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Facial tingling--unusual or common?

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I haven't been experiencing the time line of side effects so far, and least for the most part.

But today I did have some dizzy spells and tonight I'm having weird tingling and itchy feelings on my face. I see nothing on the surface though and my face isn't droopy. My speech is fine too. I don't have any food allergies.

I do have a come-and-go, extremely mild headache as well, but this face thing is bugging me.

Has anybody ever experienced this before during the Whole30?

I've never had this feeling before and I'm trying to convince myself it's part of the detox. I am on Day 5.

Thanks in advance!

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No, this is not really a 'normal' side effect of detox.

Do you notice the tingling getting worse when you eat certain foods?

Dizzy spells can be the result of low bloodpressure... sometimes when we remove all the packaged and processed food and neglect to salt our own cooked food we can inadvertently drop our bloodpressure significantly.

If you are concerned, please go to urgent care or your family doctor as no one here is a medical professional. (legal disclaimer)

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