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Hi all,


I wanted to write this post about my experience of the Whole 30. First off, I'm a 19 year old student. This means late nights, caffeine, wine and lots of going out that often involves food. I started this journey at the wrong time. I've just begun a long break off of school which means trips to grandparents homes (where avoiding things is super hard), heaps of social events involving alcohol and food, and lots of study.


I have been overweight and struggling for what feels like my whole life. I have tried so many diets (Weight Watchers, high protein low carb, calorie counting) and nothing worked for me. I would lose a little bit of weight and then put it straight back on. 


I finished 10 days of the Whole30. Now yes that is only a third but for me that is huge! Living off of what my parents provide, going from a coffee a day to none at all and avoiding my usual grabs while at our weekly cafe meet up was a huge step! But I did it!! 


I would have loved to be able to say to myself "wow you actually did this for a whole month" but to be honest I am not that ashamed about it. I feel like I have found a new person. I used to snack ALL the time and that was my down fall. Now I've found other things to do and replaced the heavy carb and high sugar snacks with almonds, tahini (YUM), fruit and veg sticks. 


In ten days I've gained confidence! I don't think I will eat carbs on a daily basis ever again! The way it makes me bloat totally defers me from going near it. Yes I may have some in a social situation but it will be a treat. 


Lastly, I'm proud of myself for sticking out ten days. I don't feel like a failure for not making it to 30. Instead, I feel like I've gained great knowledge on how I should be treating my body. If I treat my body right, it will treat my mind right.


Long post but thanks to anyone who has read it. Give me your thoughts and if you've had the same issue as me. I would love to actually complete a whole30 one day, but for now I'm going to take the main principles into my daily life and eat a more whole and well rounded diet.


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