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My wife and I are giving this a shot!


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Hi all,


This is exciting! My name is Ben, and I'm giving the Whole30 a go. I made it about halfway through a couple years ago and ever since have been moderately following the ketogenic lifestyle with some success. That being said, I've still got a ways to go, and I've got a couple of newfound reasons for really grabbing the bull by the horns. Despite having about an extra 25-30 pounds to get rid of, I'm fairly active, enjoying hiking, cycling, martial arts, and moderate weight lifting. I recently discovered that I have a slight meniscus tear in my right knee, motivating me to really work to get that extra weight off and cut down on the inflammation, and, as a former competitive power lifter, I've got some healing to be had in the shoulders and elbow as well.


My lovely wife has elected to join me on this journey, which is a big deal for me. She's probably not even to be classified as overweight, but she's been struggling with headaches for several years now, and we're hoping that this will help. Beyond that, she's really just here for supporting me; truth be told, she's going to have to see this for herself to really believe in it. But we're going to give it a shot!


I'll get some photos up here soon. Having read through the program a few times, I understand I need to hop on a scale today and not again for 30 days, so I'll be sure to record that as well. Hopefully it gives me a 3-digit number and not a "One at a time, please." haha


More soon. Looking forward to it! Already off to a great start.



Ben and Julia

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Best of luck! My Hubby and I also are doing this together and we started on 3/21. We are just about half way complete after bed time tonight and both are feeling great, considerably less bloated and my chronic headaches and allergy symptoms are gone. Literally gone. I haven't taken my daily allergy pill since day 2 and have zero increased symptoms... Best of luck and this time, go the Whole 30!! You are worth it!



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Thanks Denae! So far so good. Gotta get used to this butter clarification process. Pretty cool.


Very cool to hear about the progress you're seeing. I'm really hoping that this helps clear up my wife's headaches. Poor thing. I appreciate the support and letting me know how you're doing!



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