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Hello ALL!!!


This isn't my first day this is actually my 3rd day (April 7 2016) but I am still a whole30 baby and like all babies I am throwing food tantrums but with a few sips of mint tea and extra GALLONS of water I am happy to say that I am still going strong. Please feel free to recommend any egg-less breakfasts options, recipes with chicken (seeing how it is the only meat that I eat) and most importantly snack options even though I know snacking isn't recommend but a girl's gotta EAT!


Love you all!!


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I am loving a left over mashed portion of sweet potato with unsweetened shredded coconut on it for breakfast.  I have mine with 2 fried eggs, but you just have to sub out a different protein.  oh- and be willing to try some other meats, especially after a week or so.  Try cooking them differently.  Your taste buds change and the variety is good for you! 


http://www.onelovelylife.com/chicken-zucchini-poppers-gf-df/.  I make these, but instead of meatballs I smash out patties and use them for breakfast meat a lot.  use the cumin (marked as optional) it is what makes them!  would be great with a blend of ground meats as well, and would help you to get used to other meats!

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