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Nipple Leak for first time EVER?


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Hey lovely community!!!


Sorry if this is too much information but it seemed like the right thread! So, I've never ever had anything come out of my nips in my whole life. I don't have kids and I am 28 years old and yes, my period is due soon. I am on Day 12 of my Whole 30 (woo!) and all of a sudden...I am like lactating some clear fluid- what?! Everyone on here seems to discover new things with their bodies so has this happened to anyone else?! I've always had a normal period etc. bc I've been on the pill for years- so this is totally unfamiliar territory!


...omg I am so full of avocado and coconut oil that it is literally leaking from wherever it can  :D




-beastmode :)

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That is not a symptom of eating meat and vegetables. Whole30 is not done in a vacuum (as another mod here puts it) and we can't put everything that happens to us in these 30 days on the Whole30... the five seconds of research I've just done on nipple discharge tells me that you should go to the doctor (not because I read anything horrible, but because the information says that if you are not pregnant or nursing and you experience nipple discharge, you should go to the doctor.).

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This happened to me, too, and still does from time to time. It first started during one of my first Whole 30s a few years ago. It was probably underlying for a while and a change in hormones probably brought it to its head. If it's coming out of both breasts equally it's more likely high prolactin than an issue with the breast tissue.

I've had several high prolactin tests (it's usually normal high during my follicular phase and high during my luteal phase), 2 MRIs to rule out a pituitary tumor (they're usually benign), and 3 endocrinologists blow it off as nothing unusual... Drives me nuts. I never got to the bottom of it. But, all things point to an issue with my pituitary gland. Get it checked out, though be aware there may not be an obvious reason for it.

This is all assuming you're not pregnant. If you are, I've read some people have leakage.

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Hate to throw a wrench in anyone's game, but I had my period for the first 3 months I was pregnant with my first child. And all the test came back negative with my second two. I had an atopical pregnancy and that messed up my hormones and made it difficult to diagnose pregnancy without an ultrasound. Funny thing is that with my second, the dr was looking at the 'peanut' on the ultrasound and reading the negative blood result. 

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