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Slips... Don't think I'll ever be able to do whole30 no slips!

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Hi. I have just completed my whole30 and I've had some good results but no increased energy and exercise has been hard. I know it says in the book "why whole30 didn't work for you": you didn't do it right or you need longer. I thought I did it right but there were one or two times during eating out that were hard so probably slipped. Notably, two weeks in my mum had a big birthday party with a buffet in an out-of-town hall and she had arranged the whole thing a long time before and felt the burden of hosting so I couldn't ask her too much. She did offer to get me a gluten free meal but that wouldn't have solved even half of the problem. I couldn't bring my own food because I'd upset her and the hall didn't have alternative food options so I thought I'd just eat little bits of what I could. But when I got there there was only sandwiches, fish sticks, quiche and pasties. No veg at all. I ate a tiny bit of quiche and a small pasty and was really upset about it (and hungry). So thats gluten and diary. 


There was another time before that where I had to go to a work meeting and I had checked the food which was salmon and vegetables and I thought it was perfect but it tasted like it was cooked in butter. 


I didn't have any bad effects from these foods and I wouldn't even mind going back to day one since my mum's party, but I've got a wedding coming up in a few weeks and a dinner invitation which I can't put off any longer. The trouble is that I think there will always be one event or other which will get in the way of 30 days. I have already put off dinner dates and avoided going out. I know going out is possible but its hard and I don't enjoy it because it makes me think of what I can't eat rather than just enjoying what I can eat when I cook. 


Good results:

- hunger is different and more easy to handle, I couldn't eat lunch until 3.30pm the other day because work was busy but it didn't matter too much. Before I would have got desperate to eat and not been able to think. 

- I love all the food I've been cooking, I was always afraid of fat but having really tasty fatty foods is great.

-  My palate changing so that I find things sweet that I didn't before - coffee, fruit, coconut

- Not relying on sugar. 


Not so good results:

- I still crave sweet things after my evening meal. I haven't had one sweet or pudding and have been drinking herbal teas in the evening instead. 

- Energy doesn't seem to have improved but maybe this is because I didn't do it 'right'


Before whole30 I ate healthily, always vegetables with my evening meal but lots of snacks of fruit and carbohydrates with every single meal. 

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Hey there


Can you post some days of what your typical intake was (portion sizes related to your palm, specific veggies and fat) as well as your fluid intake and we can see what might be able to be tweaked in the next few days to help you feel better?  My guess right off the bat is that you're not eating enough which is why you still have cravings and low energy...

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I am definitely new to Whole 30 and not a mod so i know they will help you (sugarcube is great!) but just wanted to say even with some slips, it sounds like you learned a lot on Whole 30. So, keep looking to improve but also celebrate that you are not where you were 30 days ago :) Go you!

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