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Beka's second whole 30


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My husband and I completed a w30 in October/November and I felt so amazing! I discovered I'm sensitive to grains and dairy, and sugar makes me crazy! We still are mostly whole30, but unfortunately, all those things that make me feel yucky have crept back in... Especially the sugar! So we are doing another one. Challenges this time... My best friend is getting married next weekend and I'm in the wedding! and we have guests coming in.

Day 1

B-homemade turkey/beef sausage, carrots and potatoes, avacado, small handful of blackberries and strawberries

L-chicken with compliant hot sauce, mixed greens (collards, turnip, mustard, kale), tomatoes, compliant marinara sauce, chopped almonds

S-chicken soup with carrots and potatoes

Exercise right after supper

Pwo-sausage, egg, handful of roasted sweet potato

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Day 2

B - sausage, fried egg, fistful of sweet potatoes, most of a banana and about half a thumb-ful of almond butter - it was hard to get it all down, but I went slowly and ate everything and I was full until lunch! Yay! Lately I've been starving several hours before lunchtime. 


L- chicken soup with carrots and the mixed greens from yesterday


Supper will be at my mom's... hit or miss, she's recovering from a double knee replacement and I think will be serving whatever someone brings. So we will probably be eating a salad and then eating soup again when we get home. Or barbecue meat with no sauce. We'll see :)

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My dad got us salmon burgers, so supper ended up being a salmon patty, lettuce with red wine vinegar and olive oil, steamed broccoli, and an apple

Pwo- only sweet potatoes... We're out of sausage and I wanted to save the eggs for breakfast.

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Woke up this morning to find out that, actually, we were out of all protein except soup! Oops. And I had professional development today and didn't have access to a microwave! So most of today's meals were not ideal - but still compliant. I'm batch cooking sausage and potatoes right now and bought more eggs, so tomorrow will be better!

B- sweet potatoes

Snack at 10 - larabar

Lunch-mix of fruit, almond butter, blended fruit/veggie juice, and another larabar - I felt slightly sick afterwards because I had so much sugar even though it was natural sugar

Supper -chicken soup and half a yellow squash - yum! I was so ready for protein

Lunch at PD was pizza and brownies - and I wasn't even tempted! My cravings aren't nearly as bad as last time (yet!)

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Day 4 (yesterday) 

B - fistful of sweet potatoes, sausage, fried egg

L - chicken soup and half a yellow squash

S - Sausage, carrots, banana and almond butter 


Day 5 (today) 

B - fistful of sweet potatoes, sausage, banana and almond butter

L - Mixed greens, tomatoes, buffalo chicken, marinara sauce, and almonds

S - planning on chicken soup and carrots


I'm noticing that I'm a little hungry late at night before I go to bed (I don't eat though) and then when I wake up I'm not hungry at all and it's very difficult to choke down enough food to keep me full until lunch. I'm pretty thirsty in the morning but try not to drink a lot until I'm finished eating, and I rarely have coffee until after breakfast. I'm thinking the lack of hunger is just my metabolism struggling to regulate and will hopefully go away soon! I'm also working on adding enough fat in my breakfast - I need to buy more coconut cream, I really like putting that in my coffee. 


Today my clothes are tighter >:-/ just in time for the wedding weekend. BUT my energy is so much higher and I am already in a better mood because I don't have the blood sugar fluctuations. Hopefully the bloat goes away before Saturday! 

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Ugh... I'm really hungry today. I ate at 6, was hungry by 9, then ate again at 12:15 (lunch was NOT good, made me nauseous), and have been hungry for a couple hours now. And I won't get home for a couple more hours. So tomorrow I am definitely increasing my portion sizes!

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I survived a day of wedding festivities! I reminded myself that non-compliant food wasn't integral to any of the gatherings and had a blast while eating compliant food.

B-three eggs, ghee, spinach, marinara sauce, and potatoes in coconut oil

L-big salad with grilled chicken, avocado, strawberries, walnuts, and oranges

S-pulled pork, green beans, and a larabar

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Wow - huge kudos to you for getting through the wedding festivities.  I'm in my afternoon grump slump right now so the idea of succeeding at a friend's wedding sounds super duper impressive!  It is.  And so worth it.

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Ok so with the craziness I forgot to log... 


Saturday (day 7, wedding day) was a crazy mix of eggs, fruit, larabars, fruit juice and bubble water, and chicken salad. Not ideal, but I made it. 

Day 8

Breakfast - chicken, carrots, avacado

Brunch - fried egg, roasted turkey, and potatoes

Supper - turkey/beef sausage, squash, marinara sauce, and canteloupe 

I was bad about snacking on sweet potato and plantain chips while hanging out and cooking with my friends yesterday. We ended up having a long time between brunch and I got really hungry while we were cooking. 


Day 9 - back to work, friends are leaving today, normal routine :( 

Breakfast - sausage, potatoes, fried egg in ghee, coconut cream in my coffee

Lunch - buffalo chicken (super excited to have cooked some, it's our favorite!) with spinach, plantain chips and coconut cream

Supper - idk yet. Probably more buffalo chicken, hopefully I'll have the chance to go to Aldi  and get some bell peppers to go with it!


I'm really hoping to exercise tonight - it's been tough to work out because of the wedding craziness and getting ready for house guests. I'm still feeling pretty bloated and squishy and I'm not sure if that's because I haven't been working out, because it's still pretty early, or because of the progesterone my doctor has me taking. I only have to take the progesterone for about another week, but I'll keep working on the other stuff and hopefully feel better soon. I have felt more alert despite much less sleep, and I've been sleeping better. My skin is pretty clear for now... last time it broke out pretty badly towards the end of w30, but I'm enjoying this while it lasts!

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Day 10 

6 - Squash, sausage, potatoes, egg 

12 - buffalo chicken, root veggie chips, coconut cream 

4:30 - two fried eggs over veggie chips - YUM! I know it sounds strange, but that was the only food we had left and I knew I needed to not be starving while we went to the grocery store. 

7:30ish - beef/turkey sausage (no onions this time), mashed sweet potatoes with coconut cream and ghee


After breakfast I was very nauseous and my stomach hurt most of the day. I decided to eliminate the nightshades and high FODMAP foods that I know affect me (I know, I should have done that from the beginning), so I'm not eating white potatoes anymore (those hurt the worst) and cutting out garlic, onions, spicy stuff, and raw veggies for a while. I'll re-introduce them slowly to see what I can handle and how much. I also need to watch my coffee intake, black coffee seems to make things worse. 


Day 11

7 - beef/turkey sausage, two fried eggs, slow cooker sweet potato with coconut cream, coffee with coconut cream

12 - chicken soup (hopefully it's still good and hasn't gone bad yet!) with squash, mixed greens, and cantaloupe

7ish - sausage on root veggie chips "nachos" 


Since I was hungry and not feeling well yesterday I spend some time looking up new recipes and found some I am so excited to try! This weekend will be full of cooking new, fun things.

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Day 12

7 - Sweet potato, beef/turkey, coconut cream 

10 - I'm hungry. Ugh. I didn't put coconut cream in my coffee this morning.. probably should have done that. I also have a headache, probably because I'm tired and cutting down on caffeine. Not fun.

12 - big salad with tomatoes and grilled chicken. I also made coconut milk ranch this morning that I'm really excited to try! Lunch will probably not be quite enough though, I'll probably still be hungry.

6ish - probably a sweet potato, and grilled chicken with ranch. Maybe some mango or carrots also if I can get it together in time... supper will be pretty rushed because I get home about 6 from tutoring and then have to leave by 6:30 to make it to small group. 


I have been feeling less bloated/squishy and less nausea/stomach ache since I cut down on nightshades, which is awesome. I also started trying to exercise again - made it the last two nights! Probably won't get to tonight because of small group, but my next goal is exercising and being able to eat a pwo meal afterwards.

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Day 13


Yesterday I made the coconut mile ranch and then I also made buffalo sauce... um, YUM. Making it so hard to not eat much spicy stuff and garlic. After buffalo and ranch last night and this morning my stomach hurt a bit... and I also brought it for lunch. I'll try to back off tomorrow... it's just sooooo good! And my husband LOVES it, which is always so fun :) 


I'm going to start trying to track my serving sizes better so I can figure out how much I should be eating so I won't be hungry. 


7 - Big sweet potato, 1.5 palm sizes of chicken, 2 tbsp of buffalo sauce, 3 tbsp of ranch + 1tbsp of coconut cream (and another later in my coffee - goodness I'm realizing that's a lot of fat! But I am still not hungry, which is a miracle. And I'm so glad. Is that too much fat for one meal?)

12 - About the same, but smaller sweet potato, about half the buffalo sauce and only 2 tbsp of ranch, and I'm also adding plantain chips. 

Supper - hopefully fajitas! If not, I have no idea, we are out of meat again. Tomorrow I am going to cook all afternoon and I can't wait! I have so many new recipes I want to try.


NSV - Greatly improved mood. I actually started spontaneously singing along to the radio in the car yesterday, which I haven't done since we got our daughter's fatal diagnosis 2 years ago. Pretty excited about that one. 


Didn't have time to exercise last night, but we did walk the dogs with friends and I ended up with 6 miles yesterday :) And my 18 month old lab/boxer gives me a pretty good shoulder/back workout on walks. 

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Thank you! Crazy weekend and forgot to log my food!!! 


Saturday was grocery shopping and food prep day - I have grown to LOVE grocery shopping and food prep day! Haha what a change! I am growing to really enjoy cooking, trying new recipes, etc, and I'm becoming a much better cook. It is SOOOO fun!!!!! 


However, Saturday (day 14) began with an empty fridge and pantry. I cooked cauliflower rice for the first time Saturday morning and was super excited... it's my new favorite. And so easy! I just wish I had a bigger food processor. So breakfast was cauli-rice and leftover fajitas. 


We went to the store right before lunch, so lunch was three fried eggs over veggie chips with buffalo sauce and ranch. The sauces made the meal... then it was actually like nachos. 


Supper was beef/turkey sausage, eggs, and sweet potatoes. I tried cooking the sweet potatoes in wedges to make them more like sweet potato fries/wedges, but they turned out pretty soft. When I re-fry them they get a little more caramelized, which is yummy, and the soft potatoes are good too, it's just not really what I had in mind. Any tips for making crispier sweet potato wedges?


We also bought a huge bag of mandarin oranges and I got a small watermelon! Watermelon is my favorite fruit. I made water infused with watermelon, cucumber, and lime, and I ate some of the watermelon while chopping veggies. I am super excited for summer fruit. A huge NSV for me was that I would greatly prefer the fruit we bought to any of my old favorite desserts. Nothing, even ice cream, compares to a good, fresh watermelon. 


Saturday night I made the carnitas... um, YUM. 


So breakfast Sunday (day 15) was carnitas and cauli-rice, lunch was carnitas, sunshine sauce, sweet potatoes, oranges and watermelon, and supper was smoked beef brisket (we got it from a bbq place... dry, tough, blegh. Greatly prefer my own cooking, which is new and super fun), sweet potatoes, oranges and ketchup. 


I exercised late Sunday night and had both a pre and post workout meal! Pre was a little bit of carnitas and sunshine sauce, post was a little bit of carnitas and sweet potato. 


Monday (day 16 - we're past the halfway point!!!) 

Breakfast was sauteed peppers, squash, zucchini, and mushrooms with sausage and two fried eggs with half an avocado

Lunch - sweet potatoes, carnitas, half an avocado

Supper - Hopefully I'll have time to make more cauli-rice before supper, so then we'll have carnitas and cauli-rice with maybe some more sauteed squash and spinach. 

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Tuesday (day 17) 

Breakfast - squash, zucchini, mushrooms, pork, two fried eggs, avocado

Snack - larabar

Lunch - Pork, spinach, sweet potatoes, sunshine sauce, veggie chips 

Snack - nuts

Supper - Small handful of veggie chips, small handful of pork, one fried egg, sunshine sauce. 


I don't know what was up with me yesterday... I haven't been "snacky" this whole time and I didn't have the motivation to not eat! I wasn't even hungry! So today I'm scaling down my portion sizes (I was way at the upper end of the template before because I had been really hungry... now I guess my appetite is changing again) and choosing lighter veggies. I felt awful yesterday because I ate so much. I am at the end of my cycle, hoping that's what's causing the appetite changes and it will be fixed soon! 


Today (Day 18) 

Breakfast - squash, zucchini, mushrooms, three scrambled eggs, banana and almond butter

Lunch - Buffalo chicken, caulirice, squash/zucchini/mushrooms, avocado

Supper - Probably veggie chips, buffalo chicken, and fried egg "nachos" because I will be getting home pretty late tonight - hopefully by then I will be hungry! 


Struggling with the fact that I'm not really seeing physical changes... my clothes seem just as tight, although I can see a little more definition in my abs. I am just getting back into working out, while I was working out regularly even before our last whole 30, so I know that makes a difference, but I am still a little bummed to not be feeling differences in how my clothes fit. Focusing on positive changes... I am immediately alert when I wake up, which is awesome. I have more energy throughout the day, don't feel blood sugar swings, and I am not hungry even if I go extra time between meals. Hoping to exercise tonight, but since I'm getting home late and planning on making soup and doing some cleaning I'm not sure that's going to happen. 

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Day 19 

B - Sweet potatoes with coconut cream, beef/turkey sausage

cashew cookie larabar

L-Chicken soup, zucchini, squash, mushrooms, carrots, 2 cuties, banana with almond butter

I feel SO nauseous.Ugh. 

S - sweet potatoes, coconut cream, and buffalo chicken

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Ended up going to outback Friday night (day 20) and got a 9 oz sirloin, sweet potato, and salad with o/v. wasnt much less of the salad with no cheese or croutons but everything else was delicious!

Sat - day 21

B - eggs, sausage, sweet potato

L- same

S- taco beef and chicken - tried some in a lettuce wrap, over a bed of lettuce, and over some veggie chips, guacamole and compliant salsa, tomatoes, and fruit salad with strawberries, watermelon, mandarin oranges, apples, bananas, and blackberries

Sunday (day 22)

B-1/2 serving of sweet potato, sausage, and scrambled eggs with coconut cream in my coffee

L/post workout - sweet potatoes and buffalo chicken with spinach

S-carnitas, cauliflower rice and sunshine sauce

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Monday (day 23) 

B - fistful of sweet potatoes, palm size serving of carnitas, and a fried egg 

L - Palm size serving of buffalo chicken, about 3/4 cup of cauli-rice and the same size of carrots, about half a cup of frozen -> steamed spinach, 1 avocado 

S - Probably carnitas with lettuce, ranch, and maybe guacamole - maybe find some peppers to throw in also. 


Today is going to be my rest day, so I am just going to do yoga and won't eat a pre/post wo meal, but I'm really looking forward to the stretching!

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Actually ended up going running last night, but since our dog hasn't gone running since the last time I went (over a month ago) he forgot all the rules. It was more like zig-zag into and out of the mud and all over the grass, and then he got tired so we ended up going less than a mile. I stretched really well and my knee pain is finally gone! 


B - Fist size of sweet potatoes, one palm size serving of carnitas, coconut creaml

L - Our biggest pyrex full of romaine lettuce, peppers, and tomatoes, carnitas, avocado, buffalo/ranch dressing and salsa - first time I've tried this, I really hope it's good and that it's enough! 

S - Possibly sausage, but probably buffalo chicken, spinach, cauli-rice, and ranch dressing


We found some potted herbs on sale at Trader Joe's this weekend and I was so excited! The crazy storms we're getting in the southeast are making my dill a little sad, but the others are super happy, so I'm really looking forward to cooking with fresh herbs tonight! We need to re-make all our sauces - buffalo, sunshine, ketchup, and ranch, and my husband wants to try the romesco sauce. We also need to make more sausage, white potatoes, and cauli-rice tonight.

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Herbs you've grown yourself!  How cool is that!  And crazy storms and potted plants.  It brought back to me all the lush green of living back east as a kid.  I've really only made mayo and bbq sauce.  I didn't like the bbq sauce and quit there, but your sauces are sounding good.   I've never even heard of Sunshine and Romesco!  Hope your day goes great and your dog smooths out to more of an S instead of a zig zag :).  Congrats on no knee pain!!

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:) Thanks! I'm super excited about the herbs... there were a couple years as a kid that my family had a garden and it's always been a dream of mine to grow my own veggies. We started a vegetable garden but it's slow growing. The only things almost ripe are strawberries, and squirrels keep eating them. Herbs are quicker and I love that.


My husband wants me to try the bbq sauce... I am hesitant but willing to give it a shot! I'm amazed how much his sauce tastes have changed, it's great! I tried the mayo one time, but I messed it up pretty badly and I don't want to try it again until I get more fresh eggs from a friend. 


Thank you, I'm hoping that if we run more often he'll remember what he's supposed to do :) We'll see! And I'm so thankful my knee stopped hurting - it's awesome! 

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