Figuring out what to do Post-Whole30

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Hi All, 


So I've been doing AMAZING with Whole30. I'm on day 25 and I've mod edit to remove scale results (I know, we're not supposed to weigh ourselves but that's one of habits I'm trying to work on). I'm loving it so much and it's been a fairly easy process for me.


However, I'm still trying to decide what to do when I hit Day 31. Should I continue to do Whole30 until I've had enough? I'm not entirely sure. I also have these girl scout cookies I would love to finally enjoy after Whole30... 


I was thinking since I finish Whole30 on Tuesday next week, I would continue to be on plan until Friday, enjoy a few girl scout cookies, and then pick right back up on Saturday morning..


Does that sound decent? I'm just really not sure what to do. 

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What you choose to do after Whole30 entirely depends on what you want to get out of it.  It is definitely possible to extend your Whole30, however if you were going to do that, I'd suggest leaving the girl guide cookies alone and just going ahead with extra days.


Reintroduction of foods is a critical part of the Whole30 and if you keep Whole30'ing on without an regard for re-intros, what could happen is that you're going to get sick of it and instead of doing proper re-intros, you'll decide that one piece of cake or ice cream isn't going to hurt anything and then it's all down hill from there.

Reintroductions are important so you can determine how your body reacts to certain foods because you can't do Whole30 forever so you definitely need to know where you stand with non whole30 foods.


I've also edited your post to remove scale results.  Not weighing is just as much a rule as not eating grains and dairy and should be considered just as important.

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Choices and consequences.  Only a few  Girl Scout cookies may stir up the Sugar Dragon all over again.  The sugar/carb pairing is a really tough nut to crack.  Even after years of taming that monster it can rear its head when you turn your back.


Cookies and picking back up where you've left off without a complete reintroduction is the path that some choose.  The consequences can include rebounding with cravings/released pounds that come back twice as fast as it took to release them.


Budgeting for sugar/carb pairings on the weekends can create a whirlwind of old behaviors/cravings.  The weekends can turn into weeks.  Complete your reintro and buy yourself time to think things through.  It may take longer than 30 days to tame the Sugar Dragon.

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I mucked up my first Reintroduction using a similar approach.


It's important to find out which foods are causing you issues and you can't do that with reintroduction items that contain lots of different things (cookies are likely to contain gluten, sugar, dairy and other things). I thought for sure I'd be fine with gluten, but I really wasn't.


If you get sick you'll have no idea what caused it.

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