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Possible Mayo Tip

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I have had a 50/50 success rate with mayo during the past 29 days. Tried all the tricks in the book. Even the one where you can rescued a failed mayo and that only sometimes works.

I read the other day that aioli is basically mayo with garlic instead of egg. So last night when my two yolk mayo failed, I threw in a couple of cloves of garlic. (I didn't feel like starting over or saving it the traditional way. )

To my surprise it actually worked! Garlic might be able to save your mayo too! I don't have exact measurements for the other ingredients because before I got to the point of throwing in garlic I had already attempted increasing the lemon juice and mustard powder.

Your results may vary! But the just of what I did was stick blender in a cup with two yolks, mustard powder, lemon juice, salt, two cloves garlic and avocado oil.

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