Day 20 - Headache

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So I'm on Day 20...have done everything right..."no slip ups"..the past few days I've been waking up with excruciating headaches...no alcohol, and I feel like I have an intense hangover...can this be a part of "detox"???


Typical Menu for day has been:

2 eggs/ fresh spinach/ sweet potato


organic spring mix w/chicken or tuna



Olive Oil  & Balsamic


Protein Chicken or Fish



Olive Oil / Pink Salt


At least 64oz plain water

and at least 64 oz. tea black no sugar or cream


Any noticeable triggers I'm missing???

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Well it's hard to tell what your portion sizes are for meals 2 and 3 but it looks like you might not be eating enough. Eggs when they are your only source of protein should be at least as many as you can hold without dropping them in your hand. For most women that is 3-4.


Have you changed anything recently? Are your meals lasting you 4-5 hours? How is your sleep, stress, and activity?


Note: I've moved this to the troubleshooting section of the forum where it is likely to get more attention than here in the Join the Whole30 section.

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Just to add to what Physibeth has said above I'd wonder if you're salting your food?

Depending how different eating this way is from how you ate previously your sodium intake can have dropped by up to 75% so you need to be salting your food.


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