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Whole 30 in Paris

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Hullo everyone,

Just a question about supplements and foreign countries.

I live in Paris - which I think should now be aptly renamed the City of anti Whole 30 challenges.

I've been following the Whole 30 for the past 9 days, and everything is fab.... except my tummy. So I'm bloated, and gassy, and burpy, and I'm going to the toilet every 5 days - which is weird.

My Whole 30 Approach

Breakfast - double protein, scarmbled eggs, salmon and eggs, left over paleo mashup

Morning - piece of fruit

Lunch - paleo and vegetable bonanza

Afternoon - piece of fruit,

I'm a tour guide and sometimes after touring around for about 6 hours, I'll have an extra serve of protein

Dinner - as lunch - more paleo and vegetable parties.

I don't eat nuts - way to greasy and yucky for my stomach or coconut milk, for the same problem.

From scouting around the web and my own experiences with paleoishness, I'm pretty certain I need supplements - some sort of digestive enzyme, and probably a probiotic as well...


I have no idea where to buy them in paris. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help

xx Loz

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If you can't find enzymes in Paris go old fashioned. Look at making your own saurkrout, kimchi chi, pickled, kombucha or water kefir. Have more vinegar in your life. I'm switching to food probiotics for cost reasons and I have actually found them more helpful than either my enzymes or probiotics. They have good bugs for the gut and much like vinegar they seem to boost my hcl.

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Trust me you have no idea who hard whole 30ing it up is in Paris. Every day I walk past bakeries, cake makers, macaroon towers, chocolates, coffee, bread..... and I'm a tour guide. We have a coffee break at starbucks. So then I watch all my tourists slurp down milky coffees, or frappucino's and eat muffins, biscuits, cakes..... While I sit there with my oven roasted chicken drumsticks and cauliflower 'mash'

My first week, I seriously considered grabbing a starbucks muffin out of one of my tourists hands and doing a runner.

Thanks for the advice about going old fashioned. I will definitely attempt the saurkrout...

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I am soo with you on this! We currently live in Germany and walking past those bakeries, seeing the liters of beer or smelling schnitzel is TOUGH!! As Tom said, we use amazon.de for a lot of things but also our local German grocery store has great produce, a compliant coconut milk (I know you said you don't do that though) and I have really just been practicing the art of pre-planning meals. I have a whole weeks worth of meals planned and will cook what I can on the weekends. The rest I just have ready so that I can get it going as soon as I get home from work.

As for enzymes, supplements, etc. We are using Vitacost. I was able to get magnesium, fish sauce, a huge tub of organic, coconut oil and some bags coconut flakes (all compliant) through them as well as other things like salt for nettie pot, etc. I looked up to see if France was a country that they ship to and they do!

Feel free to get in touch with me for help, support or advice since many recommendations for unique products are hard to find over here. However, I personally think it is worth the search. And besides, if push comes to shove, for the next 30 days just eat good, clean food and your body should be getting what it needs. Good luck!

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