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NSV - I can say no to sugar!


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Well, today is day 7, and was one of my hardest. My kids really wanted cookies, and they aren't doing Whole30 with me right now. So, I said yes. I made homemade chocolate chip cookie bars, which are a personal favorite, and didn't. eat. any. Didn't lick the spoon, the bowl, take a bite of dough, or sneak even a crumb of the bars.


I was highly tempted to "bend" the rules (okay, straight up break them!), since i'm pregnant, and make myself a banana avocado cocoa pudding, something I've done in the past and really enjoy. Didn't I deserve it, if I was saying no to COOKIES?


But I didn't. It's been a really high stress day, and I know that is part of what made all of this harder. It also made the victory bigger.


My cravings aren't the boss of me. I CAN say no to my sugar dragon, even on a bad day.


And I deserve to give myself food that makes me healthy, not food that I know makes me feel bad.



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