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R2D0 - Challenge Accepted!


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I did a Whole30 in October 2014 and had a great experience. Over a year later bad habits settled back in and I've been meaning to start another round. Last night I had a dream that I was having a breakdown at the gym. I scratched at my arms, legs and stomach, hysterically sobbing "get this off of me!" The "this" being body fat. Not that I was waiting for anything before starting round 2, but I think this dream is a pretty clear 'sign', if you believe in that sort of thing. Although the dream points out that I am having some body issues, I think this is really a mindset problem.


I realize that the Whole30 is not about weight loss but about food choices. During my first Whole30 I did not exercise and I still made huge progress health wise. Since then I've gotten my gym routine on point. I'm hoping that by reintroducing healthy eating habits I will not only conquer this pent up negativity but reestablish a feeling of control over my life, clear up a few minor health issues and work my way into the best shape of my life.


Last round I did 30 successful days, this time I want to continue through to 12 weeks. Challenge Accepted!


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