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Getting Back on Track


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I've done a few Whole 30's and they made a powerful difference in my understanding about food and the impact it has on my body and health.  As a family, we made some great changes and we stuck with things for quite a while and we had ups and downs, but for the past chunk of time (I don't want to look back and figure it out), I've been on a real decline and I've gained quite a bit of wait.


It is time to get things back on track.  I wasn't sure I was on board, but this morning I am.  I usually make plans to get on track in the evening, but by morning, my resolve is gone.  Today I'm resigned - though happy to be resigned.


I'm 178 pounds.  I'm 5'2.  My clothes are tight.  My attitude is lousy.  I just want to run errands to the store so I can pick up disgusting amounts of junk food to eat.  Sometimes I make great Whole30 meals, but any clean eating is completely ruined by my off road partying.  I'm not exercising and I'm pretty certain that if I were, I'd trigger some flare up of tendonitis really quickly.  It's time to change.


So, here goes a Whole30.  


My goals:

1.  Eat clean

2.  Meditate daily


That's it.  That's plenty.  Hopefully I'll add in exercising, but for now, just those two things will need my focus.

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Day One is done.  I've got a headache.  I swear my right eye is telling me things aren't right in my world.  And yet they are.  They very are.


Breakfast: Two eggs with broccoli and salsa - Yum

Lunch: Hard boiled egg and a sweet potato - Eh

Snack: Anchovies and carrots (Sounds gross doesn't it!)

Dinner: Nomnom Paleo's Garbage Curried StirFry (lamb, cabbage, onions, mushrooms, madras hot curry) - Yum


I had my normal two cups of coffee, normal amounts of water, no exercise, no meditation, and the day is ending on an okay note.

I did feel better today.  I caught myself singing.  I caught myself staying on top of the general grind.  I spent an hour outside walking the dogs and visiting with others.  

Mainly, I feel more positive and hopeful and thankful.  I don't like when I'm eating poorly and I don't like how I feel.  I may have a headache, but I feel better inside.

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Hey there! Welcome back!!

I just wanted to give you a quick tip on this, the end of your first day... you're not eating enough and that is going to make it more difficult to get through the headache and the next few days.

Eggs, when they are the sole source of protein, are as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping. Breakfast is short by half and your lunch is one egg and sweet potato?

You don't have fat in your meals as far as I can see and the fact you need to snack (anchovies ARE delicious tho) tells me that you're not eating enough.

Take a look at the template linked below and make your meals to match the template....

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Well, you're absolutely right on the lunch.  It was pathetic and not enough and I could feel it in the later afternoon.   Everything is cooked in coconut oil and I even had some on my sweet potato so I think I'm getting the fats.  I'm not a scrimper when it comes to portion sizes so my breakfast and dinner were quite hearty - I ate a LOT of broccoli, but yes, I can fit three eggs in my hand so two probably doesn't cut it.  Mornings are tricky because I hate eating breakfast - always have, even as a kid when my parents provided a relatively clean eating plan.  I almost always have good energy, am not hungry, and feel blechy if I do eat.  However, I do have the breakfasts and I know that after I've been on Whole30 for a while, they go down easier.


Lunch today will be easier.  We have leftovers from last night.  This afternoon, I plan to start some Chocolate Chili in the crockpot so dinner should be easy.  It's tricky getting started and I remember how HARD it was to come up with meals when we did our first Whole30.  Now we have some good go-to things which helps.


I slept pretty well last night, though I generally sleep well.  The biggest difference was that I did not go to bed bloated because I kept having to go pee before bed.  Usually I am bloated throughout the night and begin to debloat with my first coffee of the day.  I woke up in a good mood which I generally do and have been getting some things done this morning.  There might be a slight headache lurking in the background and maybe some crabbiness, but my next cup of coffee will help.


I really have been eating a disgusting amount of carbs, sugars, artificial crap, and junk.  I expect a rocky road this next week as my body says WTF.  Even if it does, the rest of my body is already singing songs of relief.  Just gotta stick with it.

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Day Two - Just stopped and meditated.  Woohoo!  The daily meditation thing is so subtle, but really makes a difference and I've missed that as well.  Things are good and I'm feeling good about being back in the process, but I do have a headache lurking steadily behind my eyebrows.  I felt it come knocking early afternoon in the form of, "I'd like some sugary or junky snack".  I didn't actually want one in my body, but my head wanted it.  I had a snack and continued on, wishing that I could spend the afternoon/evening outside and distracted from these sensations, but that's not how things work, so I prepped dinner, meditated, and will plug on through the evening.


Breakfast - Scrambled eggs, tomatoes, loads of broccoli, garlic, coconut oil

Lunch - Left over lamb, cabbage, onion, mushroom, ghee

Snack - Hard boiled egg, arugula, tuna, carrots

Dinner - Spaghetti squash, onion, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, coconut milk, and then some cocoa cauliflower

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The book "It starts with food" actually addresses the "I'm not hungry for breakfast" situation.  A few of the things I remember are to eat regardless, and if you drink coffee before eating stop!  Eat first. I am sure there was a lot more as well as a lot  of good info on the "why" of it. 


Have you made the mayo yet?  I was never adverse to mayo, but I definitely would not have considered putting it on meat without bread... until I made my own.  YUM! great alternative to oils all the time.  Also, don't forget olives and avocado and shredded unsweetened coconut for your fats.  I love shredded unsweetened coconut on mashed sweet potato along with my eggs on a "long run" morning.  Olives are oh so easy to add to a packed lunch - and tasty too!


You may need snacks the first few days, but each day you do try adding more food to your next day's meal plan.  Find the right balance.  (unless you are very active.  When you are you may need 4 meals.  I did during 1/2 marathon training last year)  It really is so healthy for your body to have long rests between meals. 

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I have been drinking my coffee before eating which I will probably try to switch around in the next week or so.  I laughed when you (rachelmarie33) mentioned that because just this morning I was feeling a bit guilty about it.  


As for mayo - I picked up some more olive oil today to do just that.  I discovered how to make it super easily using an immersion blender and I love having it on sweet potatoes.  I came home planning to make some, but ended up eating leftovers.  Maybe tomorrow I'll prepare some.  And olives - oh, I love olives, but the only kind sold in our town (really!) are the canned black olives and some of the traditional green ones with pimentos.  No olive bars here!  I wish.  I've never put unsweetened coconut on sweet potatoes, but I'll give it a try.  We've got lots of it in the cabinet.  Avocados - I'm allergic :(


Day Three went okay overall.  

I slept five hours before I was woken by a sick kid and after that, I couldn't go back to sleep.  I tried.  I really tried.  And finally, I brewed some coffee and waited for the others to wake up before making breakfast.  I ate well and I was finding myself grumpy as I was finishing up dinner prep, so I served up a pre-meal for me to tide me over till the rest of the family, kids, dogs, neighbors, stars were aligned to eat.  I'm planning to meditate after I get the kids to bed and hoping to sleep decently tonight.  


Meal One - Bananas, eggs, spaghetti squash, coconut oil, almonds

Lunch - Leftover Spaghetti squash, lamb, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and roasted cauliflower

Pre-Dinner and Dinner - Arugula, Chocolate Chili, tomatoes, onions, spinach, cauliflower


There are leftovers in the fridge, hard-boiled eggs that are ready, sweet potatoes on the counter - I'm set for those emergency moments where I know I'd better eat a mini meal if need be, but so far, I haven't had any cravings, just a knowing that I'm feeling grumpy and wanting that sugar lift.

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Day Four - I was prepared to feel like I was hit by a truck or had a horrid hangover like I've experienced before (and like many others do according to the Whole30 timeline), but so far, I think my body is just singing my praises and ever so thankful for me to be only consuming clean foods that it is doing its best to lay low on the complaints.  I've got a little fogginess in my head, a wee sore throat (strep and flu have been going around town), a slight annoyance by little things, but overall, I just FEEL better in my body and in my mind.  My clothes are also not being stretched to the max anymore.  I was on an uphill climb - at some kind of weird out of control exponential pace and things were getting tighter and tighter almost daily.  THIS is so much better.  My body is relieved.  Me too.


I have rumblings of hunger in my belly which I haven't had at all for quite a while - a good sign.

I have food in the fridge and produce on the counter.

The kids have enjoyed our dinners so far.

I'm not yet eating before having my first cup of coffee, but I'll try to switch that out this coming week.  It's not easy switching a routine and timing.

I slept eight hours last night without going downstairs to the bathroom - that is a real treat.

I meditated last night and didn't fall asleep during :) (mornings and afternoons are far better times for me to meditate)


The plan for today:

Meal One - Eggs, banana, almonds, some leftovers with veggies

Meal Two - Tuna fish with home made mayo, carrots, cauliflower, mixed greens

Meal Three - Leftovers (and then they will be all gone - eeeeek!)

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Well, today a friend came over with some homemade cookies made with bananas, berries, coconut, and honey.  They were fairly clean as far as cookies go and I admit I was tempted.  I was also tempted to go out to dinner with the family, but to both things I declined.  Instead of cookies, I had nothing.  Instead of going out, we had leftovers.  All in all, things are okay.


I ate a lot at lunch today.  I had a monster sweet potato with mayo and also a tuna salad.  Hmmm - that doesn't sound like a lot when I type it, but it was a lot.  I was really full.  And I'm full again now.  That's probably the thing I'd like to adjust is my portion size in the evening.  I had cauliflower and chocolate chili over a bed of greens.  Again, it doesn't sound like a lot.  It might just be the cauliflower that is causing such havoc in my gut.  Well, these are little problems that will sort themselves out over the next few weeks.


I'm off to brush my teeth and get rid of this horrible onion breath.  I ate a LOT of red onions with my chocolate chili.  They were deliciously crunchy. :) 


Goodnight Day Four.

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Starting Day Six today.  I slept all night without getting up to go to the bathroom.  This really is a big deal.  I know the beer or water I often have at dinner time doesn't help, but I also think the foods I've been eating contribute.  It's really nice to not have to get up and go - especially when the bathroom is not a quick stumble away, but a perilous walk down stairs and through scattered Legos.  It is enough of a motivator that I did not give in to going out to eat last night!


Day Five Meals:

Breakfast - bananas, eggs, carrots

Lunch - chocolate chili, mixed greens, sweet potato with mayo, almonds

Dinner - eggs and broccoli


The past couple of days I've tried to increase my lunch portion in hopes of tiding me over better till dinner and to reduce any seductive attempts to go out.  Yesterday, even though I wasn't hungry in the afternoon, I was tempted.  We had a busy day and there were no leftovers.  It was six pm and I know the family wanted me to say, "Let's go out".  I'd even thought about what I would have if we went out - Sushi.  I wasn't going to eat anything terrible, but even though the rice and the fish would have been just fine in my system, the soy sauce would have bloated me up and I really want to get my body to a healthier normal.  So, I ran to the store and got pasta for the family and came home and cooked up my own meal quickly.  It was not a great meal for the family, nor a tasty one for me, but it did the trick and we were all fed something and we can begin again today.


As for moods and the Whole30 timeline - my body really does seem to be so darn thankful that so far my skin is looking better, my moods have been fine, and my energy has been fine.  We'll see how today goes. :)  Even though I did not get up to go to the bathroom last night, I was aware of needing to.  Finally, I did get up and it was 5:45 which meant I slept almost eight hours so I'm up, but I'm not feeling super energized.  I'm feeling a touch bloated and sniffly and - well, just not feeling like singing with the birds or noticing what a beautiful world it is.  And I'm yawning which I never do in the morning.


My only goals for right now are eating clean and meditating.  So far, both are going well.  In a couple days, I'll probably add in another new goal.


As for today, I really need to get lunch and dinner planned!  Ugh.

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Day Six.  I went to the movies and wasn't tempted by the popcorn.  I was tempted before I went.  Getting a big thing of tasty, salty popcorn is half the reason I do go to the movies.  In preparation, I made sure to have a very filling lunch.  It helped immensely.  And now it is post-movie and pre-dinner and I am So Darn Tired.  I'm walking with a cloudy head so I had a mini-meal snack hoping it will help me feel sharp enough to make up some dinner for the family who are currently out and about.  The nice thing about eating now is that I'll eat less at dinner and that means less before bed which feels better in my system.  So, all in all, an okay day.  Looking forward to Day Seven.


Breakfast: Spaghetti squash and arugula with chocolate chili (we had one container of leftovers hidden behind the eggs!)

Lunch: Eggs and broccoli followed by a sweet potato with mayo and then some almonds

Snack: Kipper Snacks, carrots

Dinner: Pork ribs, roasted butternut squash and pineapple, maybe some potatoes

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Day Seven - I wish I was further along.  I don't wish I was at Day 30 - I just wish I was at "This is my normal and I don't even think about it".  That may never happen.  I have a feeling I will always have to conscientiously pay attention to the foods I eat.  


I'm feeling a little non-energized today.  Like a lot non-energized.  I did get up once in the night for a kid and then the dog pawed my head a couple hours later.  I got eight hours of sleep, but it doesn't feel like I did.  It shall pass.  I'm on Day Seven and even if I'm feeling unmotivated and lethargic and restricted, I'm also feeling hopeful and antsy.  Antsy to be out running every day, going to the gym, laughing and splashing water by the seashore - haha - antsy to be feeling like those photos of happy athletic people in magazines.  :)  The reality is so not that, but I am antsy to have the sensation of energy and good hikes and meals with friends and confidence and favorite jeans that just slide right on and look well worn and comfortable.


I'd better get back to work and back on my feet.  Sitting down is not gonna help me shift my energy and it needs some shifting.  Oh!  I just yawned!  I never yawn - except for yesterday morning when I also yawned.  Funny.  This shall pass.  This shall pass.

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I just realized this is the introduce yourself forum and not really the daily tracking one so I am going to move on over to the other one.  I'm definitely a daily tracker and checker inner :)

Lemme just move this whole thread for you... then you dont' have to start over :)

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Thanks!  I didn't see your post till after I already started a new one.  Do you know how to delete the other one?  I didn't see an option to delete it.


And while you were smoothing the process for me to switch over here, I wrote an introduction (really, just so I could keep procrastinating) and here it is:




It's Day Seven for me.

I've done a few Whole30's.

The first one a couple years ago was a major learning experience and wake up call.  My health improved.  I felt better.  I learned how to cook.  And I learned a lot about how food can nourish and sustain me.

Yet, I'm human and even though I know all these things, carrying them out is hard.  I really feel like I have addictions when it comes to certain foods -maybe the sugars - maybe some other ingredient.  I don't really know, but I can see a night and day difference in my behaviors.  When I'm on Whole30 or eating clean, I don't really feel a need to snack or graze - well, sometimes I do, but I think it's out of boredom or procrastination.  When I'm eating other foods, I am constantly seeking something.  I don't even know what it is - but something.  Like food is a drug to wake me up, pep me up, mellow me out, fill me up - something - something to fix me - something I'm missing.  It's all very subtle but it leads to snacking and if I snack on the junk, then I start creating a whirlwind cycle of eating and craving more junk.  It's ugly.

But I can pop that entire bubble by just eliminating those foods for a day.  It's amazing how fast things turn over.  Keeping them turned over is why I'm doing this.  And, because when I'm in the bad cycle, I keep saying, "Oh I'll clean things up tomorrow" which means that, of course, tomorrow takes months to arrive.


So....Day Seven and my body and my mind are truly thankful to be here.  I had a pretty easy transition this last week which surprised me given the cadbury chocolate bar, donuts, pizza, tortillas.... I'd eaten just the day before.  I really think my body was so relieved that it gave me a reprieve from the first week crabbiness and headaches.  But today and yesterday I'm feeling sluggish and last night I found myself needing to breathe deep to interact with my family so I'm not totally smooth sailing.


So far my goals have been:

1.  Eat Whole30

2.  Meditate daily


So far I'm doing that.  One of these days (not quite sure when), I'm going to try to start eating breakfast before my first cup of coffee.  That will be the next step, but it certainly did not happen today.  Later, I hope to add in some exercise.  In dream land, I hope to eliminate coffee and switch to tea, but that one is undecided.


And now I'd best get Back To Work.  I'm truly doing a terrific job putting it off today.  :)


Breakfast Today: Eggs, arugula, mushrooms cooked in Coconut Oil.  Almonds

Lunch: Idk

Dinner: The pork ribs I didn't make last night once I learned how long they take, potatoes, roasted cauliflower maybe

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Day 7 is almost done.  Dinner was delicious, but that time up till dinner was rough.  My head was foggy.  My energy low.  I eyed the string cheese in the fridge and just WANTED it.  When dinner was ready, I felt a bit like I just wolfed it right down.  There was no sitting and mindfully eating my food.  BUT, I think it's good that I'm going through all this - means things are changing and my body and brain are working on adapting.


Breakfast: Eggs, arugula, mushrooms, almonds

Lunch: Leftover butternut squash and pineapple, ground beef, almond butter, arugula

Pre-Dinner Snack: Carrots, squash, hard-boiled egg

Dinner: Some tender and delicious pork ribs, roasted potatoes, and roasted carrots with a madras curry seasoning, lime, and cilantro


My head hurts.  I could use a big cup of coffee, but that's not going to happen.  Instead I'll drink some soda water because I think I didn't have so much today and interact with the family and look forward to bed.

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Welcome to Day Eight!


The kids woke me up in the middle of the night and my husband's alarm went off an hour earlier than normal, but even with these things, I had a decent amount of sleep.  I wouldn't have minded a bit more, but when the alarm went off, I also knew I was okay to get up.  AND, I didn't even have coffee right off.  I didn't need it.  I felt more alert and could have cooked up some breakfast, but there were things going on so I didn't.  Instead, I noted that maybe the time in near for me to switch up the coffee/breakfast routine.  I plan to have some leftovers in the fridge tonight that I can just microwave in the morning.


Energy wise - still not so great, but also not so bad.  I feel like there is a fog in front of my eyes and I'm not getting lots done and I have a slight headache, but overall, things are okay.


Today's plan:


Breakfast: Yummy scrambled eggs with onions, garlic, mushrooms, and arugula

Lunch: Leftover ribs and carrots unless hubby gets them first 

Dinner: Ground beef and Idk yet - nothing super exciting or appealing, but it will be Whole30.  I'm not feeling in danger of slipping today, which I am on other days.

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Day Eight and the 4:00 time is the worst.  I'm in lala land which makes it hard to plan dinner, cook, interact pleasantly with my children, or get anything done.  Instead I'm on the computer waiting for my husband to save the day and make dinner.  Thankfully, he will.  I don't have hunger cravings, but I do find my mood gets grumpy and I know if I eat that might change.  However, I tried to listen to my non-hungry body and I did not eat a mid-afternoon snack, nor a pre-dinner snack.  And now, I can feel some actual hunger grumbles.  Won't it be nice to feel the hunger in my body and not as a grump in my head!!!  One of these days.


The other interesting thing is that last night I noticed my knees were tired.  In the past, whenever I've stayed up much too late or had really long days, I'd get tired knees.  They work just fine, but feel...tired.  I had them last night and also today.  I have not been exercising.  I've been sleeping about 8 hours.  I have minimal stress and I'm not overworked in any way these days, so I assume it is triggered by something going on inside my body as things adjust - maybe inflammation working its way out or hormones doing something funny - I have NO clue what is behind it, but I'm noticing it.


I'm looking forward to bedtime once again.

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Day Nine.  Woo Hoo.


Today, Day Nine, I made breakfast FIRST and am now drinking my coffee.  I admit that I was a bit of a bear getting one of my kids out of the door this morning.  It seemed like she was being SO slow, but in reality, she was probably being quite normal and I was the one a little out of sorts.  Nonetheless, I'm a bit pleased that I've switched things around for the moment.


My husband made a delicious dinner last night of ground beef, cabbage, onions, mushrooms with some coconut aminos and curry sauce.  It was really tasty.  So tasty, I had seconds served over a hearty bed of greens.  It was also salty which was probably one of the reasons it was so tasty and that high salt made for a semi lousy sleep.  Well, first my stomach was really, really unsettled last night - so much so, that my back even hurt.  One of the kids woke me at five, but I already had to get up to go to the bathroom and I'd already been restless because my arms and legs kept falling asleep which they will do if I've had a high salt dinner. I managed to fall back into a glorious sleep an hour later for a short bit till the dog woke me up. :)


Breakfast: Eggs and onions and garlic (yeah, kinda missing any heartier veggies, but I did have it first off so I'm calling it good)

Lunch: ???

Dinner: ???


So, I'm off to get some work done and I know I had better do some serious meal planning in order to make today successful.

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Hi Emma! We had the same start day. How old are your kids? Is anyone else in the family doing this with you? I have a 6 and nearly 4 yr old. My husband is pretending to do it with me but cheats all the time.  :wacko: My kids get regular lunches but breakfast and dinner is usually Whole30. They did beg for grilled cheese sandwiches (and got them!) last night as the chicken curry was admittedly a bit spicy for them. Oops!

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Hey Madness, My kids are 5 and 6.  This go-around I'm the only one doing this.  Our first Whole30 we did as a family and the kids were terrific, but we really did the whole family thing and cleared out the cabinets and fridge so there were no other options.  It was scary the first week, but then everyone adapted and the clean foods became so tasty.  For birthday parties I'd make paleo cupcakes to take along and paleo pancakes for them.  This time, though, it's just me, though the entire family eats better when I start eating better.  We still have graham crackers sitting on our counter and string cheese in the fridge, but the kids are also now having spoons of almond butter as a snack and hardboiled eggs, but they also are eating lots of tortillas.  For breakfast they generally have oatmeal and for dinners, we've been making potatoes or rice to balance out some of the foods.  The spicy factor is an issue.  My husband is generous with the chili seasoning.  I've learned my lesson! :)  Probably, with my kids, the negative things are the processed foods, the sugars, and dairy.  When we start increasing dairy, I think we come down more quickly with the local colds so I try to limit them to just one cheese serving a day, but looking at my son's runny nose today, I often wonder if that's even too much.  I usually avoid dairy altogether because I know it doesn't work for me. It's lousy because cheese is so darn good!!!

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Day Nine.  Complete.


I think my overall energy was better today.  I had my breakfast before my coffee and I was a pleasant human once I finished that coffee.  One of my kids has a cold and I can feel things a bit off in my ears and nose, but so far, nothing much.  When I get sick, I don't just get a little sick, so I'm always wary of that happening.  


The one big event was that something happened which was pretty intense and I got angry which I rarely do.  It's exhausting!  Afterwards, I found I wanted to go sit down and just have a cup of coffee - or a cigarette - but I don't smoke and it was too late in the day for coffee.  I wanted something to bring me back to normal.  I know this might have been a good time to do my daily meditation, but I didn't.  Instead I ate.


The good news is that it was late afternoon which is when I've had a snack if I have snacked AND that I ate a pretty darn balanced snack given the situation.  I couldn't help but compare this to how I was eating just ten days ago and it's a night and day difference.  I felt like I was really living on the edge - living it up - pushing limits with my snack and yet, it was all good clean stuff!  No donuts, cheese rolls, chips, General Tsao's chicken for this woman!


I was aware that I was eating after an intense emotional experience and seeking something to restore my normal.  Now I'm wondering if I should have tried to sit in that space and FEEL those feelings and breathed through them.  Well - yes - maybe.  Next time. :) Though I'm quite fine not getting that upset so hopefully I won't have too many opportunities to practice (yet the idea of really practicing feeeeeeeeling my emotions is tickling in my head making me think maybe there's more to it than I want to admit.  blech)


So, Day Nine went okay.


Breakfast: onions, eggs, garlic  (missing the veggies I know)

Lunch: tuna, mayo, arugula, onion, beets - love those beets!

Snack: carrots, hard boiled egg, dried unsweetened coconut, almonds

Dinner: pork tenderloin, roasted carrots, roasted potatoes


I'm really bloated and bubbly after dinner so I took a couple digestive enzymes, but I think I'm gonna end up going to sleep again (like last night) with an uncomfortable stomach.  Tomorrow I think I'm going to try more mindful eating and maybe really try to watch my portion size at dinner.



Eat Whole30 - Doing it

Meditate every day - Doing it


Tentative Goals:

Breakfast before coffee - Did it today

Eating mindfully with no computer, book, or phone in front of me

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Day 10 - Awake at 4:45.  4:45.  That's early.  I had to go to the bathroom and I dozed in and out trying to decide if I could just stay asleep or if it was better to get up and go and get back to bed.  I couldn't sleep so I went and then went back to bed and spent an hour in the dark trying mindful breathing, letting my thoughts float away, telling my brain to stop thinking about the stuff that worries me, going back to my breathing....an hour.  And then I got up and dutifully made breakfast so I could mindfully eat it before I had my coffee.  Honestly, the coffee is the only motivator here :)


I made eggs, onions, garlic, mushrooms, and spinach.  It tastes just fine.  I sat and tried to eat and ate about half and noticed the flavors and textures and all that, but I had No Desire to eat.  It was unpleasant so I put it up on the counter out of dog's reach and brewed my coffee and will try to finish it once I actually feel like there is room in me to eat.


I suppose this in itself is a really good thing.  With the junk foods, there is ALWAYS room in me to eat.  I can eat an unbelievable amount of food and still throw a chocolate bar on top of all that.  Right now, eating clean, I actually have something saying, "Enough!"  No more food right now.  


No meals planned yet.  And now I'm bound to be a bit tired since I'm missing a good 90 minutes of my sleep, though I did get 6.5 hours.  I'd really wanted to get some tiger blood brewing.  I have lots to do that I've been procrastinating on! :)

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