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Starting 9 April with ambitious goals


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So! Here I go.

Starting my whole30 this Saturday 9 April.

I can't wait, as this is long overdue! But I'm also nervous.


I have dealt with strict rules around nutrition in the past (way back when I was doing bodybuilding, and also a few years ago when I often had to lose weight quickly for weightlifting competitions).

But 5 months ago I got fed up with my gym. My regular visits to the gym that used to be the most fun part of my day became stressful. And I quit. I haven't been able to find a good gym since, and I've noticed myself getting lazier and lazier. I've had enough of it. I don't see myself getting back into competition mode, but I need exercise, I really do. So I'm joining a gym across the road this week, as part of my challenge. It doesn't matter what gym it is, any gym will do, I just need to get moving. I don't want to just cleanse my body, I want to cleanse my mind too. I'm not happy about where my life is going, specifically my job. I need to find out what I really want to do. So I'm also starting a meditation course next week.


What do I aim to achieve?

I want to get rid of my increased body fat, that accumulated since I quit the gym, and build some muscle mass that I lost back up again.

I want to get rid of my bloatedness, dark circles, restless legs, tense muscles (computer related work, ugh).

I want to stop being someone who feels tired all the time and who doesn't recognise herself in the mirror!!!

I want to like myself again and feel more confident. I don't even know what I can do physically at the moment, what I can lift, how fast I can run, how flexible I am. My thin waist is gone. All these things used to be part of my identity.


And last but definitely not least, I'd like to clear my mind and hopefully even get closer to finding my real calling in my life. I feel like I'm living a lie, career-wise, and I need to be doing something completely different with my life.

I want to get out of my comfort zone, I think that is the only way to really get somewhere.


Anyone starting on this date too? What are your goals and motivations?


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Hi Linnie,


Good luck with your program! Your goals and intentions sound ambitious, but also real and deeply rooted. Awesome.


I'm not quite as clear on my own. I know that I want to see what happens to the sense of bloat, fatigue, and grogginess when I eat more simply and mindfully. There is something about integrity for me, so I'm hoping to be kind to myself as i make needed changes, and face the inevitable cravings and temptations. I'm using this as an opportunity to get back to meditation and exercise more regularly as well, and I'm relieved to be giving this gift to myself.


My partner and mother are also beginning this at the same time (Monday), and I'll be doing at least a periodic log to share my process/progress/challenges. Feel free to follow it and comment if you'd like, and I'll do the same for you. I hope it goes great!

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