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Cooking Oils and Consuming Good Fat


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Hello! Im not sure if I posted in the right forum, so please move this post if required.

I've been consuming more nuts than oils while on the Whole 30 and would like to switch this around. My question is, how do I know how much oil to use when I'm cooking, and how do I know if I need to consume any additional good fat (and how much) with my meal if I've already cooked my meal in oil? (I generally cook several meals at one time and them separate them out into individual containers to freeze, reheat, and eat later)

While I know it's important to consume good fat, I'm also trying to lose weight.


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We've got a guide for this - fat portions per meal - in our Whole30 Success Guide. Generally, a tablespoon or two of oil in the pan for cooking, depending on the fat content of your meat, should work fine. (If it's fatty meat, like burgers, you may not need any oil at all.) As for added fat, it depends on how hungry you are and how much oil you used. Generally, we do add fat to our meals on top of cooking oil, but not necessarily in large amounts.

The Guide would help with this - but otherwise, just use some oil and some healthy fat, and let your hunger and energy levels be your guide as to whether you need more or less.


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