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Arabis' not quite a Whole30 Log


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I did the August Whole30. Stayed compliant, wasn't hungry between meals, didn't have cravings… and didn't see any results. My sleep deteriorated, I didn't get the boundless energy and - worst of all, my clothes didn't get any looser! I didn't ask about troubleshooting at the time because I thought I just needed to be patient, and didn't want to fiddle too much.

After going through being massively disappointed, and falling thoroughly off the wagon during September it's time to get back on track. I'm not going to do a completely rigid Whole30 this time, though I intend to keep my meals Whole30 compliant (unless I specifically choose to off-road for a social occasion). However, I'd like to log on the forum for this iteration to help me keep accountable - and so that I can ask for comments on my food if needed. I do wonder if actually doing the Whole 30 caused some mental stress or something that stopped me seeing results and whether I'll relax more with a bit of leeway and start seeing the magic. Only time will tell.


I got interested in Paleo in Feb 2011 via Robb Wolf's 'The Paleo Solution'. Dived straight into the 30-day challenge and got great results within 2 weeks but derailed after a bit of a disaster with Natural Calm magnesium and have never quite got back to the sweet spot though I've stayed mostly on track with the paleo/primal nutrition. At the point I started the Whole30 I was keen to cut back on the sugary treats I'd allowed to creep in and also to figure out whether dairy was the cause of my snuffliness.

Starting point for my second Whole30ish:

- I already know that gluten is fine in small doses, but too much = bloating and discomfort. That's fine, I'm happy to keep it very occasional.

- I thought that ditching dairy didn't make a difference through my Whole30, my nose was still quite snuffly and reintroducing dairy didn't seem to change anything. A week of daily cappuccinos later and I changed my mind. It might not affect my nose, but my throat is a lot more clogged. So, I'm interested to see how fast ditching the dairy again clears up the throat.

- I'm working on my sleep. I've installed blackout blinds. They don't cut all the light, but it's definitely make my room darker. Following advice from Tamra Wysocki-Niimi I've started taking Natural Calm magnesium again and am gradually increasing the dose (up to 1.25 tsp at the moment) which seems to be going OK so far. I'm trying to get better at switching off the computer/tv an hour or two before bed.

Goals this time around:

- Obviously I'd like to experience the magic and be able to post a success story!

- Sort out the sleep

- Keep following the meal template, but also be a bit better at being mindful while eating part and stopping if full (or getting more food if needed).

- Go bouldering (indoor climbing without ropes) twice a week for an hour or so, plus 1 or 2 20min-ish kettlebell sessions at home (because they make me feel good).

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01 October - Take 2, Day 1...

Slept really badly on Sunday night. Always a great start to the week.


Sliced beef, blueberries, sm palm pecans, peppermint tea


Chicken, 1/2 sweet potato, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 bag salad

Pre-climbing snack:

1/2 Nakd bar (need to find something better) & small americano


Roast chicken, 1/2 sweet potato, brussels sprouts with lemon, decaff with coconut milk

I went climbing straight after work. Wasn't really in the mood but ended up having a really good session and finishing a few routes I'd been struggling with. Followed by a good stretch and home for food (thank goodness for re-heatable leftovers).

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Looks like you are off to a good start Arabis. I am also sort of doing a Whole30 from today (i.e.. will stay mostly compliant for October but may have a couple of deviations due to social events.

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Sleep: Much better than Sunday night, don't think I woke up at all.


Sliced beef, blueberries, small palm of pecans, peppermint tea


Roast chicken, Sweet potato, 1/2 avocado, brussels sprouts


Baked salmon with pecans & rosemary (from The Paleo Solution) with baked asparagus on a bed of spinach.


The other 1/2 Nakd bar at work, and a slice of beef when I got home

The salmon was really tasty - which is just as well since It'll be lunch and dinner tomorrow too.  Even my "I don't like fish" other half liked it.

After dinner I made broth from the last of the chicken and made another batch of Nom Nom Paleo's prosciutto-wrapped mini-frittatas. That should vary my breakfast a bit.

Exercise: rest day - except for 2 burpees because it's day 2 of the 'hundred days to 100 burpees' challenge. This will probably seem less of a good idea in a week or two.

Finished up with a decaff with coconut milk. Back for more of the same tomorrow.

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Day 3 is courtesy of Day Nurse*

Sleep: OK I think (yay) but partly due to taking a nightnurse tablet as I suddenly started feeling very coldy/sinusy before bed.  


Sliced beef, blueberries, sm palm macadamias, peppermint tea

Lunch :

Leftover salmon, spinach, cherry tomatoes 

Mug of chicken broth while dinner cooked


Baked sweet potato with ghee & salt, pan-fried chorizo, no green veg at all!

Decaff with coconut milk

Exercise: 3 burpees

Dinner was supposed to be salmon but bunged up sinuses are affecting my appetite & tastes. The chorizo wasn't entirely Whole30 friendly, but at least it stopped me going for chocolate.

* No, I didn't read the ingredients list. It has pseudoephedrine and that's all my sinuses need to know :)

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Day 7 - and let's just pretend the last few days didn't happen.  Having a cold/tummy bug combo means I've been eating mostly baked white spuds for the last day or so as it's all I could face.  Oh well.

Started getting back on track today and made Nom Nom Paleo's crockpot chicken & gravy for dinner, along with some roast parsnips & celeriac and steam sautéed kale.  I cooked plenty so no need to think about food prep for a couple more days, thank goodness.

Had to do days 7, 6, 5 and 4 of 100days/100burpees today due to missing the last few. Lucky it wasn't day 80 or something!  

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Sleep: pretty good for the last few days, and I actually slept well on a Sunday night.  I'm not sure how much of that is due to taking Night Nurse for the cold.  

Breakfast:  beef, raspberries, almonds, peppermint tea

Lunch : leftover chicken, gravy, kale, celeriac

Dinner: leftover chicken, gravy, kale, parsnips, celeriac

The cold has left me a bit dehydrated, so drank loads of rooibos chai during the day.

Exercise: 8 burpees. I hope to feel energetic enough for climbing again tomorrow.

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Day 9

Sleep: not so good - I didn't take Night Nurse and it took ages to drop off - not helped by other half getting the cold too and being snuffly. I think manflu is about to happen...

Breakfast: beef, blueberries, almonds, peppermint tea

Lunch: last of the chicken & gravy with kale and parsnips

Snack (after climbing): sweet potato bar*

Dinner: Steak, kale, 1/2 baked potato, cherry toms, a bit of grass fed butter on the kale/potato.

Exercise: 40mins bouldering, 9 burpees, 20mins stretching

Still a bit 'bleh' and lacking energy after this cold - but it was good to go climbing again, and I do think I'm bouncing back from this cold/bug much faster than usual.

* From Ashley Tudor 'Sweet Potato Power' book. Not Whole30 compliant due to honey but helpful for weaning other half onto less sugary post-climbing snacks. Going to make more when it's my turn to bring cakes to team coffee morning and see if anyone can guess the ingredients.

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Sleep: not too bad. Took one NightNurse tablet before bed.

Breakfast: sliced beef, blueberries, almonds, peppermint tea

Lunch: steak, celeriac, kale, cherry toms, tbsp ghee

Dinner: last of the steak, 1/2 baked potato with grass fed butter, strawberries

Oops: cheese straw

Exercise: 10 burpees - uh oh, double figures now. Better not miss any days from here on in.

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