini soup.


Lunch was a mason jar salad after a run. Lettuce, carrot, chicken thigh, homemade ranch, avocado. (I'm already 9 grams of fat in the red on my macros. Oh well! :)


A work friend gave me a Hatchery box she didn't want today. (It's like Birchbox but with artisanal food samples.) It had a packet of peanut butter in it with cane sugar & honey (other than that, pretty clean) that I ate maybe a tbsp of. It was very good but I was able to put the rest of the packet away and I'm not really craving more.


I did eat the rest of the peanut butter while I was cooking dinner. Maybe it wasn't the best idea!


Shared some dried strawberries with H after dinner. I felt like the brakes were easy to apply with those. :)

See below for my dinner.... I didn't add the sauce I made of coconut aminos, fish sauce, white wine vinegar, and a dab of honey. Apparently I like fat a lot! :)



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Breakfast: bowl of zucchini soup, 3 small eggs scrambled in butter. Coffee w/ CM.


Lunch: Trying my new lunch Crock pot for a working lunch today. It was really cool and my coworkers were impressed. :) Mix of ground beef, sauteed kale, mashed sweet potato. Afterward, went home to tend to the dog and had a La Croix.


Supper: After a hard workout, I had a HUGE salad with chicken thigh, carrot, radishes, and homemade ranch mixed with a little bit of jalapeno hot sauce (from my friend's Hatchery box - had some vegetable oil in it but mostly clean).




I'm feeling like I would really rather not do pre-workout meals. If I'm a little hungry, I feel better if I eat an apple or something like that before a workout, but forcing protein and fat into a non-hungry body does NOT work for me, in spite of the W30 recs. I ate a bit of chicken and mayo before a workout once and felt really nauseous the whole time. Might have to do things my own way for workouts. 

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Breakfast: 3 fried eggs, finished up the last of the zucchini soup. Coffee w/ coconut milk, vanilla extract, and cinnamon.


Pre-workout snack (because I was legit hungry): Epic bar

Lunch: salad with chicken thigh, radishes, homemade dressing of mayo, hot sauce, and coconut milk

Had an afternoon iced decaf coffee with CM & vanilla.


Supper: chocolate chili - I added a lot of butternut squash and a small amount of black beans. Served with avocado. I ate too much because I ended up finishing my daughter's helping. I felt pretty full but not bad.


I felt tired all evening, but once I lied down in bed, I felt kind of wired. Took a while to turn my brain off.

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I want to interrupt my meal logs to mention a new "experiment" I'm doing.


I'm a huge social media junkie. But this past Sunday night, because I went out of town and missed the season finale of The Walking Dead, I avoided all social media that night and all day Monday until I could watch it that night. It was so refreshing to not be glued to my phone at every red light and every second of downtime, and be so less distracted at work, that I've decided to keep going. My goal is to keep it up for the remainder of April.


I'm not banning myself from social media 100% - just the feeds. I still check notifications and post photos via Instagram, or share articles. But I do those things much less. (I deleted all SM apps but Instagram from my phone.) And no more minutiae from my daily life or random thoughts/opinions that pop into my head. (I have scrolled through Instagram a little, but not much, and I don't feel like it's as bad of a time-suck.)


So that is going really well so far, and I'm getting a lot more done at home, and doing a little better at work. (I find myself wondering to this site MUCH more often though - will have to rein that in!)

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Today: so far, so good... Had a breakfast salad with 3 eggs, and leftover chili for lunch, a few freeze-dried strawberries afterward. (I had a working lunch so I brought those to share with people.)


But, I just bought a small container of chocolate-covered almonds my coworker is selling for charity. Not sure why. They've been in our break room for a long time now, and I've resisted them so far. But I saw them today and thought maybe I could treat myself with them tonight, or tomorrow night, because Weekend. (The Weekend Bug strikes again! Grrr...)


Maybe I will just hide them in the pantry and hope I forget about them...At least I know better than to eat them here at my desk. NO THANKS to trying to work through a sugar crash.

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Here's how the rest of Friday went down:


Busy evening, so for dinner I picked up chicken tikka masala from an Indian restaurant. It was really good but definitely made me feel bloated and just felt weird in my stomach. I did eat the chocolate almonds later that night (after grocery shopping).

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Saturday morning breakfast was leftover rice from my Indian food sauteed with a chopped chicken thigh and an egg. Then I had an obstacle race, which I did pretty well at (for me!).


We went shopping out of town afterward and had lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse. I got steak frites and roasted carrots, also had a piece of bread & butter (which may have been margarine). I was very tired after that meal so I got a plain iced cappuccino at a coffee shop.


Did yard work later that afternoon and evening. Didn't feel hungry at all until about 9PM, ate the last of the chocolate chili for supper.




Cooked bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Wasn't hungry from eating supper so late Sat, but ate a good bit anyway because no one else wanted the eggs. :( Went to church, afterward, had a salad, and I'm blanking on what the protein on that salad was.

We spent all afternoon working in the yard; I planted my flower bed. It was really depressing discovering just how hard that work is. I'm a healthy 33-yr-old woman who works out several times a week and eats *mostly* right. Why was planting a few flowers completely exhausting to me? (Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't done an obstacle race the previous day? Grr, I just wanna be superwoman!)

We had burgers, fries, and milkshakes delivered for dinner. There just wasn't time (or energy!) to cook if I wanted to finish my garden project du jour. After all that work I have to say it was one of the most satisfying meals of my life!




My daughter didn't seem to feel well all day Sunday and didn't sleep well so I kept us home Monday. I also still felt completely zapped of my energy from all the gardening of Sunday.

I'm learning days like this are a big "trigger" for me. I have the utmost respect for stay-at-home-moms - for some reason, when I'm home alone with my child all day, I feel depressed, lethargic, and tired. Definitely felt those things full force this day.

I sauteed some chicken apple sausages and steamed frozen broccoli to eat for lunch. I went to the bathroom while those were cooking, got to looking at my phone, and FORGOT I was cooking. Luckily, husband was home for lunch and came to get me. :/

I napped REALLY hard early in the afternoon when she did, and woke up feeling extremely groggy and defeated. I ate a lot of sugary junk, and even worse my kid joined in. (She only eat a few pieces of candy.) I was able to put the brakes on before I got too sickly-feeling, and dinner was better. Roast beef from the Crockpot, and I roasted some radishes and beets.

Later that night I put together a litter box enclosure I'd been putting off. And I figured it'd be hard to sleep due to my nap, but I fell asleep OK around 10. 

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Tuesday - back at work! So glad to get back in my normal routine!


I haven't felt good all day. Stabbing pains in the left back side of my neck, mild headache.


Breakfast was 1 fried egg, 1 link of TJ's chicken apple sausage, a spoonful of kraut, and leftover sauteed radish greens.


Lunch was leftovers, stopped by the grocery store on the way home and was tempted by a small package of locally made sweet potato fudge. It was 3 small pieces, each a different flavor. I bought it with the intent to share it with my daughter, but she ended up not interested.


After supper (burger, veggies) I tasted all 3 flavors of fudge first, then ate all of one. I tasted the other 2 again, then decided they weren't worth it and threw them IN THE TRASH.  Big victory not only in dragon-taming, but I also hate "wasting" food. I was raised to clean my plate every meal, but since Whole30 entered/took over my life, I'm learning that eating food your body doesn't need (and that you don't REALLY enjoy) is just as wasteful as throwing it in the trash.


Later I struggled with the craving to go make a paleo mug cake...but I prevailed.

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I'm going to start keeping my updates much more brief, because I'm spending way too much of my time writing down everything I eat, and I don't think it's necessary. I'm going to change things up and try just updating with cravings, symptoms, and tales of nutritional off-roading and their consequences.

That being said, I have an off-roading adventure to share today:


Today some coworkers and I went to a "lunch-and-learn" training event. (I work at a university.) I'd been to these things before and the food served is usually an easy-to-navigate smorgasbord of salad, veggies, and protein that I can make work for my day-to-day goals (albeit I doubt any of it would pass for a Whole30).


Today, however, the only protein was buried inside lasagna. I filled up my plate with salad and green beans, and just took a half-portion of lasagna. (I resisted the chocolate cake!!!)


A pitcher each of tea and water was on our table, and no one was sure if the tea was sweet or unsweet. (I live in the South, y'all.) We decided most likely unsweet, since there was a dish of various sweetener packets on the table. I poured a glass, tasted, and almost fell out of my chair from the syrupy, cloying sugar in that tea. It was HEAVILY sweetened, but not so much it was undrinkable - but I got another glass anyway, and poured water. 


I could get disowned by my fellow southerners for admitting it, but sweet tea is not worth it for me. :)


I haven't felt any ill effects from the lasagna. Tummy feels puffy but it feels that way a lot anyway. And I don't feel like I got very full - prob due to insufficient protein. I have an Epic bar in my purse in case I need it. :)

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Well the damn Dragon got fed.

I went grocery shopping after work but before supper (first mistake!). I looked at the clearance sale carts and the ice cream aisle (second mistake!). Decided to get a few same items to treat myself this weekend, since I'm planning to do 30 days no sweets starting Monday. (This is something my husband came up with; he's doing 30 days no smoking - each giving up our vices for that period.)

I ate the little Enjoy Life chocolate bar I got... then my kid had a small part of a Hershey bar left that my husband gave me to finish.

Thought I could force myself to stop at that, but about 45 minutes later started dipping spoonfuls of almond butter into Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips. Had several of those.

Feeling great now, but soon I'll "come down" and want more more more. Hope I can fight through it.

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Well I did go back for a couple more spoonfuls of almond butter/choc chips - then some with husband's Peter Pan peanut butter, because WHY NOT, I'm off the rails anyway. :/ I also ate a small amount of a pint of coconut milk ice cream I got. Then I made a cup of hot tea and got over it, forgave myself.


Got up an hour early this morning and did a little workout. (This is NOT something I do - I work out on my lunch breaks usually, sometimes in evenings.)


I know I bought myself these treats because of the NoSweets30 coming up Monday - I tend to do this before Whole30s as well. Adding this to my list of triggers.



  • Knowing I'm about to start an xx-day elimination
  • Sales (esp. on higher quality "healthy" junk foods - like coconut milk ice cream instead of regular)
  • Very physically hard days, e.g. working in the garden all day
  • Interruptions in routine, e.g. home sick w/ kid
  • The Weekend Effect
  • Alcohol impairment
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This weekend was kind of a sugary free-for-all. Most of the treats were paleo-ish: grain-free chocolate chip cookies, coconut butter, coconut milk ice cream... I think I felt worse eating these than I do regular gluteny junk food. (I probably ate the equivalent of six hundred almonds this weekend in the GF cookies alone - that can't be good for anyone.) This weekend I have had a lot of nausea, digestive upset, lethargy, and my sleep has been thrown off.


I would have eaten much less cookies - I doubled the recipe to take some to church, but ended up burning most of them so didn't want to take them. They all got eaten. :( I have to figure out how to plan for issues like this. (Could start by using a cooling rack whenever a recipe says to!)  :angry:


I think this is entirely to blame on the "knowing I'm about to start an elimination" Trigger (see above post). Today is Day One. Today won't be easy as I've only had an Epic Bar for breakfast (stayed up late & slept late). If I can make it to lunch we have TONS of food prepped at home due to having T-ball games the first 2 nights this week.

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Very pleased to report my sugar dragon did not wake up last night after yesterday's wheaty, ricey, cheesy, who-knows-what-elsey lunch. 


I did have a fruit smoothie which I shared with my daughter, but I made it more for her than me, and to use up the big stash of frozen fruit I've accumulated in the freezer. (And it was mostly berry so it didn't taste very sweet.)


Later that night I did snack on some coconut butter. Straight from the jar. I probably ate more than I should have (maybe 1/4 cup?) but I DIDN'T FINISH THE WHOLE JAR! (I probably left as much in the jar.) So I call that a win.

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Recap of this weekend, in gold stars and demerits

(Can you tell I'm a Happier podcast fan?)



Gold Stars

  • Ate pizza, BUT sacrificed getting my fave toppings to just share a large with my husband so I wouldn't have that much of it to eat.
  • Very busy day Saturday, so I stashed my purse with an apple, almonds, and Epic bar so I wouldn't have to eat junk.
  • Did eat a sweet (see below), but I chose an ice cream treat from my fave shop that was absolutely Worth It.
  • Not exactly a gold star, but I did learn... an evening of pizza, sweets, and chicken tenders make me feel very, very ill and sleep horribly.


  • I SHOULD have planned an actual lunch Saturday. I kept hunger at bay while out & about, but when I got home the leftover pizza (that I'd previously sworn off) was irresistible. Then later, frozen chicken nuggets. :/
  • I broke my 30-days-no-sweets thing, with my husband's support. (He convinced me I *deserved* a treat due to something we're going through. That argument never takes much twisting my arm.)
  • I made a paleo mug brownie several hours after my worth-it ice cream... the mug brownie was not so worth it.
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Nothing much to report about yesterday, thankfully...


I did toast some cashews to go in a curried salmon salad, and had some left, and - WHOA. Those little things get intensely sweet when toasted! They really pack a punch. I ate a few, but didn't go nuts (pun intended). :D

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I really thought I would do better this weekend. Weekends are BRUTAL to my health goals, fitness goals, productivity goals. I never accomplish half of what I want to, and I feel like choosing foods and drinks that make me sluggish are at least part of the reason.


Don't feel like spelling out every little unhealthy choice, but I am back on the Whole30 until Mother's Day weekend.


Anyone else out there struggle with weekends?

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A strange thing happened this morning. I almost forgot to make myself coffee! Usually it's the first thing I think of when I wake up, and I usually make it immediately after taking a shower.


But I woke up pretty alert this morning, and didn't even realize anything was missing until I'd already started eating breakfast :)


I have been gradually reducing the amount of caff coffee I drink, cutting it with decaf. I'm down to about half and half now. 


I have been staying "on the wagon" very well this week - I ate a few of my kid's McDonald's fries last night, but it was easy for me to just enjoy those few. I didn't want more.


Other than that, my eating has been mostly W30 - I've used a little sugar/maple in coffee and sauces here and there, but not much. I've had some local pastured milk.


Going well and hoping I don't fall flat on my face again this weekend! We are having a Mother's Day cookout at my uncle's (I always enjoy drinking beer with my cousins at this annual event) and I'm taking my mom and grandmother out on Sunday to eat - hoping those are the only times I venture off plan, and I don't want to by much.

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Typical weekend of way too many sweets! Don't know if it's the sugar, gluten, or something else, but eating this way makes me feel like a dull pencil. It always seems worth it until I wake up Monday morning slightly depressed with zero motivation.


I really want to start another Whole30 to nail down what foods are making me feel this way, but I have a vacation coming up in 2 weeks. But I'm DEFINITELY doing a Whole7 as of now, and not just in my head. :) Whole30 never works unless I tell someone I'm doing it, even if it's my apathetic (yet supportive) husband. :)

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