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Lindsey's Whole 30 Log


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Hi all!! I'm Lindsey, nice to meet ya. :)

Here I sit, an hour away from October 1st and the start of my very first Whole 30 challenge. I am so excited, and feel so READY to do this Whole 30. Not only do I have some great myfitnesspal friends doing it with me, but I also have 3 real-life friends who have committed to it with me as well. I am no longer scared to let go and give up these things. I am ready to change my life and my patterns of eating and thinking. SO.READY.

My goals are as follows:

1) To get on a regular and healthy sleeping pattern. In bed on work nights by 11:30 and asleep by at least 12. Up by 9 or 10 at the latest. Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

2) Get some regular workouts in, preferably 4 times a week, with strength and cardio.

3) Kick my sugar and late-night snacking cravings. Those have GOT to go.

4) Lessen my desire to consume alcohol.

5) Hopefully drop a pant size, or at least 4 more pounds, which will get me to 50 lost total. More would be great but I know this is not a 'weight loss program', per se.

6) Feel healthy, light, happy and energetic.

7) Experiment with new foods and methods of cooking/prepping.

8) Journal about my experiences everyday. :)

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That's great to have so many people doing it along with you! It should really help. My husband has committed to working along with me. I am very happy about that because he has never shown any interest in my primal lifestyle. Good luck to all of us!

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Day 1.


1 egg, fried in coconut butter, on top of a little bit of leftover mashed sweet potatoes that I got a little crispy on the stove and made into a patty. Coffee w/coconut milk.

Lunch- Had kind of a 'snacky' lunch today, apples w/almond butter and pistachios.

Dinner- Paleo shepherd's pie from my Well Fed cookbook. SO GOOD!!!! Mashed cauli tastes JUST like mashed potatoes to me!! So delicious, and plenty of leftovers. I love cooking. :D

Snack- a banana

All in all today was a great, productive day. I feel satisfied and full, the food was delicious and I got a lot done. I took measurements and before pics, went grocery shopping, made dinner, made paleo mayo (for the first time) and hard boiled some eggs for the week. The paleo mayo came out PERFECT! It tastes so good; I'm excited to use it, hehe. I also noticed I drank more water than usual today, which is great!

It actually feels really good to not be snacking excessively, drinking and craving sweets. I could get used to this....

Hope you all had a great first day...or 2nd, 3rd, or 30th day. ;)

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Welcome & good luck Lindsey.

Looking at your days food I would say eat more! If you were on mfp you might have got used to their standard 1200 cals a day but it's just not enough food, not that you're counting cals anymore anyway (I hope!)

If you follow the meal template you won't go wrong - so at least 2 eggs & one more veg for breakfast. Lunch is way off the mark but you prob know that yourself. We had the same dinner last night :) I'd add a side veg to that too.

So for every meal just think :

palm or more sized portion of animal protein + lots of veg+ fat+ seasoning.

Well done on the mayo, it's a great thing to have in your repertoire, and will be so good on those hb eggs!

Hope you don't mind my piping up, Have a great day 2

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Hey Derval, thanks for the advice. I admit my breakfast and lunch were a little scant, but not from choice. Breakfast I was sharing with a friend and only had so much to split; lunch wasn't till 5 o'clock after being tired from grocery shopping, then we launched into cooking and prepping. I actually do still log on mfp, but not to care about counting calories, just to keep the habit. I had 2 servings of shepherd's pie last night as well, and a banana for a snack, so I was actually around 1400+ cals. But I will try to take your advice especially about adding more eggs and veggies in. Thanks so much :)

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Day 2.

Breakfast- 2 Fried eggs on top of a piece of shepherd's pie. Bulletproof coffee with 1/2 T coconut oil and 1/2 T ghee. Very filling!

Lunch- Avocado egg salad w/paleo mayo on top of some spinach, with a little bit of lemon juice for dressing. Yum!

Dinner- Made 3 recipes from Well Fed. The Best Chicken Ever, curry cauliflower rice pilaf and creamy cucumber salad. Holy F. All of this was sooo incredibly delicious. The brining made all the difference in the chicken, as did the seasoning. So.good. The salad was really refreshing on a hot day like today (over 100 degrees out), and the curry caulirice was super tasty with pineapple and toasted almonds. All in all I'm very proud of this one. :)

Snacks- 1/2 cup Pistachios and an orange. 2nd cup of coffee w/coconut milk.

Today was a good day in terms of food. However, I wasn't able to sleep until 3:30 am, and didn't wake up until 11:30 am. I HATE that. So yes, I did get 8 hours but not in the timeframe that I would like. I hate sleeping in so much so that when I wake up I feel like half my day is gone. Lame. I was also super exhausted during the day; I just wanted to nap. Hence the 2nd cup of coffee, which I usually don't do. Also my stomach started hurting after my snacks and before my dinner, so it was either the pistachios or the orange. Not sure, but it still hurts as I write this at 10:25. :( I drank some peppermint tea and that helped a bit though. Hopefully I feel better and more rejuvenated tomorrow. I am going to try to be asleep by midnight tops tonight. Over and out!

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Thank you!

Day 3.

Breakfast- Leftover curry cauliflower rice and Best chicken ever, with 2 fried eggs on top. Coffee w/coconut milk.

Lunch- Chicken mixed with the dreamy avocado dressing I made (SO friggin good) on top of some spinach. I also tried to make plantain chips with coconut oil but they burnt. I ate them anyway. lol

Dinner- Last of the leftover shepherd's pie, and creamy cucumber salad. Full!!

Snacks- Apple and 2 T almond butter.

Worst sleep ever last night. Was in bed by 12 and even with the lights off and trying to fall asleep, I was lying there until probably 2:30 trying to sleep. Then I was waking up all night, tossing and turning; then had an awful, HORRIBLE nightmare that woke me up and I was terrified to go back to sleep. So bad. I actually made myself wake up at 10 (AMAZING for me), but I did take a little power nap around 5 because I just got overwhelmingly tired....but I only rested for a little bit; not hours like I usually do. I hope this whole sleep thing gets better soon. :/ My mood was also meh today because...I haven't been working much lately and am flat broke, so I'm super stressed about that and needing to find other work STAT. I realized that this first week of my whole 30 is also my PMS week....so double whammy. BLAH. My stomach also started hurting again tonight. I'm thinking my spinach might be bad, so I'm going to throw it out. I am going to try drinking some Natural Calm (magnesium sleep aid) right now and hopefully get some rest. Gnite all.

*vent over*

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Day 4.

(wasn't able to log yesterday)

Breakfast- 3 scrambled eggs, 3 ounces of the Best chicken ever, on top of sweet potato hash cooked in ghee and topped with salsa and dreamy avocado dressing. Coffee w/coconut milk.

Lunch- I know we're not encouraged to drink smoothies on the Whole 30 but I wasn't hungry enough for a full fledged meal. Half cup full-fat coconut milk, 2 T almond butter, 1 banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, and 2 T of fine unsweetened shredded coconut. SO effing good holy crap.

Dinner- Went out to dinner for a friend's bday at an Italian restaurant. (1st social outing on the whole 30) Had a lame iceberg lettuce salad with some scant toppings. Was still hungry when I went home so cooked up a salmon filet w/dreamy avocado dressing, baked yam, and broccoli with ghee. SO DELISH. Felt much better after that. :)

Snacks- Pistachios. Chicharrones (pork rinds).

Sleep was a little better tonight, although I still didn't get to bed till past 2. The only thing I've been craving this week so far has been my SCALE! LOL seriously. I was really addicted to that thing.

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Day 5. (yesterday)

Breakfast- Sweet potato hash browns cooked in ghee, with the rest of the Best chicken ever, 2 fried eggs, and dreamy avocado dressing and salsa on top. Coffee w/coconut milk.

Lunch- Same smoothie as yesterday. I know, bad bad...but I also had it with 5 ounces of grilled salmon and avocado dressing. :)

Dinner- Spaghetti squash with homemade meatballs and tomato sauce. My fellow whole 30 friend made this for me so everything is w30 compliant. Was soooo delicious omg. I had seconds!

Snacks- Roasted plantain chips from Trader Joe's. (SO yummy!) Decaf macchiato in the evening with coconut milk.

Sleep was the same as last night. The quality of my sleep is getting better but I am still having trouble getting to bed early and up early. One change at a time though...I definitely felt a few mood swings today (but I am also pms'ing lol) but towards the end of the end felt great energy and clarity.

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Day 6. (yesterday)

Breakfast- Was running out of food and time. Had a bulletproof coffee and a fried egg in coconut oil.

Lunch- Unfortunately a lot of snacky foods because I was working and was not prepared with a real meal. Also, my work doesn't even have a microwave (I know, lame right?), so that makes it harder. All we have is a fridge there. :/ Soo I had...a green apple with 2 T almond butter, 2 hard boiled eggs and a banana. This actually sustained me for many hours, which was cool. Also it's crazy how sweet fruit tastes to me now...amazing.

Dinner- It was my first time making soup ever, and I hit it out of the park!!! I made a sweet potato coconut chicken soup. SO incredibly good, my goodness. Made toasted coconut chips and sprinkled them on top. So yummy. :) I then had unsweetened applesauce with more coconut chips on top for dessert. Had a few plantain chips as well.

Snacks- a Larabar, the Cashew one. Was my first time trying it. Pretty good!

Okay, so that Whole 30 energy boost that is supposed to come at some point?? Um yeah, that came today for me. I felt AMAZING!! Woke up at 10, wasn't tired; in fact I don't really remember pressing the snooze button. (which is crazy for me) Was extremely energetic, HAPPY, and clear-headed all day at work!! Did get a little tired on my lunch break at work, but I just laid out in the sun and read my book and after a bit of that I got my energy back. I can't get over how incredible my mood was today. So crazy.

Got half of my grocery shopping done today, gonna get some meat and a few more veggies on monday and then I'm done. Going to start planning out next week's menu now and then going to sleep. Gnite folks :)

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Day 7. (yesterday)

Breakfast- Bulletproof coffee, 2 fried eggs in 1/2 T of coconut oil.

Lunch- Another snacky work lunch. :/ Banana, apple, 2 T Sunbutter, and 1 T sunflower seeds.

Dinner- Leftover sweet potato coconut chicken soup, with coconut chips on top. Raspberries, blueberries, and banana for dessert with coconut whipped cream and toasted slivered almonds and coconut chips on top. SO good.

Snacks- Plantain chips and red and green salsa.

Busy day at work yesterday, hence the snacky lunch eating. Still was in a great mood and had good energy throughout the day. I can't believe one week has already passed!

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Day 8.

Breakfast- Bulletproof coffee with a T of coconut whipped cream. A banana. (had to rush out the door to work)

Lunch- 2 eggs fried in 1/2 T of coconut oil. I was tired and lazy after work.

Dinner- Pad Thai from Well Fed. Holy crap. So effing delicious! Spaghetti squash, grilled chicken thighs, broccoli, onions, scrambled eggs, sunshine sauce (tastes similar to peanut sauce-my old fave), and topped with green onions and a lime for garnish. Wow.

Snacks- Apple, 2 T almond butter and 1 T sunflower seeds. (at work)

Onto my 2nd week of the Whole 30! (whoop whoop!) I finished my grocery shopping today and created this week's meal menu last night. I am definitely getting the hang of this. :) Feeling good! And I can tell my clothes are fitting looser already...

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Day 9. (late in posting)

Breakfast- Paleo pumpkin spice coconut milk latte. (delicious) Banana sauteed in 1 T coconut manna. I wish I had been able to eat more but I was in a rush. (story of my life seems like)

Lunch- Have to admit I kind of skipped lunch. I wasn't home and didn't bring food where I went. Didn't get home until 6:30. :/

Dinner- My fellow Whole 30er friend cooked me homemade butternut squash soup with grilled chicken. I had 2 big bowls with lots of sunflower seeds on top. Ohhh so good...

Snacks- Cherry pie Larabar. (fave flavor so far)

This day was very stressful, as some unfortunate personal drama went down that was out of my hands. Instead of thinking "man I could use a drink right now", which is what I used to turn to, I thought...man. I want to go work out and then relax with some hot tea. So I did. I finally got my ass to the gym lol. THAT is amazing for me. This program is already changing my life in so many ways...

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Day 10.

Breakfast- Leftover serving of Pad Thai from Well Fed.

Lunch- Another snacky lunch since I worked in the middle of the day. Banana, green apple with 1 T almond butter, plantain chips with homemade guacamole.

Dinner- Paleo crab cakes with artichokes and paleo garlic-lemon mayo. Holy F, SO good. I had 2 lol. Definitely using this recipe again.

Snacks- none.

1/3rd of the way there!! Feeling so proud!

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hey there! really enjoy reading your log! your meals sound so good. definitely going to hijack some of them! :)

i hit a slump yesterday and am feeling so tired. today is my day 11. wondering if you (or anyone else) are experiencing this? i was feeling great up until yesterday/today.

good luck to you!

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Day 11.

Breakfast- Leftover crab cake with a fried egg on top, fried in 1/2 T of coconut oil. Banana. Coffee w/coconut milk.

Lunch- Sweet potatoes, apples & ground beef. MMM.

Dinner- Paleo Pumpkin Chili on top of a cup of spaghetti squash w/ghee. 1/4 avocado on top.

Snacks- Apple Pie Larabar, pistachios.

Ate a lot today, but it's also the first day of my monthly 'friend'. (lol TMI but oh well) I kept getting hungry frequently throughout the day and night so I just went with it. I have really learned to listen to my body through this so far.

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Day 12. (backtracking a little bit; been extra busy lately)

Breakfast- A banana sauteed in 1/2 T of coconut manna and sprinkled with 1 T of unsweetened shredded coconut. Oooh so good. Coffee w/coconut milk.

Lunch- Chicken drumstick. Salad with mixed greens, avocado, onion, celery, sunflower seeds, raisins and paleo creamy italian dressing. Also had a cup of broccoli with a little ghee and coconut aminos.

Dinner- Paleo pumpkin chili on top of spaghetti squash with a fried egg on top.

Snacks- Ants on a log- celery w/almond butter & raisins. Coconut chips.

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Day 13.

Breakfast- 2 eggs fried in coconut oil. Bulletproof coffee. Was rushing to work.

Didn't really have a lunch as I worked smack dab in the middle of the day...a bit frustrating but oh well.

Dinner- Citrus carnitas (from Well Fed), mashed cauliflower and baked paleo avocado fries with a spicy mayo sauce. Holy F. No words.

Snacks- Ants on a log, Kombucha, homemade coconut cream larabar.

This last week I have been noticing I hardly ever get hungry anymore, but I'm eating less times a day than I used to. I used to get hungry every like 2-3 hours and it was really annoying. Now I can do more with my day and life without having to worry about the constant stomach growling lol. It's nice. I'm also noticing that once I wake up in the morning my tired feeling diminishes much more quickly than it used to, which is HUGE for me. This program is definitely changing my life...

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Day 14.

Breakfast- 2 eggs fried in 1/2 T of coconut oil. Bulletproof coffee (half strength). Rushing to work.

Lunch- Just eating whatever I had time to shove in my mouth in between breaks at work. Honey crisp apple with 1 T sunbutter, banana, and a homemade coconut cream larabar.

Dinner- Didn't have much of an appetite. Idk why. Just feeling kind of blah. Ate some citrus carnitas and had ants on a log.

Snacks- none.

Can't believe I am 2 weeks in already!!! So crazy...

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Day 15. (halfway there!!)

Breakfast- Bulletproof coffee, a banana, and a coconut cream larabar. Sugar overload, I know...Just happened that way.

Lunch- Some more citrus carnitas leftover, a baked yam with ghee.

Dinner- Pad Thai from Well Fed and also a random chicken drumstick that my roommate offered me.

Snacks- Coconut water and a gingerberry kombucha... (NEW FAVE)

Today was a little meh as I had an excruciating headache all day that just wouldn't go away no matter what I did...I ate, drank lots of water, rested, moved around, got some massage, took ibuprofen, and then FINALLY (literally like 13 hours later) it went away. NO idea where that came from...but it reminded me that I haven't gotten a headache in months now, which is awesome. Hopefully tomorrow is better!! It feels so good to reach the halfway point. :)

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