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Starting May 1st...anybody else?


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I'll be retiring on April 30th and will start my first whole30 on May 1st.


In preparation, I've cut down my smoking from 20 a day to 8 a day and hope to reduce that further by D-Day when I'll quit altogether. I've already cut out most dairy and all caffeine - I know caffeine is allowed on w30 but I wasn't really enjoying my tea (4 or 5 cups a day) without milk so I just switched to herbal tea. I had a bit of a headache for a couple of days as the caffeine left my system but I figured I'd rather deal with that now than on the 1st.


I've made up my first week meal plan and adjusted where necessary to accommodate my picky-eater husband, and I have my shopping list ready. I've also started buying some staples like my vinegars, oils, coconut milk, canned tomatoes etc...trying to spread the cost out over a few weeks.


I must say that I like all of this planning ahead as each step I take is a reconfirmation that I'm going to start on this path to a healthy life.


Is anyone else planning on starting on May 1st?



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