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My first craving!

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Day 8 - First W30


I mean, yes, I did discover almond butter early on....holy mother is that stuff good. However, I realized just how good/bad it was and not a taste since day 3. I mean - I never fell "face first" into it anyway.


However, here I am working my night shift on day 8-9 and I just want EVERYTHING! I can't even tell you what I was craving at first. I settled on brownies because those are both warm and sweet. I brought tuna protein-salad for lunch with some veggies and spicy pickle - none of which are warm or sweet. So, I ate some emergency olives and that helped. Lunch was actually really excellent too - I just had to psych myself out for it. Mind over matter, folks.


It's weird that my cravings waited so long to pop up. I supposed I am posting this because I came to read the forums for some moral support on this lonely night shift and it really helped. So, thanks to all who post and please keep it up!

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