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Whole family has started April 4th!


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We are very excited and motivated to begin this Whole30 adventure. Last night when we all checked in with each other (parents plus 3 adult children) everyone was thumbs up! We spent the afternoon Sunday shopping, cleaning out the refrigerator and cooking breakfasts for the week ahead. So far it has been great. I found a Whole30 compliant bbq sauce recipe online (I don't have it with me but could post it later) and made it last night. We had Crack Chicken 2.0 on the grill and it was delicious! (Trader Joe's has a BBQ sauce that our family loves and when I made it with boneless chicken thighs we jokingly called it Crack Chicken. This homemade one was delicious - hence the 2.0 name!)


Anyway, wish us luck. For myself I am looking to get healthy and lose some weight. My daughter warned me that one of her friends did the Whole30 and hardly lost anything. She said, mom - don't be disappointed if it doesn't happen that way for you! But if I feel better and my clothes fit a little better I will be grateful.

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