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Starting my Whole30 today


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Hello all - I'm starting my second Whole30 today; I did my first a couple of years ago and felt amazing. The changes in my sleep alone were remarkable. But life got complicated and, well, you probably know the rest. Today is the first day of my reboot. Instead of waiting for the perfect time (no parties, no travel, no mandatory restaurant meals) I'm just jumping in. I figure if I keep waiting for the perfect time I'll be waiting forever. I'm going to have plenty of challenges in the next month, but if I don't learn to deal with challenges, what's the point?


My doc has diagnosed me insulin resistant, but I have been able to get my numbers to move down a smidge - I'm hoping that this really gets things moving. I have two siblings with diabetes and I don't want to go there. Of course I want to lose weight for cosmetic reasons but this pre-diabetes thing has put the fear in me. I've been basically low carb for 15 years but there's been lots of slipping (especially when I travel, and I travel A LOT). Hands down the hardest thing for me is the no alcohol rule. I do love my glass of wine. 



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