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Starting my first Whole30 today!


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I've been making homemade mayo forever so I've accumulated a lot of little tips about it. The main one for me is that eggs are different sizes! Even if you get regular grocery store large eggs, they can be anywhere from 57 to 64 grams in the shell*. And shells can be different thicknesses. Anyway, I always add 3/4 of the oil required and drizzle in the rest until I get the right consistency. I use farm eggs, so they are REALLY different sizes!


I've also recently heard that adding water basically makes it always work. I think the recipe in the book has some water, right? It's something like 1 tsp per egg. I haven't tried it yet but I've heard good things about it.


And yes, all seeds have phytic acid! I don't know if it's more in the seed coating or not. Hmmm...


*I'm not just nerdy and full of random facts, I help a neighboring egg farmer sort eggs into medium, large, etc cartons!

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* Slept much better last night. Fell asleep a lot quicker and said asleep through the night. Woke up feeling pretty refreshed.

* M1: 4 eggs scrambled topped with guac and salsa (I need to buy some peppers and other veggies to throw in there this week has just been so hectic I haven't had the time to do so)

* I've been doing pretty well without the caffeine, I'm down to about every other day now. I did have a pretty bad headache after I ate this morning so I got some coffee and it went away.

* I've been feeling like I'm going to pass out a lot lately. I'm wondering if it could be related to my blood pressure? It's been "normal" between 110-120/70-80. I'm wondering if it's dropping to low at certain points though. Maybe it's an electrolyte problem? If so, what can I do to correct that?

* M2: leftover shepherd's pie, and an apple. I didn't finish all of the shepherd's pie. I was feeling like I was going to pass out and I thought maybe it was because I was hungry. I was nauseous though so I didn't finish eating it. I ate the apple first because I thought maybe it was because my blood sugar was low? It was at 11:30 which is pretty early for me to feel hungry

* The feeling got worse and I ended up going home from work. I drank a lot of water and felt somewhat better a few hours later. This feeing has been lingering though and has been coming in waves.

* M3: the feeling started coming on strong again so I made myself eat dinner. I didn't have much energy to cook so I sliced some baby yellow and red potatoes and baked them in the oven, and had 3 scrambled eggs with some salsa and guac on top of the potatoes

* That was about an hour and a half ago and I feel better, but still not 100%

* Is this something I should post in a different forum?

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You are on blood pressure meds right? I'm on my phone and it's a pain to page back through threads...

I do think you should post in the trouble shooting s cation. Copy the last few days of meals to it and talk about the symptoms.

Good luck! Doesn't sound like much fun...

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Any chance you can visit your doctor again?  You're eating well and you've eliminated caffeine which has a substantial impact on the body.  Maybe it's time for your meds to change again?


Other than that - you have been my inspiration for the mindful eating thing and I think of you often.  It's getting easier. :)


Hope you sleep well and feel better tomorrow.

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* Slept so so last night, not great. Woke up with a terrible headache. Felt kind of sluggish as well. It took me a long time to fall asleep last night.

* M1:2 sunny side up eggs cooked in ghee. I wasn't hungry at all. I knew that I needed to eat something before work though. Ate the eggs and felt awful so I decided to stay home today and rest.

* Went back to bed and was able to fall asleep for another 3 hours. I think my body really needed that. I was having some really weird dreams as well.

* M2:chicken mixed with garlic aioli and mustard. Used a different mustard this time and my stomach didn't hurt afterwards so it must have been something in that other mustard.

* Felt pretty blah all day. Didn't have much of an appetite, not much energy. Went to the grocery store in the afternoon and got all stocked up for the week. Got lots of good produce and a list of new recipes to try this week.

* S1: Epic bison bites. I saw these at the grocery store and they were on sale so I picked up a few bags. These were pretty tasty

* M3: portobello mushroom bun burgers with caramelized onions topped with garlic aioli, and mustard. Side of roasted sweet potatoes. The burgers were really good. I liked the mushroom buns. I do still miss cheese, but this was a fine meal. Very full and filling.

* Also I didn't take my blood pressure medicine today and my BP was normal all day!

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* Slept better last night. Much better in fact. I woke up before my alarm went off and didn't feel sluggish. I fell asleep quicker than the past few days as well.

* M1: (6:15am) 3 scrambled eggs, cooked in avocado oil, with red onion, poblano peppers, and jalapeños, topped with salsa. I was really full by the end of it. I could barely make it through the entire plate.

* S1: (10:30am) Bison bites by Epic. These are really really tasty I wish they weren't so expensive though.

* M2: (12:15pm) had a left over burger (probably 6-7 oz) with the left over roasted sweet potatoes. Served with some garlic aioli. Feel satiated after eating.

* M3: (7:00pm) 3 no fuss salmon cakes w/ hollandaise sauce, and green bean, yellow wax bean, carrot medley. My hollandaise sauce came out a lot better than last time. It was creamy and good on both the salmon cakes and the veggies. Felt really full after eating.

* End of day 21 today!! Also, my BP was good again today sans meds, and my mood was pretty good too. Didn't have any energy slumps either. Maybe I've hit my tiger blood phase :)

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* Slept pretty well last night. I fell asleep quickly and slept through the night. When my alarm went off at 7 though I didn't get right out of bed, but that's okay.

* M1: (7:45am) left over burger with some garlic aioli, 2 eggs and 2 egg whites cooked with about 2 cups of red onion, poblano, and jalapeño. Topped with salsa. I ate about 2/3 of this for breakfast and then kept the rest for my post workout meal.

* I had my workout at 8:30. I'm definitely noticing improvements here. I have more energy and am able to get through the workouts pretty easily.

* PostWO: (9:40) the rest of my M1

* I was feeling a little slump after my workout but I think I just needed the food to settle to get an energy boost because now at 11 I feel pretty good again

* M2: (1:00pm) Smoked Salmon with 3 scrambled eggs cooked with onions and topped with salsa. Felt full afterwards.

* S1: (4:30pm) epic bites chicken meat. 1 serving. These are soooooo good.

* M3: (6:15) 3 no fuss salmon cakes topped with garlic aioli, some steamed cauliflower with parsley and garlic also served with some aioli, 1.5 servings of the chicken epic bites, and a few bites of an apple but it was mealy and not very good so I threw it away. I'm full now but I was starving when it came time to eat dinner. Given that I had a snack as well it's clear that my lunch wasn't enough. I'll be doing some prep tomorrow though so I'll have some leftovers lined up for the rest of the week!

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* Slept good last night. Only woke up once but fell right back asleep.

* M1: (9:00am) 3 scrambled eggs, onions, garlic, poblano, and jalapeños topped with salsa. Served with smoked salmon.

* S1: (12:00pm) epic bar (pork and pineapple) these are sooo good

* M2: (2:00pm) 5 chicken, spinach, garlic sausages served with garlic aioli. I didn't have any sides that I could make with it and the sausages weren't that big so I just had all of them. Full afterwards.

* M3: pork carnitas, with lemon oil cabbage salad from whole30 cook book. The carnitas were good but a little overcooked and dried out. The cabbage salad was kinda boring so we added some garlic aioli and basically made a cole slaw. It was really good!

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* Slept so so. There were loud thunderstorms so it woke me up and I had a hard time getting back to sleep.

* M1: (8:30am) 3 scrambled eggs with onion, garlic, poblano, jalapeño and a side of leftover carnitas topped with salsa.

* M2: (12:30pm) leftover carnitas and coleslaw. This was pretty filling. I really like the coleslaw.

* S1: (4:30pm) handful of roasted cashews. They didn't upset my stomach!

* M3: (6:30pm) sesame ginger rubbed tuna steak with sautéed asparagus and a garlic ghee sauce. So my taste buds are definitely changing. I used to be repulsed by asparagus. I hated the taste of it and it would make me gag. I went back for a second helping tonight :) I still wouldn't say that it is "omg delicious" but it's definitely tolerable and it helps knowing that it's good for me :)

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* Slept so so last night. I think I was just anxious because today was my last day as an undergrad and I had a bunch of stuff to do, but I finished, and am done now!

* M1: (7:45am) 3 scrambled eggs, onion, topped with avocado and salsa. Side of carnitas.

* M2: (2:00pm) carnitas and coleslaw

* M3: zoodles with chicken sausage, and pasta sauce.

* Not a whole lot to say today. Going to bed early to recharge, but yay for finishing school!

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* Slept pretty good last night. Was still a little tired when I woke up but once I got moving I felt energetic.

* M1: (7:30am) 3 eggs scrambled with jalapeño, poblano, onion, chorizo (loved this addition) and topped with salsa

* M2: (1:15pm) sesame ginger rubbed baked chicken thigh (2) with the remainder of the cole slaw. The thighs were really good especially mixed with the cole slaw.

* Also I haven't had coffee in over a week now! I've had some tea a few times, but no coffee is huge! I really do miss it though I may try to incorporate it later on down the road.

* M3: (6:45pm) 3 no fuss salmon cakes topped with garlic aioli served with cold Thai salad from Whole30 cookbook. The Thai salad was amazing! Definitely going to be making more of it!

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* Didn't sleep so well last night. I fell asleep okay, but I woke up around 4 because of a bad dream. Had a hard time falling asleep afterwards. Finally fell back asleep, but then had to wake up about an hour later for work. Also, I think I experienced sleep paralysis for he first time. It was terrifying haha

* M1: (6:15am) 3 scrambled eggs with chorizo and topped with salsa. Side of blueberries with cashews topped with hemp seeds. Iced tea. Very full afterwards. The meal was delicious!

* M2: (12:30pm) 2 chicken thighs rubbed with ginger and sesame, and the rest of the Thai salad. Very full.

* M3: (6:00pm) sweet potato and chicken hash from whole30 cookbook and a banana. I was feeling really hungry before I ate this, but after eating it I was very full!

* Tomorrow is day 28...where has the time gone!?!?

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* Didn't sleep so well last night. I went to a baseball game last night and it had just rained earlier that day and I think my allergies just went a little wild. I stopped taking my allergy medicine and this is the first time I've had any difficulties with it.

* M1: (6:15am) 3 eggs scrambled with chorizo, topped with salsa. Side of blueberries with cashews, and hemp seeds. Hot black tea. The blueberries with cashews and hemp seeds is so good!

* S1: (10:15am) I had some cashews as a mid morning snack.

* M2: (12:00pm) leftover sweet potato chicken hash. I like this dish, it's a bit sweet though. May try to make it more savory next time by adding chicken broth instead of apple cider

* S2: (4:30pm) turkey almond cranberry epic bar. So I'm noticing that on the weekends when I have to work at 7am I start to crash around 4 or so and feel really bleh like my blood sugar is low or something. I think I need to be eating more these days.

* M3: (8:30pm) shepherd's pie with a side of cumin roasted carrots with garlic aioli. Did a lot of prep work for this week so I'll have veggies and stuff already sliced up!

* Day 28 complete!

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* Slept better last night but still not great. Woke up a few times but was able to fall back asleep right away.

* PreWO: a banana and a handful of cashews

* My workout didn't go quite as planned this morning. My workout class is done but I still had to go up to school to check on the rat lab so I figured I would just workout while I was up there. I had wanted to get into the gym and do some weights as well but it was on a different schedule because it's finals week so I decided I would run around the indoor track for a bit. My plan was to do 25 min. I started off good I was able to run two full laps without stopping at all then I walked a quarter of a lap and ran the rest of it. I then started having an asthma flare up. I think the combination of running/my allergies being bad the last few days made it bad. So I was only able to go about 10 min before stopping.

* PostWO/M1: 2 whole eggs and 3 egg yolks (yolks from egg white last night in shepherd's pie) scrambled with onion, garlic, green pepper, red pepper, jalapeño, poblano pepper served with 2 no fuss salmon cakes

* M2: homemade coleslaw and 1 salmon cake. Lamb/currant epic bar.

* M3: shepherd's pie. This recipe is still so good. I haven't gotten tired of it at all.

* Day 29 complete!

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Wow!  You are almost done with the whole 30 days!!  I'm rather sad that you might end and go off to the Post Whole30 blog.  Congratulations on your last day as an undergrad!  And on all your cooking.  As I was reading through, your meals sound so tasty and impressive - cumin roasted carrots and homemade coleslaw and hemp seeds with berries and cashews :) It's been a really good month it seems.   Allergies are lousy.  I've been reading some reports of cities where they are having huge flare ups in allergies due to dry spring weather.  So far, we're still frozen where I am so I'm not hit by it, but I sure can sympathize and I don't miss it.  We did really like the shepherd's pie, but I think I was a little overzealous with the garlic so I'll have to try it again using some moderation.  Hope your day goes well.

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* Slept okay last night. I took a Benadryl when I got home last night because my allergies were really bad. The Benadryl made me feel really weird. I wonder if it was because I haven't taken anything in a while and my body just wasn't used to it

* M1: 3 scrambled eggs cooked in avocado oil with onion, garlic, red pepper, poblano, jalapeño, and chorizo. Topped with salsa.

* M2: left over shepherd's pie

* M3: bone in pork chop recipe from whole30 cookbook but roasted carrots instead of frize

* Day 30 complete!!!

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Thanks everyone! It's a bit surreal that I actually did it! I'm going to keep using this log during my reintroduction phase and then we'll see what happens after. I may decide to sign right back up for another one!

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* Wow I can't believe that my whole30 is complete! What an amazing journey it has been. I slept pretty well last night and had quite a bit of energy this morning despite waking up at 5:55. I decided to weigh myself since my whole30 was complete I lost about 11 pounds! That's great for one month! For some reason my scale wouldn't measure it my body fat % it actually registered me as a guest so it's possible that my body fat % dropped quite a bit too. I didn't take any measurements prior to starting but my clothes definitely are looser. I also got a haircut and beard trim yesterday and my face looks so much slimmer than it has in a long time! I hardly recognized myself. So now for the reintroduction phase....

* M1: 3 scrambled eggs, red pepper, green pepper, poblano, jalapeño, onion, garlic, cooked in olive oil topped with salsa. Served with smoked salmon, and a banana with about 2 tbsp of all natural peanut butter (it did have palm fruit oil in it, which I don't think is ideal)

* The peanut butter didn't taste as good as I remembered it tasting. About an hour or so after eating it my stomach felt a little unsettled but nothing crazy.

* As of about noon my stomach feels okay. Didn't really get too upset by the PB. Energy feels good today so far!

* M2: leftover shepherd's pie

* S1: chicken sesame epic bar

* So I got my scale to work and according to the app I lost 4% body fat in the past day which equates to about 15lbs of fat, and gained about 4 lbs of lean muscle!

* M3: ground beef cooked with onions and seasoned with chili powder, paprika, garlic, and salt. Served with black beans and guac and a side of cole slaw. This was really really filling and I didn't even come close to finishing it. I feel kinda bloated after eating the beans. Not crampy but just bloated. We'll see how I feel in a few hours though

* So it's been almost two hours. I don't feel horrible but I don't feel great either. I feel still super full and bloated and gassy. I also feel kinda tired but that could just be because I'm tired from waking up early. I didn't really miss beans while I was on the whole30 so if I don't include them as part of my diet going forward I won't be too let down

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