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I DID IT! :)


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WOOHOO! I completed my first Whole30! I'm going to be honest.... I started this mainly for the reason of wanting to lose weight. What I gained from this is so much more than losing weight! Yes, I lost 11 pounds, HELL YES! But, even more importantly I was finally sleeping thru the night, I wasn't as moody, my cravings were gone, I was happy! I just felt amazing! Now, after reintroducing foods I've figured out that dairy and gluten are my problem. When I reintroduced each of them I felt sluggish, my tummy was rumbly, and I felt awful. Now, I know this is not just a 30 day cleanse. This is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. I'm so excited to get back to my good habits and continue experiencing and feeling all the benefits the Whole30 brought me. Of course, I'm a human being and obviously I will splurge from time to time, but now I'm able to decide what and when it it's going to be worth it to me to splurge. I'm so ecstatic I gave the Whole30 a shot because it truly has changed my life. THANK YOU WHOLE30. 

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