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Is Prilosec for heartburn allowed?

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Doctors orders trump Whole30 rules, but if you have non-compliant ingredients, this can affect your results, so if you can, you may want to speak with your pharmacist on ingredients and whether you have any other options available to you, if your medications aren't compliant.


Many medications come in varieties that are free of certain additives, but you may need a different brand or supplier and sometimes there are medications for which there is simply no compliant option, or a compliant version may be different in active ingredients in which case it might not be what your doctor wanted.


You may also want to review some of the existing posts on Prilosec and Zantac as there's quite a lot of content about them (lots of info on tapering and withdrawal & rebound effects).


Make sure your doctor is also aware of food changes, as some medications require dose adjustments.

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