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Jordan's First Whole30 Log


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On Monday I begin (along with my partner and my mother) 30 days of healthy eating. We're all following the Whole30 program, and I'm feeling some growing excitement to finally press reset and explore more conscious and healthy eating habits. My partner and I are sitting on the couch this evening, reviewing the 8 steps to the program, and occasionally adding staples to our shopping list for tomorrow.

     The need to meal plan seems pretty important (I imagine that even salmon steaks and asparagus can get boring after 4 weeks straight), so we're starting to formulate some basic go-to meals and healthy snacks that we will assemble with our grocery trip tomorrow.

     More to come, but I feel a sense of "rightness" as we embark on this process.

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Day 14 Update:


I'm still on the program and doing well, although I haven't been active on the forum since I began the Whole30. I've been reading the daily inspirational emails, and I've decided to commit for the remainder of the program to posting on my log here at least every other day. I'd like to be a little more conscious, accountable, and connected, so this is it.


A brief update about things up until this point....

I've been 100% compliant with the program, and have been feeling a little better in my gut, and perhaps a little better in terms of the typical headaches and foggy-headedness that I often feel. I think that I've lost a bit of extra fat, so it's generally going well, although I've been very surprised about how regularly and how much I crave sugar!


I've been eating a lot of eggs, chicken, canned and fresh salmon, some beef, and lots of grilled, cooked, and fresh veggies. Moderate on the fruits, with quite a bit of nuts most days. My intention as I move into the third week tomorrow is to moderate my nut intake a little bit, and to not have minimal or no dried or frozen fruit after dinner. Those sweet cravings are powerful, and I think that I'm ready at this point to not indulge even a little bit of compliant fruit, and see what happens.


Lastly, I've continued to drink two coffees/day (minus the creamer and sugar), and it's not nearly as fun. :-)  I keep thinking of giving it up entirely, but drinking coffee at cafes is a real habit for me. We'll see....


Beginning tomorrow I'm going to start posting my day's food consumption here, and also my energy/clarity/moods, to get a closer look at exactly what's happening. If anyone reads this and feels like commenting or sharing their own updates, please do--I'd love to connect a bit more with folks.


All the best,


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