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Going strong and loving it!

Barb Meahan

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This is day 7 for hubby and I and we are doing great!

We love this way of eating and no coffee! That is a biggie for us!

We both have more energy and feel better and our clothes are already fitting looser..

I read some that have no energy and don't feel well and I guess it affects everyone different, but so far we are doing good..

Now our problem is we are going "potty" enough...not a great subject but just wondering if anyone else is having this problem?

We are drinking decaf hot tea in the mornings and I have started using some benifiber in it to see if this helps..

So any ideas please let me know or if this is natural for a while?



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We have had mostly omelette' with 2 eggs and sausage in it and a fruit like strawberries for breakfast.

Yesterday we had Italian chicken from crockpot for lunch with roasted Brussels and a baked potato, both from the night before.

Last night we had a piece of salmon with an avocado salas and fresh green beans for dinner

We have had either a banana or a couple of tangerines for snacks..

A couple nights ago I made turkey burgers and we had baked sweet potatoes for dinner and lunch next day..

I always try to make enough from dinner for lunch, so I don't have to worry with lunch and we eat a couple fruits a day..

We both drink lots of water, our cups are 28 oz and we refill at least 5 times a day.

Portion sizes for me are 4 oz of meat and I would say a couples of cups of vegs and my hubby gets 4-6 oz meat with 2-3 cups of vegs.

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It looks like the only non starchy veggies you're eating are an unknown amount of green beans and Brussels sprouts... do I read that right?

Starchy carbs are necessary, but the 1-3 cups of veggies is asking for starchy and non starchy... the non starchy ones are the fibre that helps keep things moving.

Take another look at the template and try and make your meals match that. Some of your meals are missing fat, some are missing veggies entirely and if you need to snack on fruit, then that indicates that you are not eating enough at each meal.

We don't weigh food on the Whole30, we use our own palms as portion sizes so I"m not sure what 4 oz is, relative to your palm.

My suspcicion is that you're not 'going' because you're not eating enough... your output is directly related to your input...

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Ok so I looked up the starchy and non starchy vegs and made a list..I had no idea of which were which really..

So if we don't measure then we just eyeball 1-3 cups I am guessing?

And when you say our palm for meat size is that the depth of our Palm also and doesn't have to be exact I assume..

Just trying to make sure we are doing the amounts right and I will start making sure we have one of each of these vegs at a meal..

I do use olive oil to cook the meat and make our oil and vinegar salad dressing so there is our fat..

Doesn't avocado count as fat also?

Sorry for all the questions but I just need a little help cause we both are having problems going potty...☺️

Thank you,


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Eyeballing the cups of veggies and the palm size is correct yes.  Your palm size is the lengthxwidthxthickness... make sure if your hubby is bigger than you and you're dishing up that you're using HIS palm size for his meal.


You should be adding fat aside from the olive oil to cook meat.  Also, unless you're really drowning your salad, you don't get near 1-2 thumbs of fat in the dressing... so adding olives, avocado (yes, a fat), mayo, bacon etc... all good ways to add extra fat.

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