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My 1st Whole30. Starting April 4


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Right now I am in the planning stages of my first whole 30. I will start on Monday. I have made a meal plan for this upcoming week:

Baked Mustard Lime Chicken and Broccoli

Pork roast, plantain chips, avocado, and green beans

Aloo Gobi

Hearty Vegetable Soup


Unstuffed Cabbage


Tomorrow, I will be prepping for the week by:

- Making coconut lime energy bites

- Make mayo

- Make Ranch

- Make clarified butter

- Cook a package of bacon

- Boil eggs

- Chop celery, carrots and peppers 


Today I will be braving Superstore on no tax day to try to get all of the groceries I will need for the week.

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I tried to do my prep today, and I cut up a bunch of veggies. My husband and son ate them all already! Which is good :) It is going to be hard to keep up though haha.


I am a bit nervous to start tomorrow. Mostly for coffee, since I live off of that flavoured cream. And the no snacking! We will see but I think I am ready.

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Hello everyone! Nice to know so many others started today - I started today as well. Had a hiccup with my food pre when I realised my chicken had gone off after defrosting so I had to throw away everything!

Luckily I managed to salvage it and have day 1 under my belt and now properly prepped meals for breakfast and lunch during the week! Fingers crossed it keeps going.

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Sunday I cleaned out the pantry except for one shelf, which I left for my husband to snack on/eat.  I went shopping and planned out a bunch of meals. I am not great at that, as I am not a great cook, nor do I particularly like to cook.  Something else I need to work on for sure as I know I start out ok and then get lazy.  Being lazy is not an option when wanting to be successful at this!


So yesterday went pretty well. No big issues, just cravings for anything I am not supposed to eat. But when I really thought about it I realized I wasn't actually hungry so I pushed through it.  Made a good breakfast this morning, though feeling hungry in the pit of my stomach, but thinking I am not really hungry as I ate enough ... just need to focus on something else. 


Here is to everyone having a great day! 

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