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Thinking of starting Whole30!


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Hi everyone! :)

I am really wanting to try out whole30 but I'm a little nervous. I'm a chef and am around food all day every day. I am worried that I'm setting myself up for failure here. I have to taste test everything I make, and that is a very wide range of items. If there is anyone out there with a similar story or some tips to succeed I'm open to anything. I want to make a healthy change in my life and this program sounds like a good one. Please help me out! :) 


Shelby :)

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I know we've had chefs on the forum before, if you google whole30 forum chef you might find their old posts.

One thing I know they've done is, when they must taste something, they spit it out. Or have someone else you trust taste for you, if that's possible.

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