Beka's second whole 30


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I exercised last night to the point that my muscles were exhausted and I could barely finish, and it felt so good! I forgot that I could exercise with that intensity and I'm looking forward to continuing that. Afterwards I ate sausage and sweet potatoes and an egg, which was delicious. 


Today is day 25! I can't believe it!!!

B - Sausage, peppers, zucchini, squash, carrots, cauli-rice, and an egg

L - Same as breakfast except no cauli-rice or egg and I added an avocado and an apple

S - at my parents to celebrate my little brother's gotcha day and they're having mandarin orange chicken but we're probably going to have chicken and salad.

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OK... Whole 30 during teacher appreciation week is no joke! It's also a wake-up call to how we view junk food as a reward. Our school is amazing during teacher appreciation week - PTSO and parents do so many kind things for us! This year, because I'm on whole30, I'm surprised by how many of the very kind gifts revolve around unhealthy food. It's been hard, I've felt really down at times because I'm re-gifting the candy and sweets I'm given. But I've also had the opportunity to realize that most of the treats simply aren't worth it. There have been a few things that would be really delicious and not that bad for you (bacon, sausage, and hashbrowns for breakfast for instance) but there are also things like kit-kats and harris teeter donuts that simply aren't good enough to make the un-healthiness worth it. 


Day 26

B-sauteed peppers, zucchini, squash, carrots, sausage, and fried egg

L - same, except adding an apple and no fried egg

S - my brother and sister in law are coming over for cinco de mayo! Carnitas are in the slow cooker and I'll cook cauli-rice and make guacamole when I get home. They are bringing salad and tortilla chips (chips only for themselves). We already have some compliant salsa. I'm really looking forward to it - it'll be fun to show them what kind of things we eat on whole30. 


My jeans are (finally) fitting a little better. My skin is definitely clearer, and I love being able to go from one meal to the next without being hungry! 

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Day 27 

B - Sweet potato and pork

Handful of cashews at 11- apparently the fat in the pork wasn't enough to get me until lunch

L - chicken, salad, and potatoes

S - Sweet potato, pork, and sunshine sauce

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I saw the staff room at our school this week and was blown away - SO much junk food.  I almost made some tasty cookies to take in, but am glad I didn't (mainly because it would have been hard to not sample them).  So many things revolve around junk food.  When we did Whole30 with our kids, it was really eye opening just how much candy and deserts they were given by others in a week.  We tried to make paleo baked goods as an alternative which worked well, but it felt like I was always baking.  Congrats on the jeans fitting better.  I noticed mine are feeling looser as well.  It's a good feeling.  We're heading in the right direction.

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