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Gosh this is a love hate relationship for sure!


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Hi all!

 First Whole30 and I'm technically on day 1 again. I was doing so well for the first week and a half and life struck and hubby and I had to drive down to say goodbye to my grandmother for a few days before she passed from kidney failure. Talk about life sucking. While we were visiting her, I never had a chance to tell my family what I was doing, and when I asked my dad to get something healthy when he did a food run, he brought me a healthy "Kobe" burger with low fat cheese on wheat bread. I just scrapped off the cheese and ate the meat (which was probably soaked in fat), and said no thank you to all the fries. I was so proud of myself, but I knew it wasn't compliant. On the way back home, we stopped off at a friends BBQ, but unannounced to me, this was a $400 filet Mignon and french fries side bbq. no salads, no veggies, nothing.... We had been traveling all day and I was starving, and believe it or not there were so many people there the $400 filet barely fed everyone the first time around, so I had a few french fries defeated from starvation. I came home and made my chia seed pudding with almond milk , coconut milk, and unsweetened coconut with mango. Thought I was compliant because the Whole 30 book showed Chia Seeds as "Yes". Just realized that it is apparently super fatty and I should have a small amount each day. I'm probably eating 2 tablespoons right now because that was what I brought as my snack and I'm hungry, so I'll throw the rest out tomorrow. I just thought chia seed pudding as a snack, since I'm not a pudding person and I just like how I can throw it all together overnight and be good for the morning, but you live and you learn!


Side note, when I was 100% compliant, I feel amazing. I'm sleeping better, waking up without having to snooze my alarm, and since I've been exercising I haven't had too many negative side affects. Just discovered this forum and think its fantastic. I'm going to be stalking many threads here from now on!


Hoping I got all the kinks fixed and have everything ready (hopefully) for a 100% compliant day tomorrow! I'm wishing I can weigh myself just to see if anything else is changing since I'm seeing a personal trainer 2x a week but my husband hid the scale from me just like I asked. And he didn't hide it in his normal spot, so I just gave up :)

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You know what? It sounds like you did the best you could with less than ideal circumstances all the way around. If I were you, I'd not think of it as a start over, but  instead as simply keeping going and adding an additional week and a half before reintro to be sure the remnants of cheese on that burger patty don't skew your results. More than likely you'll want to keep going after the 30 days because you'll be feeling so good anyway!


So, congrats on navigating troubled waters the best you could. You didn't do nearly as badly as you think. 


Oh, and hooray for hubs! Weighing at this point would be a seriously bad idea. Just carry on as if nothing happened and add on an additional however many days it has been since you started. You'll be golden.


Also, chia seeds are fine; chia pudding, however, is questionable, especially as a snack on its own. It looks too much like dessert and doesn't fit very well into the template. Your goal is to eat enough at each of three balanced template meals to not be hungry for snacks. That can take a little time and trouble shooting to figure out. So, if you absolutely need a snack in between meals, it should look like a mini version of a meal, complete with protein, veg, and fat.



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I feel you. It sounds like you did the best with what you had, outside of your own controlled environment, and did you best to stick with the template. I am also starting over.  For the second time, so you are in good compant.


I originally started last Monday, I was making oat bran (no for myself), and out of habit licked the spoon and promptly spit it out, I could probably talk myself out of this being a slip up, but resigned myself to add three days. All is well, and things were going good.Everything was going better than expected for the past week, still a bit tired, still figuring out meals, and last minute meals in particular, but overall great. Long story short, I accidently drank out of someone else's glass last night, thinking someone had gotten me water. It was diet soda. Definietly a slip, and a start over (and as far as slips go, there are a ton that I would prefer to diet soda).


So I am also on a repeat of day 1 today with you, so you are in good company.  I also just found these forums. quite fun.



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